La Sultana Wednesday 11/7/18 #8

Nasia’s poised on the balcony railing, looking out at the city. She throws the letters as she narrates one…her parents taught her that no hay mal que por bien no venga (there’s always a silver lining). Their advice consoles her and she takes refuge in their memories. They’ll be reunited one day. She always has them in her heart.

Nasia comes down off the balcony, brushes past Ahmed without saying a word and surprises Reyhan and Nasuh with her sudden appearance in the hallway. Nasuh calls her “Anastasia” and jokes that she’s more savage than he thought–he didn’t think she’d make it for long in the harem.

Nasia’s had enough of this crap. She grabs a torch off the wall and lunges for Nasuh. She blames him for kidnapping her. Nasuh says she’ll thank him one day, if she’d only listen to their advice. Reyhan pulls her away from Nasuh as he grabs the torch. He tells her to go back to her place.

As she walks out of the hallway, Derviş walks in. Nasuh says he was just coming to say goodbye to the Sultan before he leaves. Derviş tells him the Sultan is busy.

Uh huh. Derviş is alardeando (bragging, showing off) because he’s going to be the novio…but novios are always on leashes in this palace. Reyhan’s face: “I hate it when I don’t know stuff!” Derviş tells Nasuh to chill–he’s not interested in power. (They speak so much in metaphors that I’m never sure if I’m having a Spanish comprehension problem or a Palace Politics comprehension problem.)

In Ahmed’s room, Derviş brings him bad news about Kasim Pacha ignoring his reassignment. Ahmed wants his head.

Well, ok, but he’ll probably take off again as soon as he hears they’re sending soldiers. Now, if he thought he was getting un-reassigned he’d probably show up right away.

Şahin asks Reyhan if he’s absolutely sure no one else knows their secret. And Reyhan is sure. (*snicker*) Şahin gives him a scroll for Kara Sait of Celali. He wanted Şahin to approach Kalendaroglu.

Sultana Halime visits Derviş’s room to talk about the marriage proposal that’s on everyone’s minds because apparently there’s nothing more interesting going on. Halime thinks he should have accepted–Safiye’s just trying to muddy the waters.

Derviş chuckles. The waters have never been clear.

So he’s going to accept and follow her around like Elizabeth? He knows no matter how long this drags out, Safiye’s going to win.

Derviş says the first thing he learned as a soldier is that no one is invincible.

Handan and Safiye and their respective entourages run into each other by the lake. Safiye makes a big deal of saying she’s out for a walk with her Prince (Mustafá) and telling him that he has to make sure he’s prepared in case…the state needs him one day.

Handan says they’ve got Ahmed. And she heard about the marriage proposal. Trying to turn them against each other like she brought that snake in to steal her little boy’s heart?

Nasia says she’s no snake and Haci threatens to cut her bífida (forked) tongue.

Safiye tells Handan if she thinks Derviş would betray her for Fahriye, or that Ahmed would turn his back on her because of Nasia’s words, then she’s lost already.

Halime visits Fahriye. Mustafá’s at his lessons. He’ll visit later. Halime brushes Fahriye’s hair and accidentally on purpose mentions Fahriye’s upcoming marriage. Didn’t she know? Everybody’s talking about it?

Shayeste, Mahfiruz’s BFF, is pissed off at Nasia for ruining her turn with the Sultan. She keeps on complaining when Dudu arrives. Dudu says none of them are in a position to question what the Sultan thinks is appropriate.

Two women bring in a large chest and some gold-embroidered bedding. Dudu announces that Nasia’s moving up to “The Lovers’ Floor.” Sultan’s orders. Dudu tells Cennet to make the necessary arrangements.

Ahmed’s meeting his new cabinet, or something to that affect. He’s got a new Sheikh Al-Islam and his new Grand Vizier is his previous Governor of Anatolia, Hafiz Ahmed Pasha. Hafiz is super grateful.

Cennet brings Nasia upstairs to bunk with Mahfiruz. She really needs to talk to Ahmed about his rewards not really being rewards.

Mahfiruz doesn’t want to help Nasia get set up and whines that Nasia’s probably lying again and they should get the midwife to check her out.

Cennet tells Mahfiruz to check for herself.

Instead Mahfiruz asks why the Sultan’s so into her. Did she bewitch him or something?

Nasia says that’s it. She bewitched him. She’s a witch. So back off!

Shayeste comes upstairs to confront Nasia. She’s so upset she’s trembling and on the verge of crying. Mahfiruz locks the door so Nasia can’t get out as Shayeste launches herself at Nasia. She swears she’ll kill her.

