Entre Dos Amores Tuesday 10/30/18 #10

Duygu brings Pelin her phone and tells her Onur called. She’s wondering why Onur left the country…does Pelin know who he was so in love with?

Nope. Onur never said. And now he says he’s forgotten her, but Pelin doesn’t buy it. Either he’s lying or he wasn’t really in love.

Inci hates to break it to him, but there’s a condition for Macit to get the company transferred legally to him. He has to marry Pelin. Macit insists there’s nothing going on between them.

It’s time for dinner and Sahika has a plan to get Neriman out of the house.

Faiz asks about Sinasi. Neriman says he wanted to go out tonight and she told him her dad wouldn’t allow it.

Well, Faiz wants to talk to him now. Whatever he wants to say to Neriman he can say in front of him.

Sahika jumps in and says she was planning on having a shower and the bathroom’s right off the living room.

Never mind, then, Sinasi can come by later.

Neriman complains that she has a headache. Faiz growls about Sinasi not coming to the door and yelling again. Neriman doesn’t know what she’s supposed to do about him yelling. She’s not even interested in Sinasi. She feels suffocated!

She runs up to her room and Sahika convinces Faiz to leave Neriman alone for tonight. And now it’s time for Sahika to play fairy godmother. She picks out a cute dress for Neriman and says she’ll do her hair and makeup. She insists–you have to look good in front of the men you hate most so you’ll look more confident.

Sinasi’s trying to call Neriman and he’s angry that she isn’t answering. He walks out of the house and Nezahat calls Cihan using Sinasi’s phone. He’s busy working on Özlem’s computer, which is full of pictures of her. He says he’ll go keep Sinasi from going to Neriman’s at this hour.

Sahika helps Neriman sneak out of the house. Neriman hears her dad telling Gulter that Sinasi needs to come ask for Neriman’s hand already–it’s about time they got married.

As Neriman goes out to hail a taxi there are TWO kitties in the street. She just misses Sinasi and Cihan walking in the opposite direction.

Sahika researches Macit and sees the picture of him with Neriman. She’s having thoughts. Faiz knocks on the door, wanting to talk to Neriman, but the poor dear’s asleep. Sahika tries to wake her, but Faiz gives up. He’ll talk to her tomorrow.

Emre pulls Asli away from doing dishes because he wants sex. She ignores a call from her mom.

Zehra was calling to ask what kind of cake to make. (Damn, if you were going to miss her that much, maybe you shouldn’t have pushed for her to get married.)

Emre’s asleep when his mom comes knocking on the door to scold Asli about not finishing in the kitchen.

Pelin’s picking out a dress to wear to the yacht party she’s not invited to. Duygu doesn’t feel like giving her hair advice.

Sinasi complains to Cihan that he doesn’t think Neriman loves him anymore.

Neriman gets to the yacht, where Macit has appetizers waiting.

Pelin calls Onur to figure out where Macit is. If he’s not at work, he must be at the yacht. Oops, yeah, Onur told her about the yacht. He calls Macit to ask if Neriman showed up…’cause if she didn’t, they could hang. Nope, Macit’s not available.

Neriman says she doesn’t have a lot of time. So what exactly does she have to do? Dinner and a dance? Let’s get it over with.

Sahika can’t keep Gulter from coming in and seeing that Neriman’s gone. She’s in the Bosphorus. On a yacht.

Neriman picks at her dinner and she’s in no mood to toast to this night. He wants to talk about who she thinks he is, but Neriman just wants the bracelet back.

Sinasi has decided he’s going to go ask for Neriman’s hand tomorrow morning.

Macit mocks Neriman’s attachment to the bracelet. Chicks dig precious stones, amirite? She’s like, “No, that bracelet belonged to my mother.” In that case, he hopes she doesn’t let it fall off somewhere again.

And now it’s time for that dance.

A drunken Sinasi wants to stop in the middle of the street and marvel at the house where his beloved lives. Cihan wants him to just keep walking!

Pelin shows up in time to see the awkward dancing.

Macit tries to kiss Neriman AGAIN and she slaps him. She tells him Sinasi’s her novio and gets the hell off his boat.

She runs right into Pelin, who slaps Neriman across the face. Everything slows down while Neriman ponders that she’s nothing more than a crumb, a mouthful of food that can’t be swallowed, a poison to one of them and a cure to the other.

Pelin starts time again, accusing Neriman of trying to steal her boyfriend. Who does she think she is? Some pretty girl from a poor neighborhood? She’ll never be like them! She’ll never have the things they have! She’s just a poor, ordinary girl who smells like a poor neighborhood. She and Duygu only invited her because they felt sorry for her.

Macit finally tells her to stop, but he doesn’t do anything about her continuing to yell at Neriman that they were just fooling her, Macit was using her.

And Macit just says “Pelin, stop it.” He’s angry that Pelin’s acting like he has to justify his behavior to her. Is she crazy?

Oh sure, first he drives her crazy, then he calls her crazy, and it’s all his fault!

Pelin gets into her car and goes speeding down the road past Onur. He follows, watching her nearly hit another car before pulling over. He rushes over to see if she’s ok and Pelin sobs that Macit hurt her and she hates him.

Neriman sits outside her front door. Sahika comes out to comfort her.

Pelin thinks Onur told her to go to the yacht on purpose. Why? What does he want from her?

To give up now before it’s too late.

And did he?


Then it wasn’t love.

Seriously? What is it then?

Pelin says what Macit feels for Neriman is temporary.

Onur says she’s being obstinate.

Yeah. Crazy people are obstinate.

Macit sits in the yacht, reviewing the train wreck of an evening.

Sahika wants to know what happened, but Gulter comes into Neriman’s room. Neriman hands the bracelet over. And she’s never going to see those people again.

Sahika wants to make sure Macit didn’t make Neriman do anything she didn’t want to (besides go to the yacht, have dinner, and dance). Neriman says she hit him. And then Pelin hit her.

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