La Sultana Monday 11/12/18 #11

Nasia apologizes for not telling Ahmed right away. She realizes Reyhan could have killed him too. As she’s hugging him, Ahmed asks how she would feel if he died–sad or relieved?

Dude, of course she’d be sad. But she won’t tell him why, she just goes with “You know.”

Şahin listens in while a group of men at a nearby table wonder if Reyhan managed to take all his embezzled gold and jewels with him. They’re hoping his replacement is a better person.

Şahin gives a man who sits at his table a coin and asks him to get it to someone who can get it to Derviş.

Time for a little reorganization in the harem. Reyhan’s out and now Haci is taking his place. Cennet and Bülbül make faces. Some of the women bring him offerings. Nasia looks worried. Haci turns and bows to Handan up on the balcony.

And the new Vizier is…Lala Mehmed Pasha, like Handan suggested. Derviş looks like a runner-up on Oscar night.

Haci stops by Janissary HQ to invite…summon?…Iskender and Zülfikar somewhere.

Nasia’s in a group of women escorting Fahriye to a gold carriage. Cennet pinches Nasia for marveling at it in Italian. Nasia translates and Cennet explains that the carriage was a gift from Queen Elizabeth to the old Sultan. (Thanks for reminding me we haven’t seen furry Elizabeth in a while.)

Gölge comes running up, late, gets scolded by Cennet and signs something to Nasia that sends her back to the palace.

Fahriye gets stuck riding with her mom and Bülbül in the carriage. Safiye wants Bülbül working on wedding details as of now. And if Fahriye wears black, they’ll burn the dress with her in it.

In the harem, Haci and Dudu whisper about the lack of an heir. She notices a new woman, Raşa, and Bulbul says she came from the old palace and she’s very well trained. Dudu wants her prepared to meet the Sultan tonight. (She seems nice. Which worries me.)

Ahmed, with Derviş, discusses the situation in Bursa with Zülfikar. A band of rebels brought down his army and the Pasha is in hiding. Zülfikar says the problem is that Ahmed has incompetent Pashas and the men are frustrated. Well, Ahmed wants Zülfikar to go to Bursa, find out what’s really going on, and drag that Pasha back. (Somewhere in here is a joke about bursitis and sciatica that’s just too much of a pain in the ass to make. :p )

Nasia stops by the secret garden and yells at Iskender for not opening the door like he said he would. He swears he was going to…and he still will, but she’s gotta get out of there.

Nasia disappears into some plants before Ahmed arrives.

Ahmed gets a kick out of seeing Iskender’s face–trouble again?

Iskender tells him the truth, except for why he was wandering around at night.

Looks to Ahmed like these practices aren’t helping Iskender much.

“You should see the other guys, Sultan.”

On today’s episode of Cryptic Conversations…Halime tries to provoke Derviş. She taunts him about not being named Vizier. He says if he wanted power, he wouldn’t have been Ahmed’s right hand since he was a prince.

Uh huh…and how does he feel about having to marry Fahriye to cover up her shame?

Derviş knows Halime tried to keep it from happening.

She wanted to hurt Şahin. She did warn Derviş that Şahin wasn’t trustworthy–see what his brother did? Who knows what else is going on that they don’t know about.

Well, if she thinks it’s too dangerous, maybe she should stay out of it.

Like it’s possible to stay out of danger in this palace. Death hides in every corner.

Ahmed’s giving Fahriye a palace. Workmen are fixing it up right now. Bülbül has decorating suggestions. Like Fahriye even cares. Bülbül and Safiye go off to another room.

Şahin, disguised as a workman tells Fahriye there’s a way to save Mehmed. He shows her a small bottle, but she calls him a coward. He says he’s trying to offer her an opportunity to change her fate.

The Janissary novices are practicing with maces. Iskender tells Lagari he needs his help to sneak out. There’s talk of ropes….

Nasia assures Gölge that Iskender’s gonna come through this time. Shayeste interrupts to beg Nasia to take her. She’s never going to be favorite, Mahfiruz already treats her like a servant…. Nasia tells Shayeste to forget she heard anything. Nobody’s going anywhere. Mahfiruz comes over to complain that she’s been waiting for Shayeste already. (Um, yeah, with a bestie like that….)

Fahriye gets back to her room with the vial of whatever still in her hands.

Haci escorts Raşa to the Sultan’s room. Her smile goes right past “nice” to “smug.”

In Safiye’s room, she complains to Bülbül and Cennet that none of the girls have gotten pregnant yet.

Hey, it’s not for lack of trying. One girl leaves and another one enters. Cennet says Nasia’s in his room all the time, so she’ll probably get pregnant the quickest.

Safiye hopes Nasia has a future as beautiful as she is.

But Nasia doesn’t think she’s beautiful anymore.

Safiye tells Cennet  to bring Pervane Ağa. Cennet gives Nasia a nod and a smile like “Now it’s on!”

First stop is Safiye’s closet/fashion museum. And yeah, she knows Nasia hasn’t slept with Ahmed yet. She can see it in her eyes, like she can see Nasia’s in love.

Nasia’s not really sure about all this “love” business. How is she supposed to know if she’s in love?

Love per Safiye: If you see their face every time you close your eyes during the day and they come to your dreams at night, you’ve been enchanted by love.

