La Sultana Tuesday 11/13/18 #12

The soldiers keep firing and Nasia’s about to give up on the door, but Gölge opens it. (And the bar on the outside?)

Nasia sneaks back into her room, shedding her cloak and diving into bed. Haci comes in with a couple of guards and arrests her.

In Ahmed’s room, Handan is freaking out. And where’s Derviş, she wonders. Dudu said he left the palace earlier, but no one saw him leave.

Haci comes in to report that the soldiers caught an escaped concubine and shot her. A second one got away, but they heard her name…he has Nasia brought in.

Handan starts accusing Nasia of poisoning Ahmed. And if she didn’t then why was she trying to escape?! (Uh…’cause it’s Tuesday?) Handan wants her tortured until she gives them the information they need. Nasia’s only worried about Ahmed.

Oh, great, Cennet’s going to do the whipping while Dudu asks the questions. Wait, did Cennet just hesitate? She really needs to make up her mind whether she’s on Nasia’s side or not. She begs Dudu to stop this. She’s just a girl–where would she have gotten a poison? She’s sure Nasia’s innocent.

But then there’s the escape…Nasia sobs that she changed her mind. Dudu tells Cennet to get back to it, but it’s obvious she’s not happy.

Handan’s upset at Derviş for not being around while “that snake” poisoned her son.

Safiye says if it was poison, they’d know it already.

Handan says Nasia was captured escaping.

And did she confess? Is there proof? She can’t torture an innocent concubine.

Is Safiye worried about what she’s going to say? Whoever poisoned her son is somewhere in this palace. If anyone cares, Fahriye looks guilty.

Bülbül goes to wake up the taster, who does have a name but let’s not bother with it because he’s DEAD. And he’s got a rash all over his face.

Back in Ahmed’s room, Fahriye casually asks how Mustafá’s doing. Halime says he’s sleeping…but why does she ask? Um, no reason.

Handan sees Fahriye, Halime, and Safiye’s whispered conversation as evidence that the vultures are circling.

Bülbül comes in, panicking, and tells them all about the death of the taster. He tells them to get away from Ahmed–it’s not poison, it’s smallpox.

What a way to empty a room. In the hallway, Derviş says they should all be quarantined. Haci’s in charge of the prince and the sultanas. Everyone in the harem should be examined for any signs of smallpox.

Safiye thinks they need to keep the news quiet or the palace will be attacked. Frickin’ Fahriye smiles. Halime rushes off to check on Mustafá. (Seriously, thanks for the romance drama, but if Fahriye killed that kid I’m gonna reach through the screen and chuck her over the nearest balcony.)

There’s a cleaning frenzy going on in the harem. Dudu gives instructions to wipe everything down with vinegar and from now on everybody’s going to need permission to go in and out.

Derviş meets the Council and informs them the Sultan won’t be attending their meeting today. Because he’s fine…he just wants to work in his room and he doesn’t want to see anyone. Yeah…that’s it.

At the docks, Enzo the Merchant wonders where Anastasia is.

I’d say the dungeon, but there’s too much sunshine and fresh air. She calls for the guard and demands to see the Sultan or he’ll have his head cut off.

The guard ignores her, but Cennet arrives and tells her to quit shouting. Nasia begs for information. Cennet says they were wrong about the poison–he has smallpox and he’s dying.

Halime visits Safiye. Mustafá is well. But Safiye wants him to wear a protective tunic, since he’s all they’ve got now. Halime snottily says she’s never heard of anyone surviving smallpox. Yeah, Safiye knows Halime’s dying to be Sultana Madre.

Look, she doesn’t like Ahmed, especially now that Handan and Derviş ignored Safiye’s orders…didn’t they?

Safiye complains that Halime’s looking at her like an enemy.

Halime brags that she’s always followed her own path.

Safiye tells Halime she’d better obey her if she wants Mustafá on the throne.

Halime doesn’t want anything but for Mustafá to become Sultan.

Cennet’s upset that Nasia got whipped for nothing. She thinks the doctor should look at her wounds, but the only person Nasia wants to see is Ahmed. Cennet explains that she’s still in trouble for escaping. Nasia begs her to go to Safiye.

Cennet says Safiye only cares about Nasia because Ahmed likes her. But now she’s alone.

