Entre Dos Amores Tuesday 11/6/18 #14

Onur has a rough first day at work. He bumps into Figen, literally, and she tells him off. Then he walks into Macit’s office to find him snogging Pelin. I didn’t understand the part where all three of them sat down to talk finance and Pelin said she’d send Onur the financials for Arcaoglu Textiles, even though that’s not her and Macit’s company.

Neriman sees Sinasi in Özlem’s car again and thinks he’s moved on. Özlem drags Sinasi out to her dad’s studio, where they’ve just installed a new soundboard that they want to test out. Sinasi gets roped into singing.

Duygu begs Neriman to meet her to talk. Neriman, Fahriye, and Sahika get Gulter to let them go for what will be the last time, they sweeeeeeeear!

Sahika notes her 0 bank balance and says she’s really gotta get a job.

The meeting turns into Neriman insisting that Macit and Pelin were both trying to humiliate her and Duygu probably helped by handing over Neriman’s address. Duygu insists Pelin got the address from their housekeeper and Macit went out there to stop Pelin, not help her. Fahriye and Sahika believe Duygu, but Neriman doesn’t.

Pelin, Macit, and Onur go out to celebrate Onur’s first day. Duygu goes along with them. While Macit’s dancing with Pelin, all he can think about is Neriman.

Several characters spend time trying to figure out what went wrong with Neriman and Sinasi and whose fault it was. Nezahat tries to tell Sinasi that Neriman’s not the ruthless creep he’s making her out to be. Sinasi runs into Neriman and officially breaks up with her, but he says it just happened and it’s not her fault. He tells Cihan that he was wrong–Neriman didn’t change, he did. He’s remembering them taking a walk and Neriman saying she always looks up and Sinasi always looks down.

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