Entre Dos Amores Friday 11/2/18 #12

Pelin’s mom tells her to chill. She talked to Inci and she’s sure Inci will talk to Macit and tell him what a horrible person Neriman is.

Pelin tries calling him again and he finally picks up. She whines about him not being worried about her, but he thinks someone capable of being as ugly as she was can take care of herself. He doesn’t want to talk and hangs up when she mentions Neriman.

Pelin’s dad walks in just as she’s cursing Neriman.

Fahriye has heard about the proposal and thinks Sinasi done good. So no more Macit?

Neriman agrees. Fahriye wants to hear about him, though. Neriman says he’s like an arrogant robot. And the look on his face when they were dancing!

Wait, they danced? Oh, he’s so in love with her! Too bad Neriman didn’t say yes to Sinasi right away.

Pelin’s mom complains to her dad that Neriman got between Macit and Pelin. He can understand what someone would see in Macit, but for Macit to like Neriman? Pelin’s mom insists Neriman’s not just looking to date Macit, she wants to get back what her mother had.

Dinner at Zehra’s. She can’t stop talking about how good it was to see Asli, but what’s the deal with her husband? Why won’t he let her come over more? Nezahat and Sinasi share a look and Sinasi says Asli was just kidding so she could surprise them.

Sinasi takes advantage of Zehra’s good mood to ask her to make sure Gülter and the family will be at home tomorrow. Because of a thing. That’s important. And now he’s gotta go out with Cihan and he’ll be back late byeeeee.

Zehra knew exactly what he was asking, but she faked it ’cause Neriman’s sure not acting like an engaged woman and EVERYBODY knows what happened.

Nezahat tries to calm her down, but Zehra insists–Neriman’s not the person she was before. She used to look down and now she looks up.

Cihan’s locking up the store when Sinasi gets there. He’s glad Sinasi’s proposing tomorrow. And also he’s in love. Sinasi tells him to unlock the door so they can go in and talk about it. Too bad it’s Sahika that Cihan’s in love with.

Gülter gives the bracelet back to Faiz.

Sahika’s looking at pictures of Macit on her laptop when Neriman comes in with coffee…so they can read their fortunes.

Pelin did get Neriman’s address, and she’s planning to make her life hell.

Macit meets Onur for drinks to complain about Pelin. Onur’s being way more understanding about Pelin’s behavior than Macit was.

Pelin cries to Duygu yet again about how she wishes she hadn’t invited Neriman to the party.

Onur wants all the details of Yachting with Neriman Part 2. He thinks it’s hilarious that Neriman smacked Macit for trying to kiss her. Someone had to get revenge on behalf of all his previous girlfriends. Macit mopes that he’s scarred. He can feel it all over again every time he breathes.

I don’t know what happened to reading the coffee grounds, but Sahika comes back into the room and catches Neriman looking at the journal Sinasi gave her. Neriman goes on and on about how Sinasi’s been her boyfriend for seven years and he was her first boyfriend and he’s such a nice guy, blah, blah, blah.

But is she in love? Because Sahika doesn’t think so. Love is magical. It (and/or Red Bull) makes you feel like you have wings. Macit is her last chance, the last exit before the bridge…think about it.

Zehra gives Gulter the news–they’re coming over tonight and it’s important.

Sahika says Neriman should be happy to be getting married to the guy she really loves.

Zehra still wants Sinasi to think about it. She complains to Nezahat that she knows what’s best for her son and that Neriman’s going to make him miserable.

Faiz seems annoyed when Gulter tells him Zehra’s family are coming over. But if Gulter says it’s important, OK.

Cihan finds Sinasi and invites himself along to school again. He’s done fixing Özlem’s computer and he wants to return it.

Nezahat and Zehra are fixing some doilies. Zehra says once Sinasi gets married, they’ll be alone in this house. Nezahat agrees–she’s not getting married. Zehra didn’t mean it that way, but the damage is done.

As Sinasi and Cihan are walking past Neriman’s house, Sahika opens the door. There’s a whole lotta nothing said about how everyone’s fine, fine, fine, and if Neriman had wings she could fly and they know all about tonight, so don’t be late. Cihan tells Sahika to quit getting up in everybody’s business. Well, she’d like to say something to him too…she shuts the door in his face.

Macit’s not even done getting dressed in the morning before Pelin’s texting to demand that he call her because feels terrible. He replies that it’s better if they don’t see each other.

At breakfast, Inci whines to Kerim about Neriman wrecking Macit and Pelin’s relationship. Macit can’t be seen with someone who’s not worthy of him.

Eh, Karim thinks Macit had a couple of nights of fun and that’s it.

Inci agrees bitterly–if Macit’s like him they won’t have any problems.

When Macit comes to the table, Kerim asks about Neriman.

Macit says they had a nice evening.