Halime emerges from Safiye’s chamber and tells Menekşe Safiye’s just trying to control her. She knows once Mustafá’s on the throne, she’ll be kicked out of the palace.

Ooh, doctors with plague masks! Handan’s watching Ahmed through a window.

Derviş reports that he’s hidden what’s going on from the Pasha’s, but he doesn’t know how long he can keep it quiet. Handan doesn’t care what happens until Ahmed improves.

Şahin’s hanging out with Mehmed and assuring him he’s safe where he is. Everyone else is going to die of smallpox. He brags about being a brother to the disease–born to wipe out the Ottoman dynasty.

Mehmed can’t believe this–it’s not just the Sultan who’s going to die, they all will.

Şahin’s sure Fahriye will take the precautions to protect herself.

But how’d he get it? And how’d he get into the Sultan’s chambers.

Şahin doesn’t answer–he says a hundred years of captivity are about to end. He’ll rule the world and Mehmed will govern the Crimea. They’ll finally get what they deserve.

But what about Mustafá? They’re not going to let Şahin take the throne while he lives.

Eh, he’s next on Şahin’s list.

Time for another Sultana Showdown in the hallway. Handan tells Safiye the doctors say Ahmed’s not getting any worse. She accuses Safiye of getting ready to stick Mustafá on the throne, but Safiye insists she was just advising Halime to protect the prince from this horrible illness.

Handan insists Safiye was negotiating, just like she did with Handan. She’s praying for Ahmed to get better and end all these lies.

Fahriye gets back to her room and hears that Şahin is waiting for her in the garden. Bülbül begs her not to go–the sickness is everywhere.

Safiye asks Cennet for an update. They’ve taken all the necessary precautions and Mahfiruz is the only one who’s sick. She’s been quarantined.

Gölge steps up and starts signing to Safiye. Cennet translates–it’s about Mahpeyker (Nasia). She’s still in the dungeon and she wants Safiye’s help.

Safiye’s too busy to deal with her. Leave her there.

Fahriye’s guilty and stressing and doesn’t want Mehmed to know what she’s done…but Şahin’s already told him. Fahriye’s upset that Mustafá’s going to start showing signs of illness soon. Şahin keeps it off his face, but he’s celebrating on the inside.

Gölge goes to spring Nasia. She beats up the guard, takes his keys, and signs to Nasia that it’s time to escape.

But Nasia doesn’t want to leave anymore.

At an inn, a young man named Hasan brings Enzo some food. Enzo explains he needs help looking for a girl…at the slave markets maybe.

Hasan gets a different interpretation and says the innkeeper can send him a woman.

Um, no, he’s looking for his daughter. He hands Hasan a coin and asks for help finding her.

Gölge and Nasia head for Ahmed’s room, but the guards and Haci won’t let her in. Nasia says (quite rightly) that when the Sultan gets better he’s going to ask for her.

Yeah, and he’s going to want to know about her latest escape attempt. Haci orders Nasia returned to the dungeon. Nasia threatens the guy with Haci that if he touches her she’ll order him killed.

The fuss draws Derviş into the hallway. Haci says Nasia’s crazy and insists on going inside.

Nasia begs Derviş to let her in to see Ahmed one last time. He can throw her in the dungeon or kill her after that, she doesn’t care.

Haci thinks she doesn’t get it–death is right there in that room.

Derviş decides to let her in. What’s important to the Sultan is important to them too. He’ll take responsibility for Nasia.

Nasia says she’ll never forget this.

He doesn’t really let her into the room so much as onto the balcony where she can see Ahmed through the window. The doctors are mostly mopping his brow and applying something to his skin.

Nasia remembers coming back to the room with Ahmed and talking to him about Pervane Ağa fixing her hair. Ahmed just stares for a while before telling her her love has driven him crazy and without her he’s nothing.

Is that why he has so many concubines? She knows Raşa was there last night.

When Handan notices Nasia crying at his window, she tells her, not unkindly, that her back is bleeding and she should go back to the harem and let the doctors check her out.

Ah, but what’s a little blood when her poor dear Sultan is in this state. Isn’t there a cure?

Handan says everyone wants to see him dead, especially Safiye.

