Entre Dos Amores Thursday 11/1/18 #11

Onur drops Pelin off at home. She’s so emotionally drained she stumbles on the front steps.

Neriman gets Sahika caught up on the whole Macit/Pelin drama.

The thing is, Sahika thinks Pelin might be right–“Cinderella’s” in love with Macit.

Onur tells Duygu that Pelin’s suffering for love. It’ll pass. (Ugh, and in the meantime you get to watch Onur pining after your sister.)

Neriman’s grateful to Sahika. And no, she’s not upset at what Sahika said…but she’s not in love with Macit.

Sahika got an early start to the day. Cihan gets a look at her in her spring-y ensemble and smacks some other guys for staring. Cihan delivers water? Well, she’ll come straight to him if there’s ever a …fire.

Sahika gets back to the house, annoyed that people expect her to say where she’s going. Faiz tells her not to go out with her clothes and makeup “like that.” Sahika says it’s like a prison camp around here.

Pelin has decided Neriman will never leave Macit alone–he’s her lottery ticket, her way out of that poor neighborhood. She begs her mother to do something about Neriman or…you know.

Her mom doesn’t know actually.

Neriman gets Fahriye caught up on the crap Pelin said last night. Fahriye swears she’ll pull Pelin’s teeth out one by one the next time she sees her. She’s not worried about Pelin hitting her–[we] crazies know each other on sight.

Sinasi’s cutting class again. He wants to see Neriman. She couldn’t possibly have agreed with any less enthusiasm.

Sahika’s out of the shower and Gulter’s trying to convince her to wear some of Neriman’s clothes.

Pelin claims she was thinking about telling Neriman’s father what kind of daughter he has. She wants Neriman’s address and thinks Duygu has it. Mommy doesn’t want her setting foot in that barrio. She’s taking care of this herself.

Fahriye wonders if Macit thinks Neriman’s in love with him. She’s disappointed that Neriman told him she was Sinasi’s novia. “Why? That’s my reality. I’m going to end up marrying him.”

Sinasi’s planning to go over to Neriman’s today and tell Faiz he wants to marry Neriman. Cihan tells him to slow down. He needs to tell his mom first. Go over with flowers and chocolates. And has he even asked if Neriman wants to marry him?

Sure! Seven years ago!

Nu-uh…Cihan tells him to go home. (And when Cihan, of all people, tells you you’re not proposing right….)

I love the little figurines behind Macit, of women in old-fashioned bathing suits. He’s got his mind on Neriman.

Pobre de Asli–she’s in tears after she told her mother she’d visit and then Emre took his horrid mother’s advice and told her not to go. I would not blame Asli if she completely flipped out on this entire household. Nezahat calls to find out what time she’s coming over. Asli says she doesn’t have permission and she regrets accepting this literal prison.

Neriman complains about Pelin hating her. Sahika asks if Neriman doesn’t hate Pelin. Look at Pelin’s life compared to Neriman’s. And Neriman has Sinasi while Pelin….

Fahriye: “Hey, she’s depressed enough already!”

After Sahika walks off, Fahriye says she doesn’t know if that girl’s good or bad. Join the club.

Pelin’s mom tells Inci this twisted story about how Faiz was so ambitious and she’s sure Neriman is just like him, so Inci had better keep Neriman away from Macit.

Nezahat calls Sinasi to complain that Emre won’t let Asli come over and their mom is taking it badly. Sinasi marches right over to the Internet Café and asks Sinasi WTF he’s doing. Sinasi says he’s just…very possessive of Asli. Sinasi gets that, right?

Yeah, he does, but Asli’s not going to do anything, so he’d better call her right now and give her permission. Which he does.

Gulter and Neriman are getting ready to go over and comfort Zehra. Sahika doesn’t want to go…but it’s that or serve her uncle lunch. Gulter insists on her going upstairs to change. Neriman’s going on her date with Sinasi before she goes over to Zehra’s. She tells Gulter she’s decided to marry Sinasi.

Sahika finally comes out the door with a dress that’s maybe an inch longer than her previous skirt. Heh. Well, her mom told her to change.

Duygu finds Pelin in her room with a handful of pills. Pelin screams at Duygu that Duygu’s jealous of her, no one has loved her, and Duygu wanted to use Neriman to finally teach Pelin what it feels like to be her. It’s all her fault! And Macit does love her…

But he’s not answering his phone. She throws hers into a corner and starts sobbing that Macit doesn’t love her.

Asli shows up for lunch finally. Zehra’s overcome with joy. (And once again…why did you insist on her getting married and leaving your house if you were going to miss her this much?!)

Sahika’s getting a little annoyed with everyone fussing over Asli and literally feeding her. She asks how old Asli is…and why’d she get married so early? Was she pressured into it? Ugh, she doesn’t know why people get married so young.

While they’re waiting for their tea, Neriman asks Sinasi if he loves her and asks him never to leave her, no matter what. (*facepalm*)

Sinasi goes over to buy simit and Neriman answers his phone. Sorry Özlem. Sinasi’s busy. He seems to see her putting his phone down and decides they’ll take their simit to go and abandon the tea neither one of them has touched.

Duygu is leaving the house, so she makes sure to swear the housekeeper to secrecy about Neriman’s address.

Unfortunately, Pelin overhears them and threatens to tell her mommy if the housekeeper won’t give her the address.

Sinasi takes Neriman to the site of his proposal seven years ago. It’s now an event venue and looks like it’s set up for a wedding. The exact location just happens to be right in front of the canopy with the table where the bride and groom will sit with their witnesses and the judge. He asks Neriman to marry him again and Neriman takes a really long pause before saying “Of course.”

How is that an “of course”?! What are you doing?! Don’t egg them on random venue people!

Macit gets home from work annoyed with his mother for asking if he came home in the wee hours again and where he was and where he’s going and is he meeting Neriman because there are things about her he doesn’t know.

Seriously? Because if he needs to know, he’ll ask her. She’s not the girl for him? Because he thinks she’s beautiful. When he looks in her eyes he can’t think about anything else. He’s never really fought for a woman. He teases his mom that she didn’t raise him to be a gentleman.

“Are you trying to piss me off?”

Macit just chuckles.

Asli gets back “home” and presents her husband with the leftovers her mother sent for him. And he knocks the containers of food all over the living room, calling it trash. She starts to clean up and Emre hauls her up, sits her on the couch, and accuses her of telling her brother on him. Asli swears she didn’t and Emre swears he’s not letting anyone interfere in their marriage (EXCEPT FOR HIS HIDEOUS MOTHER!) and if she ever sets foot outside this house again, she’ll be sorry. (I hope he trips on one of those steep hills and rolls right into the sea. And he can take his mother with him!)

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