Mahfiruz walks out the room’s other door as Shayeste approaches with a pair of scissors she found in a box of sewing supplies. Nasia yells for Gölge or Cennet, but the only one who seems to hear her is Mahfiruz, who’s guarding the door.

The Giray brothers are outside when the meeting in Ahmed’s room breaks up. They greet the new Sheikh Al-Islam, who assures them the Sultan is really a great guy and they should all be supporting him. Especially when it comes to freeing the country from that Sultana who refuses to give up her position.

Fahriye’s watching Mehmed from upstairs, hoping he doesn’t find out about the proposal.

The Giray brothers opt to wait to talk to Ahmed. Shihan says he surprised them by getting rid of all of Safiye’s buddies. Reyhan assures them it was Dervish who was behind that. Şahin complains that Dervish forgot where he came from. Reyhan mentions the engagement to Fahriye.

Shayeste finally knocks quietly on the door so Mahfiruz will let her out. She’s freaking out, asking what “they” have done, but Mahfiruz tells her she’s on her own. She didn’t hear anything and she didn’t see anything. All we can see is Nasia lying on the carpet.

Dudu’s walking with Haci Ağa and telling him to get along with Bülbül or they won’t get anything done. Haci thinks Reyhan’s the only one who can put things in order. But he’s like feca de pájaro (bird shit?) and doesn’t smell anything.

Shayeste realizes she’s going to have to walk past them and tries putting her hair in her face and her head down, but Dudu stops her and Shayeste starts babbling about not knowing what happened. Dudu tells Haci to go find out while she takes Shayeste to the harem and tells the servants to stick her in the dungeon. The other women in the harem are whispering that “Mahpeyker” (Nasia) is dead.

Spoke too soon about the meeting being over…now Ahmed’s being presented with the heads of the most savage fighters in Celali. The pasha who sent them is showing no mercy to the saqueadores (looters?).

This guy with a truly epic outfit that involves multiple fox tails and big ass black wings shows up at Janissary HQ with a prisoner.

Zülfikar and the other officers are having a meal and marveling at how Iskender managed not to die after insulting the Sultan. Iskender’s little friend comes in and says they have visitors. He called them “savages” and described the outfits and the one guy not wearing the same uniform says they aren’t savages, they’re Locos. The little guy mentions someone escaping from a battle and now they’re all walking out with Zülfikar to see what’s going on.

The dude’s name really is Loco Devran. His prisoner is Bequir who was supposed to be guarding the Tokat castle (lovers of the dark side of history are going to want to look that up). Devran brought him here so the Janissaries could take care of their own. Bequir admits he left the battle when the Celali soldiers invaded.

Zülfikar smacks him and says someone who would run and betray his comrades isn’t worthy of being one of them. The guy in the black leather uniform tells a couple of other guys to prepare him and assemble the Corte de Maestros.

Derviş tells Safiye the Sultan left the decision about whether to marry up to him. So he accepts, but he’s not sure if she can accept him. He’s completely committed to the Sultan and he’s always going to be there for the difficult decisions. Well, hopefully he won’t have to give up her daughter’s love.

Gölge comes looking for Nasia. Mahfiruz says she’s up in the Favorite’s Alcove and that’s all she knows.

Gölge finds Nasia upstairs crying. Looks like Shayeste took the scissors to her face, her hair, and her dress.

Dudu tells Handan what happened to Nasia. She thinks they should tell the Sultan immediately.

Handan thinks Nasia got what she deserved.

The thing is…the Sultan likes women. If he wants to see her, Dudu won’t be able to keep the secret.

Fine, Handan will tell him later.

Ahmed wants to congratulate the general who cut off the heads of those three Celalis and start paying him 1000 pieces of gold for each head.

At Janissary HQ they’ve made a decision about the deserter–beheading. Bequir says he’d do it again. They’re living a lie here. The Celalis have destroyed their troops. The Pashas are lying to the sultan–they’re losing everywhere. The three heads the Pasha gave the Sultan–they were just country people who never held a sword. The Celalis are coming, fast as the wind, and they’re going to burn this city to the ground.

Zülfikar cuts off his head.

Handan tries to see Ahmed, but Derviş says he’s resting. OK, then. She wants to know when Derviş turns down Safiye’s proposal. Um…he didn’t. He thinks it’s best he marries Fahriye. He already has hundreds of enemies and if he’s engaged to someone in the dynasty, they’ll shut up. He’ll have more power to protect her and Ahmed.

Handan asks how he’s going to do that if he’s busy with Fahriye. I almost think she’s jealous. I also think Derviş thinks she’s jealous.

Haci Ağa comes down the hallway to give Derviş a message from Zülfikar.

Ahmed visits Janissary HQ. How do they know what Bequir said was true?