Nasia thought Safiye loved the Sultan.

She loves power. And she’s already given up on Ahmed. She’s preparing to put Mustafá on the throne. Nasia looks over at Gölge who nods her agreement.

Şahin gossips to the man who runs the café that he’s on his way out of town. Both Sultan Ahmed and Prince Mustafá are sick…smallpox. (Let the riots begin.)

Nasia and Gölge run into Safiye in the hallway. Nasia says she’s the Sultan’s favorite and no one can punish her.

So…what was she thinking when she escaped?

She was thinking about going back to her family, but she couldn’t do it. She loves Ahmed above all else in this world. Her heart is his. That’s why she changed her mind and came back to him.

Well, it’s too bad her grandson can’t hear these words. It’s too late now.

Nasia says Safiye loses hope really quickly. Ahmed’s alive and he’s going to get better. Although, Nasia heard she already wants to give Mustafá the throne.

Safiye doesn’t disagree. That’s just how it goes. They have to think about their future. Sultanas don’t have time to cry. Nasia had better learn that because for the good of the empire they have to give up their own children.

Nasia vows not to be that kind of Sultana. She’ll be just.

Too bad she does want to be a Sultana. It’s too late.

Nasia swoons and Safiye tells Gölge to take her away.

Mustafá’s being kept inside and he doesn’t like it. Halime brags to him that he’s going to be Sultan soon.

But what’s going to happen to his brother? He has to live.

Dilruba takes Mustafá to play so he doesn’t hear Halime telling Menekşe that she’s finally going to be Sultana Madre! And she’s going to make Menekşe her treasurer.

Back in what’s still Nasia’s room so shut up noob, Gölge puts Nasia on her stomach and tries to arrange a pillow under her. Raşa complains about her being there. Didn’t she poison the Sultan?

Cennet tells her to shut up or she’ll get whipped.

Gölge tries to carefully pull the bandages off.

Enzo takes a look at the girls on sale at the slave market, but we know he won’t find Nasia there. The slave traders don’t have much patience for him until he offers money.

So OK, who took his daughter? What captain?

Enzo says it was a war ship and they had a picture of her.

He’s looking for an aguja en un pajar (needle in a haystack). Hundreds of slaves come to the capital every day. If they’re not lucky enough to be bought by Pashas, they work in taverns.

At the café, the owner hesitantly spreads the gossip about the Sultan’s illness. Did no one know about this? Nope. They all gasp when he says it’s smallpox.

Nasia wakes up in the middle of the night. Raşa’s tossing and turning in her sleep. Nasia wakes her, saying she’s sweating. Is she sick?

Raşa says she’s not and she doesn’t want Nasia telling anyone or they’ll think she has smallpox!

Safiye meets with the Pashas who do her bidding. She hints that if the soldiers find out about Ahmed’s illness, they’ll revolt. (So is she saying that’s a bad thing or is she telling them to make it happen?) She wants them to get Mustafá to take the throne as soon as possible. One of the guys says it’s not. Not until Ahmed is dead.

Halime visits Derviş. She says this is the end for him, but not “us.” Mustafá will be on the throne soon. She can give Derviş any job he wants. Grand Vizier? The two of them could govern until Mustafá’s grown.

Derviş laughs. And how would she like to be repaid for this favor?

Halime wants Mustafá to have no problems claiming the throne. He should ease the Sultan’s suffering.

Derviş has no idea why she’d think that he would do this. Her heart must be full of shame.

Well, the doctors say Ahmed has one or two weeks left….

Only Allah knows what’s going to happen tomorrow. The Sultan is alive and while he’s alive, Derviş is on his side.

One of the Pashas with Safiye says the soldiers might want to see the body. Another really thinks they should wait. Safiye says they will, but when they can see the revolt is coming, Mustafá must claim the throne. Until then they’ll stay at the old palace. They have to protect him.

One of the Pashas says Halime must be thrilled.

She’s lucky. You’d have to be blind not to see the anger in her eyes. Safiye’s sure the first thing Halime will do when she has power is exile her. So they have to get rid of Halime as soon as possible.

Derviş watches Ahmed from the balcony, thinking about Halime’s offer. (Don’t do it, Derviş! Don’t do it!)

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