La Sultana Friday 11/16/18 #15

Nasia stands on Ahmed’s balcony, remembering letting the curandera cut her palm and take the blood for the spell.

Days rush past.

Cennet comes to Safiye and says it’s time. I don’t know what it’s time for, but that red satin and that crown are an occasion all by themselves.

Handan’s getting dressed in black. Derviş throws a tantrum in his room.

Safiye’s meeting with the Pashas and Mufti Effendi. They’re here to make their final decision. And the two contestants, Mehmed Giray and Ibrahim Pasha…oh, make that three…and Şahin Giray are all on hand. Everyone seems to have thrown their votes over to Şahin and his lousy smirky face.

Safiye won’t let Şahin take the throne, even OVER her dead body. Mufti Effendi says that’s their choice. In the absence of an Ottoman heir, Şahin gets the throne.

Nasia enters Ahmed’s room. He’s got a few days’ worth of scruff. It’s kinda hot. Just saying. He wakes up and it seems like it’s semi-permanent. Nasia runs out to the hallway to tell everyone else. She and Dudu go to spread the news in the harem while Handan goes in to smush her boy.

Mustafá’s awake and no longer ill. And Halime’s doing OK too. (So suck it, Şahin! Two Ottomans, no waiting!)

Cennet tells Safiye the Sultan…no he’s not dead, he’s cured!

Fahriye asks if it’s not a trick. (Damn, I really underestimated how much she wanted to rule!)

Safiye tells her to shut it. This is the happiest day of their sultanate. They should be happy! They have their emperor as Allah wanted.

Şahin’s ego is swelling so much I don’t know how that turban doesn’t pop right off his head. He’s one step away from the throne. He gives Mahmud his own words back–Sultana Safiye didn’t leave him any other choice.

And out they go to present Şahin to the soldiers…but WWE announcer guy announces Ahmed instead of him. (And many unkind and vengeful things were shouted at Şahin from the couch at Casa Latina. And also were there vulgar hand gestures. And yeah, we rewound to take a second look at Şahin’s completely uncomfortable face!)

Hüdayi welcomes Ahmed back and wishes the blessings of Allah on him. Wait, wait…there’s Şahin’s face again…hahahahahahahaha! Aww, and Iskender looks over at Ahmed like “Bro!” and Ahmed looks back at Iskender like “That’s right, bro!”

Derviş reads a proclamation from Ahmed:

I am the Emperor of the World, Sultan Ahmed Khan. Everyone should hear and know that I am recovered. I won’t take anyone’s life this glorious day on which I recovered by the grace of Allah. Everything that happened, even during my illness, is forgiven. The government will cover the damages caused by this incident. And those people who were locked up because of debts to the state will be freed. And with respect to the debts, the state will pay them.

The guys start chanting–long life to the Sultan and may Allah guide his sword.

In the harem, they’re having their own little get-together. Nasia tells them she made a promise on that terrible night. She spoke from her heart and thanks to Allah she kept her word. Their beloved Sultan Ahmed Khan is recovered…and so has Prince Mustafá. No more death. No more suffering, or fear. Today is a day to celebrate.

On the balcony with the view into the harem, Fahriye and Safiye look not entirely happy. Cennet, for once, looks thrilled.

Down in the crowd, Bülbül says he told them so! She’s an angel! She cured the Sultan! She rose like the sun in their palace. And like the sun, she illuminated their path with her light. She did what no one else dared–she saved them all. She’s so in love with the Sultan that Allah rewarded her by blessing her life. She is the one who saved his life and they have to treat her with great respect. She is their path and their hope and they are eternally grateful. They owe her eternal devotion because without her they would be lost. He hails her as “Kösem.”

Handan seems OK with this. Halime looks furious, but when does she not.

Kösem thought bubbles:

They gave me many different names, but I buried them all under the foundation of this palace, because none of them was enough to describe me. I chose my name. My name is Kösem and I am here.

Kösem and Safiye trade nods.

