La Sultana Thursday 11/15/18 #14

Derviş had just confessed that he killed Sultan Mehmed. He says he had to do it or Mehmed was going to kill Ahmed. And yep, he did it because he’s been in love with her for years.

Handan can’t believe he’s saying this.

Well, Derviş just…wanted her to know before he died.

Handan sits down. (I know, it’s a lot to process.)

Bülbül leads Safiye and the others to the door where a carriage is supposed to be waiting, but it’s locked. Hace says he sent the guards to another door and had them take the carriage away. Sultana Madre Handan gave orders that no one is to leave. She said “If we’re going to die, we die together.”

Out front, the guys are still working that battering ram. Iskender breaks ranks and asks his COs what they’re doing. Isn’t the Sultan their leader? Their brother? Why aren’t they defending him?

Because he’s dead and so is the prince.

And it suddenly occurs to the one in the taller hat to wonder who they’re even protecting.

While Derviş watches a few men try to hold the main door closed, there’s a voiceover of Safiye and Hüdayi. She’s asking him to pray and he says they will–they’ll pray for an angel that will protect them from the fire. We get a quick shot of Enzo.

And then the bar across the door breaks and the would-be rebels kind of jog in.

As Nasia walks down a hallway, she prepares us for what’s coming:

I am Anastasia, beloved daughter of my mother, favorite of my father. My name is the almond flower that hasn’t seen storms–just a calm sea without waves. I was conceived as someone else’s dream–the dream of a prince from an empire far from my home. In what moment does the seed make contact with the earth? Who decides when it should germinate? When does a child become a man? What makes them grow? Milk, honey, the smell of his siblings? Or the tormented heart of his parents?

I am Anastasia. In this palace I’ve seen that in the deepest pain hides the greatest riches. I’ve seen the darkness that lies in the brightest gems. Evil hidden in the most beautiful faces anyone could imagine. And also what the most powerful man in the world values–an indestructible heart, deep and clear as water.

I am Anastasia, the one who was afraid to see the light of the sun, who hid from the rain. Now is the time to sacrifice myself. My desperate days, empty of meaning, are now worth a whole life. My moment is near. I should say goodbye to my childhood and take leave of my past and let it burn. I’m ready. I’ve spread my wings and I can give my life for love.

I am Anastasia. I can feel the fire running through my veins, and with the light of the stars, I’ll birth a new version of myself. I cling to love as if it was a shield to protect my chest. I wreathe myself in innocence to wield it like a sword as I cross barefoot through a valley of thorns. I’m arriving…it’s time to leave my past behind and all I thought I had to leave my name written on the world.

Halime and Handan ponder rings with hidden compartments.

And starting now, the role of Nasia will be played by Beren Saat. She walks into the inner courtyard. Derviş calls for archers. Some jerk in the crowd says the Sultan is dead.

Safiye goes up to the observation room with Fahriye and Bülbül and watches Nasia walk right past the palace soldiers and scream at everyone to stop. Cennet’s face: “I think she might be able to pull this off.” Handan joins them.

Nasia screams at all of them that she’s Ahmed Kahn’s favorite. She was just with him and he’s alive. And so is the prince. Derviş is just staring at her. The cranky guys keep screaming. Halime’s buddy the curandera’s lurking behind a column.

Nasia swears that she’s telling the truth.

One guy in the crowd asks if that’s why they trotted out Hadim Ağa as the Sultan (‘s terrible impersonator). She agrees the Sultan is sick and being treated by doctors. And if they don’t find a cure today, they will tomorrow. He’ll get up again. “I believe it and you should too. Allah will help us.” The curandera seems intrigued by what Nasia’s doing.

But the same jerk says they shouldn’t believe this woman. She’s lying. He pulls out his gun and shoots her. She falls.

And Safiye tells Handan to open the damn doors. Who’s going to protect the empire if they’re all dead?

Handan doesn’t care about the empire if her son is dead.

Nasia stands up again. Cue accusations of witchcraft.

Cennet pulls everyone’s attention back to the window.

Nasia tells Derviş not to attack. Nobody has to die tonight! They should all go home, back to the loved ones who are waiting for them.

Iskender’s mesmerized.

Nasia says the Sultan will get up. This is not the time for a rebellion, it’s the time for praying. She’s been doing it and they should too.

And that freakin’ guy in the middle just won’t shut up! We’re trying to have a moment here! It’s like your typical argument on the internet–she says one thing and he says “Aha, see! She said the Sultan was dead!”

Nasia swears she’s telling the truth. And everyone who believes her can come to this patio to pray. And she won’t be the only one there–Ahmed will be there too.

