Entre Dos Amores Thursday 11/8/18 #16

Sinasi and Neriman have their conversation in the street and…well, I guess they break up again. They sure do that a lot for a couple that wasn’t ever together. Sinasi says he doesn’t love her anymore and they’re just friends.

Neriman is upset. She tells Sahika she does love Sinasi and she didn’t want to break up. She’s tired of this neighborhood and all the pressure and she wanted something different.

Macit notices his mom’s painting again. She asks him how it’s going with Pelin, but she’s worried about his answers. He sounds like he’s just going through the motions.

Pelin tells her mom that she’s never met Onur’s family because he doesn’t have one. His parents died and he put himself through school with scholarships. To Pelin’s mom that means he’s “poor.” It’s probably a good thing she doesn’t know Duygu has a crush on him.

Sinasi tells Cihan about becoming a pop singer and Cihan is furious. He thought Sinasi was better than this–he admired him for going to school and wanting to teach and now he’s just going after money like all the rest. And Cihan includes himself.

Asli runs into a friend from school on her way home. A male friend. She’s just gotten his good wishes for her marriage when Emre comes up and starts screaming at both of them like they were doing it in the street. He hauls Asli inside, asks her–in front of his mother–if she slept with that guy too, and drags her into the bedroom.

Sahika gets angry at some baby pictures Gulter showed her. Neriman and Fahriye hear them yelling at each other upstairs and decide they should go take a walk. Sahika’s angry that both her parents abandoned her and she’s not the “innocent” baby in the pictures anymore. She turned to sex work to support herself. Faiz overhears the conversation, but he tells Gulter that nobody’s going to mention it to Sahika again and she’s more than welcome in this house. It’s Neriman’s house, but it’s Sahika’s too.

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