La Sultana Wednesday 11/14/18 #13

Damn. Mustafá’s got symptoms now. Halime brings him down to the hallway in front of the harem, unconscious, and a couple of doctors take him from her.

The concubines are watching from the doorway. They start freaking out about dying or getting sold at the slave market if they live.

Nasia screams at all of them to shut it! The Sultan isn’t dead and the Prince isn’t dead and if Allah wills it anything is possible. So get to praying!

Fahriye gets word. She can save her tears.

Safiye gets word and Bülbül calls for someone to fix her an almibar (syrup). She figures this is the end, but Bülbül is sure she’ll come up with a way out.

Yeah, Safiye’s never been one for crying. She’ll think of a solution.

Kalenderoglu gets a message from Şahin. The Sultan and the prince both have smallpox and they’ll be dead soon. Now it’s time for Kalenderoglu to keep his promises.

Kalenderoglu tells Kara Sait to get ready. Kara Sait is pissed that they’re going to go to all this trouble just so Şahin Giray can get the throne.

LOL, no. Kalenderoglu is giving Şahin the throne of the Crimea. The other one’s theirs.

Wow. Şahin’s not as smart as he thinks. He goes to Safiye, butters her up, and then suggests himself as the next Sultan if her grandsons both die.

Then Safiye would rather pray for the Prince’s recovery. Para que la cola no arrastre el serpiente (So the tail won’t drag the serpent).

Şahin reminds her he’s a descendant of Genghis Kahn and not her slave. Bülbül calls for him to be arrested immediately. I’m with Bülbül!

But no, Safiye waves him off. Şahin says if she helps him, she gets to keep wielding the power she has.

To Safiye, this doesn’t sound like something he’s only been thinking about for the last three days.

Şahin warns her not to accuse him before she knows where that accusation will lead.

Whoever it leads to will pay with their life.

Even if it’s Fahriye?

There’s just the tiniest flicker in her eyes that this is a surprise to her. (Hülya Avşar is the actress and I’m having a major “I’m not worthy!” moment.) Şahin keeps on smarming–did she really think the Sultan and the Prince had contracted smallpox by natural means? Fahriye chose to betray her family to save her lover.

Bülbül’s really freaking out now and I would totally back him on arresting Şahin. Or tossing him in the pond.

Şahin tells Safiye to talk to her daughter.

Nasia begs Cennet to help her get to the Sultan’s room. Boyfriend needs her! And if he dies, she’ll die with him.

In the background, Raşa faints. Cennet calls for the doctors, but tells everyone to stay away from her.

Nasia seizes on the opportunity and runs out while everyone else is staring at Raşa from several feet away.

Nasia gets into Ahmed’s room and begs him to wake up. Handan’s watching from outside. And sure enough, he does wake up and wonders what she’s doing there. She’ll catch smallpox!

Nasia says she’s been dead the last few days. She wants to stay here. She refuses to go.

She’s making Handan cry.

He said this was her house and this was her destiny and he’d be with her, right? So if he dies, she’s going with him. I’m not sure Ahmed’s got the strength to deny her.

Dudu and Haci are coming to talk to Handan, but she scolds them for not keeping Mahpeyker (Nasia) away. Does she want to die?

Dudu apologizes and offers to get her out of there, but Handan’s willing to see if Allah will work through her.

Haci hopes so, but there’s something important she needs to know…about the other favorite, Raşa.

Like Handan cares right now!

Well, Raşa’s pregnant. (Dude! Quarantine! Now!)

Handan sobs that this is the news she’s been waiting for and she gets it now, when her son is fighting for his life.

The Puffy Hat Club are meeting outside the palace, trying to figure out what to do if they lose both the Sultan and the Prince.

Şahin approaches Derviş, who thinks they should have named Şahin “Vulture” instead. Şahin’s taunting him about the death of the Sultan. Derviş wonders who Şahin’s contact inside the palace is, since Derviş thought he got rid of all of them. Şahin reminds him that this is what the two of them originally wanted–Şahin on the throne and Derviş as Grand Vizier.

Derviş has Şahin thrown out and tells the guards not to let him back in again.

Safiye summons Fahriye. Fahriye doesn’t deny infecting the Sultan and the prince, but she asks forgiveness.

Safiye slaps her. She can’t believe Fahriye would do this to her own family. And the two of them are going to burn too. She screams “Betrayal!” in Fahriye’s face.