My name is a star that shows my path when I am lost. My name will grow as it is repeated. I was a seed and I have finally sprouted, rooting myself in this palace. My name will spread over the world. Love brought me here. Love made me alive. My home is this palace and my power is my innocence. I am Kösem and I will sacrifice my life for those I love.

Kösem meets Ahmed on the balcony. Looks like he’s decided to keep the beard. He says he missed her. Kösem tells him her new name. And yes, she knows what it means “she who leads, the precursor, the one who guides.”

He says it also means perfect, soft skin, like she has. (Uh huh.)

Oh, are they allowed to snog now?

Ahmed doesn’t think any Sultan has been as lucky as him. She’ll be with him on the good days, just like she was through the bad days.

Kösem says she saw terrible things on those days. As if the world was turning to hell. They can forget, but the fear of losing who she loves will always be there.

Ahmed says no one can hurt them. He’ll get revenge on the ones who tried to take advantage of his illness…every last one.

Some poor unfortunate gets to the Celali camp with the news that Ahmed and Mustafá are both recovered. But Şahin still wants them to attack.

Screw that. Kalendaroglu says it’s time for them to move out.

And what about the Sultan’s favorite? Sait thinks they’d give them anything we want in exchange for her.

In his cage, Zülfikar is working on cutting through the ropes on his hands.

Derviş goes to the Giray house to pick up the boys.

Fahriye heard about it and she’s upset. Safiye can’t believe she’s still thinking about Mehmed instead of the family’s future. Look, Safiye can understand that she disappointed Fahriye, but she doesn’t understand her hate. Safiye has everything she wants except for Fahriye’s love. She did what she did for Fahriye’s own good, but Fahriye’s full of sins.

Fahriye says Safiye did everything for herself, for her own wealth.

Safiye pulls rank on her as her mother and her Sultana. She sends Fahriye to her room to prepare to pay for all her sins.

Fahriye’s like “Back at you!”

The Puffy Hat Club hopes the Sultan is as merciful with them as he’s been to everyone else. They start sniping at each other about who was supporting Şahin and who tried to get themselves on the throne.

Ahmed comes out to the square. His first order of business is confronting that troll who kept insisting he was dead and then shot Ahmed’s girlfriend. While the guy’s babbling, Ahmed reaches back for his sword…and whack!

In the observation room, Handan complains that Safiye lost everything and there will never be peace in this palace.

Meh. If she wanted peace, she’d go to the grave. Sultanas don’t get peace anywhere else.

Then Handan hopes she finds it soon.

Safiye says no one’s been able to hurt her until today and no one ever will again.

Now Ahmed confronts his Grand Vizier who should have stayed strong and kept everything under control. He’s going to the Hungarian border to lead the army. When the war with the Austrians is over, he should come back. Ahmed will deal with him then.

Two other guys are fired. He tells them to have a nice retirement.

And as for the Sheik Al-Islam…he could have said Ahmed was still alive and calmed things down.

He complains that he did the best he could….

Ahmed’s like “Are you going to go looking for replacements every time I get sick?” He’s fired. And some other Efendi gets promoted.

Back at Casa Giray, Derviş apologizes for making them wait, but the Sultan just announced their punishment. Mehmed is ready to have his head cut off. Şahin says Derviş doesn’t have any authority.

Well, lucky he doesn’t or he’d be cutting off their heads. But the Sultan wants them sent to Yedikule prison (also called Fortress of Seven Towers…ooh and Historical Spoiler Alert! this looks intriguing).

Hell no. Mehmed would rather die than go there.

Nope, they’re going. Derviş tells the soldiers to take them. And frickin Şahin is still screaming about how he’s gonna get free and get his revenge.

Handan thanks Hüdayi for his prayers. He thanks her for her strength. Hers, Derviş’s, and the Sultan’s favorite. He hopes the Sultan always has honest people around him.

Kösem comes over to thank Hüdayi for everything, including the little amulet that saved her life. She wants to ask something of him.

At the harem, all the girls have to line up and bow just because Ahmed’s walking by.