I got a little lost here–she says she doesn’t want anyone to get hurt. The reward and punishment of the Sultan are ready, for believers and non-believers. They just have to wait and see. Now go home!

They start moving, but that one guy just will not shut up and keeps yelling that the Sultan is dead. Enzo’s somewhere in the middle of all this, but he might not be able to fight the tide. The curandera looks impressed. So does Safiye…and a little concerned. Handan’s just frickin’ grateful.

Nasia clutches at her chest and walks back inside. The soldiers are just standing there like “What did you need us for?”

Enzo does try to get back inside, but he’s stopped by a soldier. He explains that he’s looking for his daughter and he heard her voice.

Nasia makes it back inside, to Gölge. Handan and the others meet them in front of the harem. Nasia’s little life-saver was Hüdayi’s amulet. Nasia asks Gölge to take her to Ahmed and passes out.

Şahin’s fuming that some woman screwed up all his plans.

Mehmed asks what he wanted–for them to burn the palace down with Fahriye inside?

“Always at the mercy of women! You’ll never change, brother!”

Mehmed takes offense. Şahin gives him some crap about the blood of Genghis Kahn and Mehmed says he’s acting stupid. He thinks he can get to the throne by putting his faith in rebels and looters? When Mehmed looks at him all he sees is rage, hate, and ambition. He begs Şahin to think! How was he planning to sit on the throne tomorrow if he’s burning it today?

Şahin’s like “When I’m on the throne, you’ll understand.”

Menekşe goes to Mustafá’s room to give Halime an update. She credits Hüdayi and his amulet. Halime’s impressed. Nasia has shown her strength, and may Allah bless her. But Halime would still like to find the curandera.

In the Celali camp, Zülfikar and his former quarry are stuck sharing a cage. The Pasha’s talking about bribing somebody, but I can’t tell if it’s the Celali or Zülfikar.

Out by the fire, Raşa gets dropped off. She screams at the Celali that she’s the Sultan’s favorite and pregnant with his child.

Well, the Sultan can’t hear her from here. Raşa spits in the guy’s face and Kara Sait has to hold him back. She’s staying with them until she gives birth and then they’ll see.

Zülfikar and the Pasha are brought in to meet with Kalendaroglu. They have no quarrel with the Janissaries, it’s the Ottomans who are their enemy. Zülfikar reminds him the head of the Janissaries is an Ottoman.

But Kalendaroglu is convinced that Ahmed and Mustafá are both dead and a new, more “just” system is coming. And Zülfikar should help if he doesn’t want more blood.

Nasia wakes up in her bed and ponders her bruised sternum…and the clothes and shoes that have been left out for her on Raşa’s old bed.

In the hallway outside Ahmed’s room, the DOCTORA (I just love that we have one) tells Handan he’s stable. Safiye would like an update, but Handan dismisses the doctor so she can scold Safiye. It’s not her castle and still she tried to escape. There’s no justification for what she did. She values her cat over her grandchildren. (Um…and this is a problem why? And where is Her Royal Fluffiness?! Bring back Elizabeth!)

Safiye tells her not to confuse bravery with stupidity. Were they just supposed to sit around and cry like she’s doing instead of keeping the empire strong? Safiye orders Dudu to keep her informed. Handan undoes the order. If I were Dudu I’d arrange to have them locked in a room somewhere until this crisis is over.

Safiye runs into Nasia in the hallway and praises her courage.

Aw, it was nothing. It was all Allah.

Well, if she doesn’t keep her promise about having the Sultan come down today they’re going to turn on her.

Nasia smirks and says Safiye’s got plenty of time to leave the palace. I swear to you, Safiye raised one eyebrow one millimeter and spoke volumes.

Handan’s surprised to see Nasia up and about already. She’s grateful for what Nasia has done and asks how she can repay the favor.

Nasia says it wasn’t a favor. She did it for Ahmed. (OK, then, you can have Ahmed.) She really does believe Ahmed’s going to get better. He’s her only hope–if he exists, she exists.

Nasia goes in to see Ahmed and Derviş appears in the hallway. Um…wow…he’s probably wishing he’d died last night. He and Handan can’t even look at each other. He greets her, or the floor tile next to her foot, and says Safiye wants to meet with the Pashas. Handan’s face: “Please stop talking to me.”

Bülbül tells Safiye the Pashas are waiting for her. Safiye wants this settled so they don’t go through it again.

Menekşe brings the curandera to Mustafá’s room. Halime says she’s been calling for her with all her strength.

“Not just me. You’ve called demons, the darkness under the earth, the beyond, from both universes.”

But can she save Mustafá?

The curandera says every problem has a solution.