Nasia eyes a bold red dress. It was a gift to Safiye from the Duchess of Genoa. It’s Nasia’s now.

Cue the obligatory “I could never!”

Safiye says being pretty just makes her another woman of the harem. If she wants to be more than that, she’s gotta get her heart and head into the game.

Pervane Ağa arrives. He’s tasked with fixing Nasia’s hair. He cuts and styles and somehow manages to make Nasia’s hair all look one length. (I used to go to a stylist who collected antique styling tools. The ones she had weren’t nearly as shiny.)

Nasia’s back in her room, admiring the effect, when Cennet brings in luggage. Mahfiruz has been moved out and Raşa, one of the new “favorites” is moving in. Yeah, I don’t know how I saw anything genuine in her snotty face.

And now for another episode of Halime Wields A Long-Handled Spoon…doesn’t Handan think Fahriye’s silence is suspicious?

Nah, Handan thinks there’s just nothing more Fahriye can do.

Halime says women in love are a lot braver.

Handan thinks Halime’s scared of Fahriye finding out what she did, but Halime only fears Allah. She’s never given in to anyone.

Well, Handan has. To protect her son.

Could she get rid of Derviş if she had to? Halime doesn’t like him. She tries to figure him out, but it’s impossible. So it’s impossible for her to trust him.

Handan refuses to suspect Derviş.

Then why did she recommend someone else for the job of Vizier?

Fahriye visits Ahmed. She says love made her blind. She apologizes.

Uh, ok, but he won’t change his mind.

She didn’t just want to talk about that. She brought him sweets.

Ahmed’s face: Seriously? But he grins when a woman brings them in. Almond sweets. Haci asks him to wait for the taster…who says they’re fine. Still, Fahriye looks nervous as Ahmed eats them.

Mustafá arrives and of course Ahmed’s going to share with his brother. Fahriye scolds Mustafá–almonds give him a stomachache. Mustafá agrees not to eat any more.

He jumps right into asking his brother when he can ride a horse. Fahriye listens to Ahmed saying he’ll teach Mustafá when he’s older.

Nasia wakes up in the middle of the night after dreaming she was in the bath with Ahmed. She drinks a glass of water to, um, cool off. Like that’s gonna work!

Nasia’s working that new dress, ignoring the ruby tiaras (*sob*) in favor of a little perfume. She runs into Dudu at Ahmed’s door and gets an approving once-over. But Ahmed’s not in his room.

Nasia starts to walk off, discouraged, when Dudu says he’s in what they call the secret garden.

And that’s where she finds him, doing a little woodworking. She rushes in so fast he asks what’s wrong.

Nasia says she saw him (naked) in her dreams and snogs him.

Cut to clothes all over Ahmed’s floor. And this time they’re sleeping under the sheets. Nasia sneaks out after he’s asleep.

Lagari and Iskender ready the ropes to let Iskender slide down the roof. If the rope isn’t secure, he’ll probably break four or five bones, by Lagari’s estimation.

Nasia meets Shayeste and Gölge outside the secret passageway.

At the far end of the passage, Gölge signs something to Nasia. Nasia says goodbye and Gölge shuts the gate. Shayeste wishes Gölge were coming with them. Nasia says she’s spent her whole life here and doesn’t know anyplace else. Nasia hated her at first, but then she turned into the first person Nasia liked.

And the second one…was Ahmed.

Iskender opens the door….

Derviş visits Şahin. Şahin’s reminiscing about meeting Derviş in a bar, drunk and miserable. Derviş told him everything–when the Ottomans took him he didn’t even have shoes, just the clothes on his back. That’s why they called him Derviş. He was so poor. He found a coin once and thought it was a treasure. He kept it in his pocket for years, not knowing what to do with it. The first time he wore shoes was as a member of the Janissaries and everyone looked at him with hate. He came back to Şahin and gave him the coin as a symbol of his loyalty. He said his biggest fear was to be no one, to be forgotten.

Derviş says he doesn’t fear anything now.

Because Şahin showed him the way out. Saved him from being forgotten.

Derviş says Şahin did it for his own benefit. He poisoned Mehmed to get his throne.

Şahin says Derviş wanted that too, but then he betrayed him.

Betrayal is something that can only be felt between friends. And they were never friends–they’re just on the same side. Derviş wanted to put Ahmed on the throne and he got what he wanted. He puts a coin on the desk and slides it over to Şahin.

And Şahin wanted it too…but now he’s changed his mind. He pushes the coin back towards Derviş and says it’s already done. The sultan is wrestling with the angel of death.

Outside, Nasia hesitates. She turns to look at the palace, but she keeps going.

Ahmed’s tossing and turning in his bed….

Nasia looks back again. Iskender tells her it’s all over. She’ll be with her family again.

But she can’t do it. She can’t leave Ahmed. She’s his.

Nasia goes running back to the castle. (So what’s Iskender supposed to do with Shayeste?)

Ahmed stumbles around his room, saying Nasia’s name. He falls in front of the balcony window.

Shayeste catches up to Nasia. She wants to hear all about when Nasia decided she loved the Sultan.

Suddenly, there are soldiers behind them, shooting at them. Shayeste trips and Nasia goes back for her. Shayeste gets shot and Nasia lets go and heads for the now-not-secret door.

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