La Sultana Friday 11/9/18 #10

Derviş is studying up for his new job, reviewing maps, when Fahriye bursts into his room. She wants to say goodbye to Mehmed. It’s the first time she’s asked for help.

Iskender’s up late. Can you believe my luck–the little guy’s name is Lagari. Iskender tells Lagari he saw Nasia and she asked for his help to escape. He needs Lagari’s help, though.

Yeah, yeah, Lagari knows he’s smarter than the rest of them, but there are limits to what he can do.

Fahriye comes to Mehmed’s cell for a teary goodbye. Derviş listens from outside. Fahriye tells Mehmed they’ll be reunited tomorrow. Mehmed begs them to open the door.

In the morning, Dudu arrives to bring Fahriye to the tower. She tells her to apologize to the Sultan so at least she won’t have to watch.

Halime’s hoping Şahin shows up in time to watch and suffer.

The guards bring Mehmed out in a white tunic.

Safiye arrives to watch the execution.

And now Ahmed’s in the square.

Fahriye weeps. As the executioner pulls the garrote around Mehmed’s neck, Fahriye puts a bottle to her lips. She hears Şahin come running in, yelling for the Sultan. Şahin’s calling in that favor now. (I have to admit, I questioned whether he actually loved his brother enough to do that.)

Şahin admits what his brother did deserves death…but he has no one else. He begs Ahmed to pardon Mehmed.

Ahmed takes the out. Mehmed is pardoned…but he’ll go back to the Crimea to rot in a cell.

Şahin screams that if he goes back to the Crimea, their uncle will kill him.

Ahmed just keeps on walking.

Safiye’s impressed. Ahmed both kept his promise AND got what he wanted. He’s more deserving of the throne every day.

And tomorrow they’ll start wedding prep. But for now, she wants Fahriye taken back to her room.

Şahin’s desperate to talk to Ahmed, but Haci says it’s impossible. He’s in council. Şahin threatens to burn down the palace if anything happens to his brother. (Hey, how does a threat like that not warrant him being locked in a dungeon?)

Halime comes down the hallway and sneers at Şahin. He saved his brother only to delay his death. What’s worse–watching him choked to death here, or knowing he’ll die sooner or later.

Halime doesn’t deny that she’s the one who outed Fahriye and Mehmed. Şahin was loyal to the Sultan instead of helping her. Now he’s facing the consequences.

Ahmed really is in a meeting. He’s talking about resuming diplomatic ties with Venice. France can wait.

One of the puffy hat guys is late to the meeting. He got some news he had to check out ASAP. Vizier Yavuz Ali Pasha died in Belgrade. He couldn’t handle the trip.

Şahin visits an apothecary that Reyhan suggested. The guy’s like “You want a quick death or a long painful one?” Şahin says he needs something undetectable. Yes, he’s sure.

Nasia dictates a letter to Gölge, telling Ahmed that Reyhan killed his dad and the court physician. He threw her in the sea. She’s been too scared to tell him, but now she’s not. When he reads this, she will have left the palace already.

She has Gölge add that going back home is the only way she’ll forget what happened…but she’ll never forget him, because she–um, nothing. That’s it. Gölge’s face: “Suuuure.”

The apothecary’s hardcore. He’s got plague, yellow fever, and viruela (smallpox) samples in teeny vials. One drop of any of them would bring down the whole city. Şahin goes for smallpox.

Şahin visits Mehmed. First he scolds him about fraternizing with Ottomans, then he says Mehmed’s not going back to the Crimea as long as Şahin’s alive. There’s a storm coming and Ahmed won’t withstand it. Şahin and Mehmed are both going to get what they want.

Outside, he gives Reyhan the vial of ick and tells him to off Ahmed.

Time for another Sultana Showdown in the hallway. Handan says she heard the wedding prep was beginning.

Safiye says nothing has changed. The Sultan is waiting for the marriage between Derviş and Fahriye.

Handan says her son knows who to hang around with and who not to hang around with.

Safiye says he also knows Derviş is going to be his new Vizier.

Handan says he’ll decide…but he’ll consult her first.

Safiye mutters to Bülbül that Halime’s putting ideas in Handan’s head.

Haci asks Handan if she’s sure Derviş will be the new Vizier.

Well, she was until she started to suspect him.

Nasia comes to Ahmed’s for her last night in the palace. She thanks him for the jasmine from the “secret garden.” That’s funny, that’s what he calls it too. It’s the only place he feels free. All his happy moments happened there. It’s where he saw her for the first time.

Ahmed’s reading poetry by Shems-I-Tabrizi, a Persian poet. “Is it the heart that tells people they love? Or is it loneliness? What is love really? Is it the light of a candle or the flames of a burning fire?”

Nasia decides it’s kissing time again…and Handan shows up. Nasia’s reluctant, but she knows she has to leave. She can’t quit turning around to look at Ahmed. She leaves her goodbye letter on his desk.

Gölge’s waiting for her in the hallway and Shems-I-Tabrizi’s poetry is echoing in her head.

Iskender sneaks out of Janissary HQ dressed as a member of the Karacullukcu.

Ahmed actually is considering Derviş for Vizier. He has so few people he trusts. Handan says Safiye would like that. But it’s totally up to him. Ahmed asks if she has a suggestion.

Mehmet Pasha is a Sokulluzade and an enemy of Safiye. He’d never bow to her.

Is she saying Derviş would?