Well, the Pasha’s don’t know what to do about the succession problem. Derviş arrives with the news that there’s been no change in Ahmed or the Prince’s conditions. One of the Pashas suggests calling on another Pasha to bring his army down. Another one says there’s no time. What will they do when the chaos starts again? Will they have to rely on women? (Hey, dude, you could do worse.)

Safiye gets them back to thinking about what to do if Ahmed dies. They should decide who will be the new Sultan and her candidate is Mehmed Giray, of Genghis Kahn’s line.

Fahriye really doesn’t seem to care about anything but being with Mehmed. He’s the one saying Ahmed is brave and Mustafá’s just a kid.

“Thrones are raised over coffins. No one becomes Sultan without others dying.”

Şahin approaches them to tell them the Pashas are meeting now to decide the future of the empire. Fahriye thinks it’s obvious they’ll decide Mehmed should ascend the throne.

Menekşe is escorting the curandera out when they run into Haci. The curandera makes a face at Haci and he starts babbling about witchcraft and arresting her. Menekşe swears she was just…praying with them. He still has her hauled off.

Nasia hears Handan complaining about letting someone into the palace and goes to investigate. Menekşe’s trying to explain to Handan that it was nothing bad…she has the cure. She applied it to the prince and to Halime.

Nasia starts asking her if it’s really the cure. The curandera says Nasia was like a dream the other night, a dream they were all having together.

Yeah, could she stick to the medical?

She offers to prepare it, but it’s really up to Allah.

Handan refuses–they’ve got the best doctors here and if there were a cure, they’d know about it. Before she’s escorted out, the curandera whispers “find me” to Nasia.

Derviş finds Şahin lurking outside and blasts him for having his men shoot at the Sultan’s favorite. What is he after? Şahin tells him to shut it ’cause he’s standing in front of the future Sultan.

Um, no, it was Mehmed’s name that came up during the meeting. What’s he going to do now? Kill him too?

Şahin’s under the delusion that his brother will cede the throne to him. Derviş doesn’t buy that at all. Mehmed must have bargained with Safiye already and will sign Şahin’s death warrant as soon as he reaches the throne.

Nasia wants to leave the castle and she wants Bülbül to come with her. I’m guessing Gölge’s already in on the plan. Bülbül’s not really familiar with the streets…and what will he tell his Sultanas? Naw, forget it–he’s not setting foot outside these walls.

So there he is in the very next scene, at the curandera’s with Nasia. He’s wishing they hadn’t left Gölge downstairs. I love how terrified he is of this woman.

Enzo gets back to his inn. He’s hoping the guy who just came in has found his daughter.

Yeah, it’s not that easy. You can’t talk to concubines, much less look at them. And even if he got a message to her, that doesn’t mean she’d show up. She might get scared.

Enzo hands him a pouch of money and her grandmother’s ring. If Nasia sees it, she’ll believe him. I so don’t trust this guy.

Derviş finds Handan on the balcony and she tries to get away from him. He’s talking about how her feelings and problems are also his pains and sadnesses.

Handan wishes she hadn’t heard him, so she could die in peace. What he’s saying…what he’s thinking…is a sin. If anyone finds out, they’ll think she led him on. Now she’s wondering if she did, without realizing it. Derviş says she didn’t do anything, it was all him. And the secret will die with him. No one will ever know.

But she can’t forget! She can’t forget that he poisoned her husband.

Haci stumbles into this very serious conversation and freaks Handan out. He wanted Handan to know that Safiye and the Pashas want Mehmed on the throne.

Derviş says that’s what he was coming to tell her.

Handan’s pissed. She doesn’t want Safiye coming anywhere near her son. She sees a flurry of activity in the room and all the doctors hovering around the bed.

Nasia asks the curandera for the same cure she applied to the prince. The curandera says Nasia will have to apply it herself, since she’s not allowed in the palace. But what’s Nasia going to give her.

“Whatever you want.” Not that they brought cash with them.

The curandera says it’s a spell–if Nasia doesn’t put her blood, her soul into it, it won’t work. She’ll have to walk through fire her whole life, witnessing the deaths of those around her.

Nasia accepts.

Seriously? Because this means having everyone she loves die in front of her. She’ll have to witness all their deaths.

Fahriye tells Safiye they should announce that Mehmed’s the heir before the rebellion starts. And they should watch out for Şahin. Safiye doesn’t even look at her. She just tells Fahriye to take care of Mehmed and not worry about Şahin. There’s nothing he can do.

Şahin visits the Sheikh Al-Islam to try to talk him into supporting Şahin. Crap. He looks like he’s considering it.

The doctors bring the cure into Ahmed’s room. They cut his arm and place it over the cut, securing it with a bandage.

And now we wait.

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