Entre Dos Amores Wednesday 11/7/18 #15

Asli’s being physically abused by that creep Emre, who’s enabled by his hideous mother. Kader feels bold enough to invite Gulter over, knowing Asli won’t want her mother to see her face and will cancel the invitation.

Pelin and Macit being “together” means she’s calling him before breakfast and saying “I love you” over the phone. Macit only manages to say it because he’s looking at a picture of Neriman. He tells his mom he’s doing what she wanted, but Inci seems bothered by that.

Gulter takes Neriman and Sahika over to Zehra’s for breakfast. It’s awkward. In the middle of breakfast Özlem comes over to pick up Sinasi and they hug for so long it gives Nezahat, Neriman, and Sahika a chance to see them together. Sahika has no problem saying Sinasi left with his new girlfriend. Gulter rushes them out of the house, upset that Sinasi would embarrass Neriman like that and glad she didn’t get engaged.

Özlem takes Sinasi to her dad’s studio after he pretty much agrees that he’s all in and he’s not going back. But he’s angry afterwards when Özlem tells him he’s going to be a pop star.

Neriman takes Sahika to Arcaoglu Tekstil to apologize to Macit. He convinces them to stay for a drink and introduces them to Onur. Onur’s looking for a secretary and he doesn’t have any qualifications in mind besides someone who can handle his calendar. I was hoping Sahika would jump on that right away, but she and Neriman notice Pelin coming in and sneak out without her seeing them.

Some friend of Pelin’s is throwing a party on the weekend and Pelin says she, Macit, and Onur will be there. He begs her to invite Duygu so it doesn’t have to be awkward when Pelin and Macit go off together. Pelin invites Duygu and makes it sound a lot more like Onur wants her to go because he likes her than because he doesn’t like standing around by himself.

Neriman and Sahika get back to the neighborhood and Neriman prepares to face Sinasi in the middle of the street.

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