Entre Dos Amores Monday 11/5/18 #13

I’ve gotten behind on this show, so I’ll be zipping through the episodes to catch up. Here’s the major stuff that happened this episode:

The proposal is a wash

But I think we know that was coming. Every time Zehra tried to bring the conversation around to the proposal, the doorbell rang. First it was Cihan, coming for moral support. Then it was Pelin, trying to talk to Faiz. Macit showed up right after to try to get Pelin to leave. Then Fahriye showed up, late, staring at the whole scene in shock. Sinasi saw who was there and freaked out. Fahriye shoved past Pelin and Macit to slam the door shut when Faiz started to come downstairs and said it was just her.

Sinasi refused to believe it wasn’t engineered by Neriman and decided he and the fam needed to go without having that “important” conversation.

Pelin and Macit get back together

Because the devil you know…? Her mom is happy and so is his…but not entirely. Kerim tells Inci not to worry, Macit is sticking with the girl who helped him through being upset over another girl. Sounds like Inci did the same. So if Macit’s like his father, she never needs to worry about Neriman again, right?

Back at the barrio

Sahika makes up a story to explain to Gulter what happened. Everyone had bunched up in the foyer and Sinasi started yelling at Neriman and Neriman said she never wanted to see him again. Gulter’s annoyed with Neriman for not just telling them she didn’t want to marry Sinasi in the first place. Sahika tells Neriman this lie is better than the truth–they both know how Gulter would react.

Zehra’s happy there’s no engagement. When Özlem shows up to pick up Sinasi for school, Nezahat tells Zehra that’s her new daughter-in-law. Which maybe isn’t exactly what Zehra wanted.

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