Fahriye says this is what she learned from Safiye–to think of herself first.

Safiye’s eyes get wet, but she keeps her composure and walks out of the room.

Mustafá’s in his sickroom, crying for his mom. From outside, Halime shouts that she’s there and she’s not letting the Angel of Death get past this door! She’s not my favorite person, but my money’s on her.

Halime had sent Menekşe out to get the curandera she used to work with, but she’s gone missing. Halime tells her to get back out there and find her–she’s the only one who can cure this illness.

Safiye visits Mehmed. Everyone knows about his relationship with Fahriye and thinks they were blinded by love. But now Safiye thinks Mehmed took advantage of her, which is worse.

Mehmed doesn’t get it. His feelings are real and he’d risk his life for her. He doesn’t know what’s going on.

And his brother Şahin? Does he also not know? Because he came to Safiye to ask her support to claim the throne.

Mehmed says if Şahin crossed a line, he apologizes.

Well, Fahriye ended up destroying the world for him. So what’s he capable of doing for her?

Menekşe hears Haci coming down the hallway with Raşa and hides. They’re moving her to the palace at Edirne.

Menekşe runs to Halime with the news that Raşa’s pregnant. They’d told everybody she had smallpox, but she was completely healthy.

Halime’s sure Handan and Safiye are both celebrating.

Nasia’s snuggling up with Ahmed. She’s not afraid of getting sick, but she is afraid of dying. He’s afraid of dying without getting to spend as much time with her as possible.

Derviş approaches Handan. He wishes he could help her.

She wants poison and he’s the only one she can ask. It might be the worst sin and she might burn in hell, but she doesn’t have it in her to live after she buries her son.

Derviş won’t do it. And neither will anyone else, because he’ll forbid them.

On the way to Edirne, Raşa’s carriage is attacked by the Celali. It looks like the flaming arrows they used caught the carriage on fire. I’m not sure she’ll make it out.

Yep, she’s dead. Menekşe tells Halime their message got to the Celali and they attacked Raşa’s carriage. Halime has a chat with Allah–if her son doesn’t make it, she doesn’t care about anything. Not the palace, or the sunrise, or the wind, or the flowers blooming, or the birds singing.

Safiye meets with Şahin. She’s decided she’ll support the dynasty of Genghis Kahn if the Sultan dies. She hopes she doesn’t regret the decision later…

But she’s chosen his brother, not him.

Mehmed walks up right then with Fahriye. Safiye announces that he’s officially Fahriye’s husband and he’s the one she’ll back for Sultan. I think I can hear Şahin’s head exploding. (I dunno…this is what Fahriye wanted, but I can’t imagine either of them being terribly happy, especially if the kid dies.)

Derviş thinks Safiye’s going to support the Girays in seeking the throne. And they could have a claim if there’s no Ottoman heir to take the throne.

Handan says Raşa’s pregnant. They’ve got a prince.

Well, that changes things. Derviş will do what he can to make sure Handan reigns until that prince is old enough.

Haci doesn’t know how to tell them this…it’s bad news…the Celalis attacked Raşa on the way to Edirne. They killed everyone and took the carriage.

Handan can’t understand what kind of test Allah’s giving them!

Haci says the people want to see the Sultan in Friday’s desfile (parade?). What are they going to do? Everyone already thinks the Sultan is dead.

Derviş will figure something out.

So, I guess it’s Friday. The soldiers are packed into the palace. A guy with a tall hat says to a guy with a red hat that if the Sultan isn’t here, the order is finished. Red Hat says they have to stop the guys from starting a revolt. Tall Hat says they don’t have the men to do it. And Zülfikar’s off bringing back that Pasha Ahmed sent him to arrest.

On the way back, Zülfikar can hear people approaching. He ignores the Pasha’s whining about his treatment and heads for the brush. He thinks he’s seeing the Karacullukcu (which makes no sense) and they’re headed to the palace.

He’s about to go warn them when Kara Sait sneaks up behind him and puts a knife to his throat. They can go to the palace together. Kara Sait brags about a hundred year-old rebellion and the downfall of the Ottoman empire.

Nasia’s being allowed to wander around. A doctor…who also just happens to be a woman TYVM!…tells Handan Nasia shows no signs of infection. She wants to take Nasia and examine her. Handan tells her to go for it–and let her have a bath and fresh clothes while she’s at it.

