La Sultana Thursday 11/8/18 #9

Ahmed comes to Handan’s room all, “Reyhan said you kept me from finding out what happened to Nasia.” She says she was waiting for him to come back, to tell him at the right time.

Whatevs. He knows she doesn’t like Nasia because she was a “gift” from Safiye, but she’s the one that he wants, so everybody had best be careful about what they do.

Haci Aga swears he didn’t say it…someone else threw them under the bus. Reyhan whines that he had to tell him, how could he lie? Handan dismisses them both.

In the morning, Derviş meets Fahriye by the lake. He tries to talk to her about the wedding, but she says she doesn’t care about any of it. Nothing, nada, zip, zilch!

Gölge takes Nasia to explore the secret passage. On the far end, there’s a door that’s barred from the outside. Gölge signs that she can’t open it. Someone would have to help from outside.

Shayeste appears. Nasia forgave her and she owes Nasia her life. She wants to help.

Fahriye’s servant brings her a letter from Mehmed. Even when he can’t see her, his heart can feel her. He can’t escape from this fire! The servant begs Fahriye not to try to sneak out to see Mehmed, but she wants to see him one last time. She has money to bribe the guards with. She also has a cute little Prince in the room with very big ears who’s eyeing the scroll….

Kasim Pasha has returned to duty. The other members of the puffy hat club are there to welcome him and hand over the Sultan’s latest orders for him to read. He’s declaring peace with Austria (or proto-Austria). The soldiers will go to Anatolia and Yavuz Ali Pasha and Kuhyuku Murah Pasha will go after the Celali rebels.

Ahmed makes an appearance and has the soldiers arrest Kasim Pasha. What? He said Kasim could come back to his old job, he came back, he did his old job, and now he’s being executed.

I have a feeling I know what that boat Mustafá’s floating in the bowl of water is made out of. Menekse reports that Dervish spoke briefly with Fahriye. Dilruba scolds her brother about dirtying the water with his boat. Menekşe takes him for a change of outfit.

Halime notices the writing and opens up the letter. She sends Dilruba to go look after her brother and calls Menekşe back…”Guess who’s Fahriye’s secret lover?!”

Iskender’s going to the palace again. Zülfikar tells him not to use his closeness to the Sultan to his own advantage, but to the advantage of the Janissaries.

Kasim Pasha gets executed by garrote instead of sword. Ahmed tells the executioners to toss the body in the fountain as a warning. Then he does a bunch of reassigning, including giving Derviş Kapudan Pasha’s old job. Or maybe that’s a title. I’m not sure.

In the observation room, Halime says that with Derviş on the court he won’t have to marry Fahriye. Handan doesn’t see how to stop it, since he’s already accepted. Oh, leave that to Halime….

Menekşe plants the letter on Derviş’ desk.

Bless Halime for wearing those headpieces so damn well and explaining what Derviş’ job is! He’s on the council and the Kapudan Pasha is the one who commands the armada. Gosh, won’t he just be unstoppable if he marries Fahriye!

Menekşe gives Halime a nod from behind Derviş.

Halime keeps making suggestive remarks about power and Derviş says he’s the Sultan’s faithful servant. Halime warns him power brings you closer to wealth, but also misfortune.

Halime meets up with Menekşe around the corner. She wishes she could see the look on Derviş’ face as his marriage plans fall apart. Menekşe’s wondering how Fahriye’s going to take it. She’s off meeting her lover right now.

Halime says it’s their last meeting. Mehmed is going to disappear and Şahin will feel the pain of losing a brother.

Derviş finds the letter on his desk.

Şahin gets ambushed by Celali soldiers for a meeting with Kalenderoglu. He wants to march on Istanbul. The Celali laugh. He lists all the people he’s asked to join them.

But if they march on Istanbul, all the soldiers will just rally around the Sultan.

If they can find him.

Kara Sait brings up the Prince.

Şahin says he’ll take care of him.

And what does he want out of all this?

The throne.

The Celali laugh again.

Fahriye sneaks out to meet Mehmed. They’re getting all tragically romantic about how no one can keep them apart…and then Derviş kicks the door in.

Halime lights a candle and tells Mustafá this is what’s going to happen to those who try to stop them.

Nasia’s moping over her face and her hair when Cennet comes in with a present from the Sultan. She thinks he should have gone with ones of pure seda (silk). Nasia won’t open the package until Cennet is gone. He sent her a bunch of jasmine flowers.

Safiye knows about Fahriye’s secret love. Blah blah blah, family obligation, big punishment. She’s being confined to her room and not allowed out. Not even to the garden. All Fahriye cares about is saving Mehmed’s life.

Speaking of gardens, Nasia puts the jasmine in her hair and goes to the little garden, expecting to find Ahmed. Instead she finds Alexander/Iskender, tells him she’s been kept locked up and beaten and hey he still has her hair ribbon! He can open the door from the outside!