Inci talks around it a bit, but Kerim says it plainly–Neriman doesn’t like him, the only thing she cares about is that Macit is Kerim’s son. He excuses himself to take a call from his mistress. Maybe it’s just me, but I think if you’re going to pretend the person on the phone is someone else, maybe you should put their fake name in as the contact name.

At school, Özlem’s impressed that Cihan fixed her computer. What does she owe him?

Sinasi and Cihan both agree, it was his pleasure to do this for her.

Özlem mentions that Sinasi wasn’t there yesterday. She knows he was out with Neriman because Neriman told her.

Macit’s trying to hire an asesor financiero (financial advisor) with advanced French skills. And he just now thinks of Onur. He calls him and has one of those “The rich really are different” conversations where he tells Onur he’s hired and Onur says he wanted to work on his own business and Macit’s like “Mine first.”

Özlem tells Sinasi her dad wants him to come over and record his voice. Sinasi rudely says he already told her dad he doesn’t want to be a singer. Cihan’s annoyed he’s turning down an opportunity that could lead to $$$

Pelin makes excuses to her unfriendly friends about Macit not being around. She tells her mom about his text and blames Neriman. She’s sure if Neriman’s dad knew what she was doing, he wouldn’t let her out of the house. Pelin’s mom refuses to let Pelin go over there and make Neriman look like she’s more important than she is. Macit will be back.

Neriman’s trying to pick an outfit for the big night, but Fahriye and I aren’t saying “yes” to any of these dresses. Fahriye finds the orange polka dot dress in the closet, but Neriman won’t wear it because she wore it to go out with Macit.

Sahika heads downstairs just as Gulter’s pulling some pastries out of the oven. She can’t wait until it’s Sahika’s turn. She can’t leave this earth without seeing her only daughter married.

“So you’ve found the secret to immortality.”

Gulter’s serious. She missed a lot of Sahika’s growing up. She at least wants to see her with a family.

Uh huh…and she imagines Gulter will want grandkids and a fiancé for Sahika who’s very good looking and rich.

Sahika’s phone beeps and she ignores a call from “N” saying it’s an unknown number.

Fahriye keeps bugging Neriman about whether she really wants to marry Sinasi. She thinks Neriman’s rushing this, running from Macit and his fire.

Zehra tries again to talk Sinasi out of getting engaged. He gets a text from Cihan and mentions that Cihan’s in love…with Sahika. Poor Nezahat! Her mom thinks she’s just upset that she’s the oldest and her younger siblings are getting married first.

On his way out, Sinasi checks on her and says he’ll stay with her if she wants.

Nah, they’d be ruined. She’s never leaving this house. She goes back to doing the dishes.

Gulter wants Sahika to put on something “appropriate,” but Sahika would rather go shopping. But Gulter doesn’t want her to go out dressed like that. Neriman and Fahriye hear them arguing and come downstairs. Sahika tells Neriman to get out while she can. First the dads put pressure on the daughters to get married and after they’re married, their husbands do it. There’s no way out!

Gulter goes back to the kitchen and Sahika tells Neriman very seriously that she’d better stash Macit somewhere safe, because he’s the only one who can save her.

Neriman insists she loves Sinasi.

Why? Because he loves her? This is the last exit before the bridge…look at the water…you could fall off the bridge. And this time you’ll have to swim alone.

Fahriye totally agrees with her.

Macit’s waiting for Onur at a bar. He hears two women talking, I guess, about one’s engagement ring and how it should have been bigger. He remembers Neriman telling him memories are important for people like her, like precious gems are for people like him.

Onur takes a call from Pelin, whining about how she needs him to come over. When she hears they’re at a bar, she demands to know which one…is Neriman there?

I don’t know why Onur answers her, but he says it’s the usual bar and Neriman’s not there. I guess we know where Pelin’s going to show up in five minutes.

I barely recognized Neriman putting on her earrings in the mirror. She keeps thinking about Macit almost kissing her. She’s wearing the least hideous of the three hideous dresses she picked out earlier.

Pelin gets dressed to go out and looks at the Post-it note with Neriman’s address on it.

Faiz sits down with Neriman to explain that Sinasi’s coming over to ask him something very important about her future…how would she like him to answer? Does she want to marry Sinasi?

Neriman’s lips say “yes” but her face says “can we just get this over with?”

Pelin is racing to Neriman’s house, with Duygu in the passenger seat asking her to stop. But Pelin keeps driving faster.

Macit welcomes Onur to the company.

Onur thinks Macit and Pelin should talk. Macit feels suffocated, and he hasn’t forgotten Pelin’s insults. No, he didn’t try to stop her, but you can’t stop a woman.

Onur thinks he used Pelin to get revenge on Neriman for hitting him. (Ooh, score one for Onur!)

Macit swears no one could have protected Neriman from Pelin. And now he wants to quit talking about both of them.

But Pelin and Duygu just walked into the bar. I’m glad they didn’t crash?

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