Well, he was going to die, so why lie? If he’s telling the truth, Ahmed has been betrayed.

Derviş says there are fewer trustworthy Pashas every day.

Zülfikar offers to go check things out, but Ahmed wants him to stay in the city. The traitors are in his palace, close to him. He sees them every day, but he can’t recognize them.

Şahin finds Mehmed staring into the fire. He figures this is just one more reason for them to hate the Osmanoglu family. (Since that “oglu” ending comes up a lot, I checked it out and it’s basically “son of.” Ahmed’s family are the sons of Osman, whose name is also the source of “Ottoman.” If you look up Osmanoglu a current descendant is a stand up comedian. Wonder who he got that from!)

Safiye tells Fahriye she’s been alone too long. Derviş is a promising man–brave, daring. She’s sure he’ll make Fahriye happy.

Her mom cares about her happiness? She already heard about the marriage from Halime. Safiye picked her last three husbands. The first one was 80 and died in the marriage bed the day they got married. The second one, she was only married to for a few months before divorcing him. And the last guy Safiye thought was worth it was killed right in front of her. Was she thinking about Fahriye’s happiness then?

Safiye tells her to pull it together. Only idiots look for happiness in husbands and families. If she’s smart she’ll figure out how to take advantage of this marriage.

Mehmed says Ahmed isn’t their enemy. They shouldn’t blame him for his grandfather’s and father’s mistakes.

Şahin mocks him–they’re so cozy here with soldiers and plenty of servants at their disposal. They have everything they want except freedom. They can’t write letters, use weapons–unless they buy them in secret.

What does Şahin want them to do–they’re strong and the two of them are weak.

Şahin tells him to fight for Fahriye if that’s what he wants. Until the two of them are strong and the others are weak.

Gölge’s trying to get in to see Ahmed, but the guards don’t understand her sign and neither does Haci Ağa. Ahmed is just coming down the hall and Gölge steps in his way, freaking everybody out. Ahmed asks for a translation.

Well, crap…he went to the harem. Does he ever do that?

Nasia’s upstairs, wrapped in a blanket, telling him not to look at her. Yeah, like that’s gonna happen. He starts wiping away her tears and kissing the cuts on her face. Hey, her lips are fine, dude.

He wants to know who did this.

In Safiye’s room, she tells Halime she’s happy about Fahriye marrying Derviş. He only lacks one thing–suffering so he can smile. She heard Halime and Handan get along well.

Sure–they ought to try to get along with her, right? She made the harem hell.

Safiye thanks her for the laugh. She hopes Allah makes her laugh too. She gives her an amulet to ward off the evil eye. She expects her to give it to Mustafá when it’s time. So maybe he’ll escape from the end they all know is waiting for him.

Gölge comes to the dungeon for Shayeste. She has to literally drag her back to the harem. Shayeste screams that Mahfiruz was in on it. Ahmed can hear her crying from the hallway that she just wants to die. Gölge brings her in and she throws herself at Ahmed’s feet, crying, saying she succumbed to temptation.

Ahmed says it’s up to Nasia to decide what to do with her–the dungeon, getting kicked out of the palace…execution.

In the harem, the others await word. Bülbül tells Cennet this is going to come back on her. Shayeste comes in and says nothing.

Nasia pardoned her. Ahmed’s confused about why. All Nasia’s worried about is him not looking at her face. But Ahmed says she’s more beautiful than any woman and now she’s showing her infinite mercy.

Nasia says it wasn’t really Shayeste’s fault.

Oh, so it’s all his fault?

Well…her dad always said there were three goddesses of fate. Once someone is born, they start spinning the thread of their life. They tie in places, people…all woven in with invisible knots (LOL…see, even goddesses use knots!). Wherever you go, whatever you do, you can’t escape.

Ahmed says the threads of their destinies are tied. He already told her that–nothing happens by coincidence.

Nasia’s not sure about that. But maybe they should weave the threads with their own hands.

She goes downstairs with her lopsided hair and walks through the harem.

Reyhan and Haci are summoned to Ahmed’s room. Wasn’t Nasia supposed to be under Reyhan’s care? Didn’t he say if anything happened to her, Reyhan would pay for it.

Reyhan’s like “Dude, it’s just chick stuff.” He falls on the floor begging for mercy. He blames Bülbül and Cennet for delaying him.

Well, Ahmed wouldn’t even have known. And how could Haci hide this from him? Reyhan swears he wanted to tell Ahmed, but Haci didn’t let him because Handan wanted to keep it secret. Haci makes the excuse that she didn’t want to bother him with something so small.

So now he’s gonna go yell at Handan.

Nasia goes back to her room upstairs. Gölge’s waiting for her. She signs to Nasia that she’ll help her escape.

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