Kösem wanted to convert. That part was easily done with a few words from Hüdayi. Haci teases her that it’s living as a Muslim that’s the hard part. Hüdayi says she’ll learn as she goes along, but for starters don’t steal, don’t covet anyone else’s possessions, always worry about your siblings, don’t lie, don’t defame, don’t give in to force and dominate the weak, help the innocent.

Ahmed comes to see his little brother. They’re happy to see each other. Mustafá complains that his mom still won’t let him go outside. Well, Ahmed thinks she’s right–he might get sick again if he gets cold.

Halime gives the blandest possible “We’re all so happy you’re well again.”

Mustafá says he was going to have a throne, a big one. They were making him a tunic, but then he got sick. Everyone else either looks at each other or tries not to.

Haci says they (he and Handan?) shouldn’t have treated Kösem the way they did just because Safiye gave her as a gift.

Kösem says Safiye is powerful, and she’s sure she’ll be on Ahmed’s side.

Haci laughs. Old habits die hard and Safiye’s been running the harem for 40 years. It would take another 40 to get rid of her influence.

Right, but if Haci didn’t agree with Safiye he wouldn’t be sending a different woman to Ahmed’s bed every night. She asks about that one…Raşa.

Haci tells the sad tale of Raşa’s demise.

Zülfikar’s still working on cutting his ropes. The Pasha he was sent to capture gets escorted back to the cage. His hands aren’t tied because the guard says he’s free. Zülfikar insists that while he doesn’t know what’s happening, his loyalty to the Sultan continues. And if he could, he’d get this Pasha beheaded.

Oh yeah, and how?

With his own hands, which are now free of the ropes. He does that thing that looks like a chiropractic adjustment, but kills people. He repeats that move on their guard.

Hiding behind a pile of wood, he hears that Raşa’s being sent to Hamid. And he also hears that he escaped.

Kara Sait sends everyone out looking for him.

Safiye complains to Fahriye that Ahmed is rejecting them and it’s all her fault.

Well, she’s not marrying Derviş!

Safiye says she will, and with a smile on her face.

Um, wait, but her other husband’s not dead. He’s locked in a cell with Şahin. Talk about cruel and unusual punishment.

That guard Cennet’s always hitting on comes to find her. He gives her grandma’s ring, but Cennet thinks it’s stolen. He says it belongs to that woman, the Sultan’s favorite. Her father was looking for her. Sure he believes it–he came all the way from Cefalonia. His name is Enzo.

Safiye tries to make nice with Ahmed. She claims she did everything for the empire.

Excuse you, he IS the empire. And while he breathes nobody gets to pick a temp. He’s not in the mood to hear her “side.” He’s sending her to the old palace. He tells her to be glad she’s his grandmother or he’d kill her.

She brings up the contract again. She paid and in return he let her stay in the palace.

Two guards haul in a trunk full of coins. Ahmed says that’s her gold. He took it from the Pashas he fired, who were taking advantage of their positions. He’s got a full treasury now.

He rips up the contract and tells her to get to packing.

Handan’s just waiting in the hallway to rub her nose in it. “If you need anything, let me know. I hear that palace is lacking in comforts.”

Safiye brags that no one can make her leave. Handan’s the one who will be leaving.

It’s only looking at Derviş that wipes the smile off Handan’s face. Haci’s thrilled that Safiye’s getting kicked out. Now he’s just waiting for Bülbül to get knocked down a few pegs. Handan looks through the window into Ahmed’s room and sees him talking with Derviş.

Cennet fetches Kösem from the harem. Safiye wants to talk to her.

Hey, Cennet better watch her tone! She’s not a servant, she’s the Sultan’s favorite.

Oh, she’s got guts, Cennet will give her that. She bows and asks “Sultana Kösem” to follow her.

Handan asks to speak to Ahmed alone, but he says he has no secrets from Derviş. She says Safiye’s going to find a way to stay and they have to make sure she goes.

Ahmed’s like “Yeah, no worries. My decision was final.”

Kösem visits Safiye so Safiye can complain about getting kicked out. She reminds Kösem of how much she did for her.

Kösem says she’s totally a fan, but the thing is…she agrees with the Sultan. It’s time for Safiye to go. Her place is in the old palace.

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