Nasia tells Handan she believes Ahmed is going to recover and Handan should believe it too.

Everyone in the harem freaks out when Nasia walks back in. The doctor happily announces she’s got no signs of contagion. Gölge seems to be the only one not upset. One of the concubines swears Nasia’s a witch.

Fahriye comes to Safiye’s to thank her for setting Mehmed free and for forgiving her.

Oh, you thought you were forgiven? Safiye neither gave forgiveness nor thinks Fahriye deserves it.

Um. Derviş’s solution was to get a very un-authentic Ahmed impersonator. A fight breaks out. I realy expected better from Derviş. And it’s annoying to see that smirk on Şahin’s face.

Hüdayi’s back. Don’t ask me how he got into the palace. Handan says the Sultan isn’t doing well. She’d appreciate his help in praying. He agrees that as long as they don’t lose faith and they pray Allah will listen.

Nasia returns, asking to stay with the Sultan again. Handan gives her permission. Hüdayi asks if the illness isn’t contagious.

Handan says it’s a miracle of Allah. Nasia has been near her son and not gotten sick.

Hüdayi calls Nasia back–he gives her a piece of metal and tells her to leave it close to the Sultan. It’s a little box with prayers of protection. If it’s Allah’s will, the prayers will heal him.

When Nasia gets inside, Ahmed is sleeping. She kisses the little box and sets it on the bed near his pillow.

Mehmed finds Şahin in a tavern. Şahin’s upset with him for becoming “one of them.” Mehmed whines that Safiye didn’t give him a choice.

So what did he have to give up in exchange for the throne of the world? Him?

Mehmed can’t believe Şahin would think that. Did he think Mehmed would be under Safiye’s control and turn his back on Şahin? He stabs a dagger into the table and tells Şahin to kill him if that’s what he thinks.

The rebels have busted into the arsenal and they’re on their way to the doors of the palace. Right now it’s Hüdayi’s presence that’s keeping them safe.

Derviş has sent everyone from the harem to the bóvedas (caves?) and he wants Handan to go too.

Nope. She wants Derviş to go outside and deal with those savages. She’s not going anywhere.

Angry guys with torches are on the move. And so is Enzo–he knows his daughter’s somewhere nearby and she needs him.

Nasia’s sleeping with Ahmed. He’s muttering her name in his sleep. Nasia can see Handan out the window, crying.

Derviş heads out front. He’s told there are more people amassing outside and other than sending some men to guard the Sultan, the treasury, and the harem, they haven’t done anything yet. They’ve got archers on the wall and some men in the garden.

Someone in the crowd outside starts blaming this on Safiye and calling for her heads. The Jannisaries march in, including the novices and I really don’t think Iskender and Legari and that other guy who hangs out with them are ready for this. Is it mean if I tell them to push Davut forward?

Enzo starts pushing his way through the crowd of guys with torches, watching some of them use a battering ram on the door.

Safiye’s trying to have all her stuff packed up to take with her. Bülbül goes to get Fahriye.

Halime won’t leave. She sends Dilruba with Menekşe and locks herself into the room with Mustafá. She’s not even going to let death separate them.

Fahriye doesn’t want to leave, but Safiye says the crowd is calling for their heads. They’ll go hide at a palace where no one can find them.

Handan’s at Ahmed’s balcony, looking at the fires in the city. Derviş promises he’ll fight until his last drop of blood. The sun won’t come out again for him. He’ll never see her again. So screw it, he wants her to know…he’s the one who killed Sultan Mehmed.

That is so not where I thought that was going.

Nasia runs into Safiye on her way out of the palace. Safiye thinks Nasia should head to the caves with the others.

Nasia’s pissed that she’s leaving and leaving the sultan and the prince behind. Who’s going to protect them?

Bülbül tells her they’re dying. She should go hide.

Nasia gets down on her knees and begs Safiye not to leave. To protect the Sultan. She’s powerful…she can stop the rebels, talk to them, tell them the Sultan isn’t dead. They’ll listen to her.

Safiye hauls her up and tells her to behave. No one would dare confront them. It’s over. This is the end of the dynasty. If she doesn’t want to die, she can come with them.

Well, Nasia’s not going. She’s not leaving Ahmed and the Prince.

Safiye looks at Nasia over her shoulder and shakes her head before continuing on her way.

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