Turkish Names: La Sultana

If you’ve been reading the recaps for La Sultana, you might have noticed that a lot of the names got edited today in an effort to spell them correctly and consistently. I used the Wikipedia article for the show as a guide (it’s full of spoilers, so read with caution; I would have used the Turkish article, but it didn’t have a list of character names). I also consulted the ielanguages article on Turkish pronunciation to reconcile the spellings and pronunciations.

Why do the C’s sound like J’s?

Because Turkish.

The captions say: The actors say:
Haci Haji
Celali Jelali
Cennet Jennet
But the S’s are all over the place!

Yeah, I’m not entirely sure how that happened. Ş is supposed to be pronounced like “sh,” but the captioners either don’t have that character or aren’t using it.

The captions say: It should be spelled: The actors say:
Dervish Derviş Derveesh
Sahin Şahin Saheen (but it should be Shaheen)
Menekse Menekşe Menekshe
Rasha Raşa Rasha
And some things don’t make much difference

Mostly because the actors don’t usually make a fuss about the ö, ü, and ğ.

The captions say: It should be spelled: The actors say:
Aga Ağa Agah
Bulbul Bülbül Boolbool
Zulfikar Zülfikar Zoolfikar
Golge Gölge Gohlge

How are they supposed to sound? For that you’d want to consult that ielanguages page or your local purveyor of Turkish pronunciation knowledge.

Isn’t this a pain to type?!

Aw, you think I type it 😀 I actually cheat. I generally do my typing in Office OneNote 2007, which is old but I love it and I’m never letting it go as long as no one makes me.

Step 1: Either copy a correctly spelled name/word from somewhere on the internet and paste it as plain text OR type most of it and use “Insert>Symbol” to put the special characters in place.

Step 2: In the autocorrect options ask it to change, for example, all instances of “Aga” to “Ağa,” and keep on typing it the lazy way. As long as you don’t ever need to spell Ağa…I mean Ağa…I mean…that word but without the funky g you never really have to think about the correct spelling again. If it gets to be a problem, remove it from your list of words to automatically correct.

So there you have it, and once again, how awesome is it that Telemundo keeps bringing us these Turkish dramas and dubbing them over in Spanish so I have an excuse to recap them on this blog!

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Linda F.
Linda F.
2 years ago

I can’t believe you managed to make something so complicated completely understandable. This is a huge help—thank you!!