Ahmed shows up. Nasia’s WAY awkward about saying she came to thank him for the present…and who’s this guy here who won’t talk to her or look at her? Ahmed introduces Iskender to Nasia and sends her back to the harem.

Nasia runs into Gölge and tells her the guy who saved her in the woods can open the door for her. Shayeste’s suddenly there offering to help, but the only thing Nasia wants her to do is keep her mouth shut.

Iskender’s completely distracted at practice. Derviş comes in with some news (or I swear I heard him say “no news”) for Ahmed and Ahmed dismisses Iskender for the day. Iskender leaves last, giving Nasia an opportunity to remind him of his promise. They nearly get busted by a guy who comes to clear the drinks away. Iskender tells Nadia to make it quick.

There is nothing Mehmed can say to justify “setting his sights” on a Sultana and the harder he tries, the angrier Ahmed gets. He wants Mehmed thrown in the dungeon until he decides what to do with him.

As Mehmed’s being dragged out of the room, he tells Reyhan to tell Şahin what happened.

Reyhan wishes Derviş had said something to him before things got so far out of hand. “Why? So you could cover it up?” Well, it is his family’s honor at stake. Derviş asks what family he’s talking about, Mehmed and Şahin’s? Well, Mehmed’s already condemned and who knows what’s going to happen to Şahin. If Reyhan’s going to make a decision, now is the time.

Handan is surprised Mehmed was so foolish as to dare to fall in love with a Sultana.

Derviş says love is daring in and of itself. Once it gets into your heart, there’s nothing your head can do. He can’t marry Fahriye now, not that he needs to–he’s heard of the Armada and a member of the council.

Handan realizes she was wrong about Derviş having feelings for Fahriye.

Iskender watches a patrol go out. Zülfikar calls them the Karacullukcu. They go out every night to make sure the city is safe.

Zülfikar teases Iskender about not hurting the Sultan too much in practice.

Iskender says they had to call it early. So, um, when is he going to become a Janissary?

Zülfikar says they’ll know when he’s ready.

Ahmed meets with Handan and Safiye about “the incident.” Safiye blows some smoke about Ahmed being like Suleyman.

So she knew Suleyman personally?

Safiye says when she was 15 she was one of Sultana Mihriman’s servants. Suleyman visited one day. He has the same face, the same look.

As for Fahriye, they have to keep people from talking about her. They have to save the reputation of their dynasty.

Mahfiruz is being a jerk to Shayeste at dinner. Demanding Shayeste serve her more tea and saying since she’ll never see the Sultan again, she’d be better off as Mahfiruz’s servant. Ohhhhh, Shayeste is going to that trembly crying place.

Reyhan gives a guy a scroll for Şahin.

Around the corner, another guy slits the messenger’s throat and hands the scroll off to Derviş.

Derviş gets back to the palace to the bad news that now he’s stuck marrying Fahriye to preserve the family’s reputation.

Handan complains to Halime that Safiye still got what she wanted. Halime thinks Handan can still stop this. She’s the “Sultana Madre,” the highest rank a woman can achieve in the harem. I’m not sure Handan knows what to do any more than I do.

Fahriye insists on talking to Ahmed and pulls a Nasia to do it. She says there’s no excuse for what she did, but she’s not sorry. She’s been married three times. They never asked if she wanted to. She was never happy. She didn’t know love. She didn’t live.

Mehmed brought her out of darkness and death. He’s her light, her breath. He gave her life.

She throws herself at his feet and begs him to let her be Mehmed’s breath.

Ahmed won’t go for it because as Sultan he has to punish all betrayals or he won’t be respected. Damn, Fahriye borrowed mommy’s eyes for tonight. Ahmed should be burned to a crisp.

He thinks they respect him? He’s still a rookie, inexperienced Sultan. All he does is follow instructions, doing whatever they whisper in his ear. It’s the truth! When did he become as cruel as the rest?

Ahmed’s been calling for Dudu. He wants her to take Fahriye to her room and tomorrow, he wants her escorted to the Tower of Justice. There’s an execution he wants her to watch.

In the hallway Dudu scolds her. He’s not just her nephew anymore!

Safiye says Halime’s digging her own grave. She can’t think of any other reason why Halime would have given Fahriye’s letter to Derviş. She’s just determined to confront them!

Halime’s never hidden that she’s against Safiye.

Well, once Ahmed has a kid, hers will be executed. Why is she working for Handan?

Halime says Ahmed promised. He pardoned Mustafá’s life. She hopes for his sake he keeps that promise. What would have happened if Safiye had been given Fahriye’s embarrassing letter? The marriage would have been under her power.

Safiye breaks it to her that they’re still getting married. And one day, Halime’s going to be begging for help.

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