No, but if he’s Vizier too soon, he’ll make a mistake. And why risk the guy they trust most?

Inside, Haci tells Reyhan that Ahmed invited Handan to dinner and Reyhan should make the arrangements.

Uh huh, more like Reyhan’s gonna poison dinner. But wait! What’s that letter on the Sultan’s desk? The one blaming him for killing Ahmed’s dad and the head physician!

Haci sends some guys for more food.

Reyhan stashes the letter up one sleeve and hell yeah, he’s gonna poison the crap out of dinner. His excellent hearing saves him from getting busted by Derviş. Reyhan lurks as Ahmed and his mom come in. Ahmed wants Derviş’ opinion on his choice for Vizier.

Derviş waves Reyhan out of the room and some poor taster pulls out his spoon.

Nasia and Gölge make it to the end of the passage, but the door is locked. Gölge’s face: “You have the worst luck!” Nasia says Alexander (Iskender) promised.

Iskender is on his way through the city when a woman throws herself at his feet. There are three men chasing after her and she expects Iskender to protect her. I mean…it’s a fair assumption, him being all uniformed and please tell me he brought a weapon.

Reyhan uses Nasia’s letter to get revenge on Bülbül. Or Nasia. Or everybody. I don’t think he cares anymore. He tells a servant that after dinner the Sultan wants to walk in his garden with Nasia or Mahpeyker or whatever her name is. He should go tell Bülbül Ağa to have her prepared. Then Reyhan burns the letter.

Seriously, Iskender, you can’t just go off and leave this woman and you know it. He barely manages to get his sword out of its scabbard and he sucks at fighting with it. He opts for a little hand-to-hand fighting, but there’s three of them and one of him. Two hold him back while the third beats him.

They’re all getting in on the action when Zülfikar just happens to walk by. And we’ve seen Zülfikar in action. He doesn’t even bother with his sword. One gets punched, the second one gets headbutted multiple times. Although, he’s got a pretty hard head, so Zülfikar’s gotta whip off his turban. And then the third gets elbowed hard between the shoulder blades.

Zülfikar tells them to get gone, then tries to rouse Iskender.

Nasia wants to keep waiting for Iskender, but Gölge signs that they’ve gotta get back.

Iskender gets dragged into Janissary HQ. Zülfikar’s pissed that he disguised himself (1) snuck out (2) and would be dead if Zülfikar hadn’t come along when he was in the middle of a fight (3). Zülfikar tells the “Master” (the guy in black leather) he wants Iskender punished appropriately. (Extra fighting practice? Doing everyone’s laundry for a month? Delaying his promotion?)

Back inside the palace, Nasia suddenly remembers the letter. But Bülbül finds her first. Nasia says she was just out looking at the flowers.

Seriously? And did she see the Sultan? ‘Cause he’s out there waiting for her. She’d better get moving and explain to him why she’s showing up looking like this.

She walks through a door where a guard is already standing. The one escorting her stays outside…and the one who was already there shuts the door, locks it, and kills the escort.

Reyhan’s waiting in the garden. He waves Nasia over to a table, but she doesn’t see Ahmed. Yep. She’s out here alone with Reyhan. He read the letter. She was smart not to say anything. He would’ve killed her, like he’s going to kill her now. He drags her over to the balcony like he’s going to throw her out, but she reaches up and pulls his earring out.

He grabs her again easily enough and starts choking her, her head hovering off the edge of the balcony.

And suddenly Derviş appears. He doesn’t immediately kill Reyhan, but now Reyhan’s in Nasia’s position–at the mercy of a better fighter.

Derviş tells Nasia to go. She sees the two bodies in the hallway and just keeps on running.

Reyhan tells Derviş they have to keep her from getting away. She knows everything! She’ll tell the Sultan. If Derviş doesn’t save him, he’ll have problems of his own. (No…don’t tell me…!)

Reyhan walks away, but Derviş grabs him by his collar and flings him off the balcony. He tells Reyhan he’s free now.

Iskender’s locked in the pantry again. Lagari slides down and brings him some bread. All Iskender can think about is that he’s ruined everything. He’s disappointed them.

Lagari says Zülfikar is disappointed, but he likes Iskender enough that his punishment wasn’t as bad as it could be.

Iskender meant Anastasia. She’ll think he abandoned her. She’ll think he didn’t go on purpose. He’d rather die.

Nasia tells her story to Ahmed…and Derviş and Haci and Safiye and Handan. She was trying to escape that day and got lost. She heard Reyhan’s voice…flashback to the physician explaining the old Sultan was poisoned. But the physician never said who was behind it because Reyhan killed him.

Safiye scolds Derviş for not leaving Reyhan alive for questioning. How will they know who poisoned her son.

Derviş says he had to do it–Reyhan was trying to kill him.

Ahmed sends Nasia back to her room. He asks Haci to make sure Gölge doesn’t leave her alone.

Ahmed tells Derviş to investigate, as always. He wants to know what Reyhan was up to. Ahmed and Derviş leave Handan and Safiye alone.

Handan sighs over all the evil…who could have done this? Safiye says the one who benefited the most should be investigated first *glare*.

Nasia has a bath. Someone announces the arrival of the Sultan. Seriously, dude, do you have no concept of privacy?! Everybody’s gotta get up in their little towel wraps and bow. Ahmed disrupted bath time to come ask Nasia what else she’s hiding from him.

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