Entre Dos Amores Monday 11/12/18 #18

The Demirhan sisters get home from the party. Mom’s a little worried when Pelin arrives without Duygu, but she shows up a few minutes later.

In the morning, Gulter sends Neriman to get bread. She runs into Sinasi outside and asks if she can come to school with him to find out about the tests to get back into school for painting. Macit calls just then–looks like Sahika put Neriman’s phone number on her job application. Cihan calls Sinasi and he pretends it’s Özlem.

When Pelin wakes up without missed calls or messages from Macit, she goes to Duygu’s room and attacks her, saying this is all her fault and Duygu’s jealous of her and that’s why she brought Neriman around…all the usual crap we all know isn’t true. Pelin’s mom’s reaction to this is just to comfort Pelin.

Macit cancels all his appointments to go over to Neriman’s neighborhood and ask if they can get to know each other better. Neriman thinks she knows him plenty well enough. She knows he’s a tyrant. She lists all the money she had to spend to go to that party (still no mention of what eventually happened to the dress). Basically, she’s done. Nezahat, Sahika, and Cihan all see them talking. Cihan’s the only one who approaches, and he promises not to say anything to Sinasi, for Sinasi’s sake.

Nezahat goes over to Kader’s house and tries to get Asli to come home with her, but Kader reminds her that Emre said if she leaves she can’t come back. So Asli stays.

Fahriye was busy cleaning rugs and missed all the morning’s drama. She’s sure Macit is in love with Neriman. Neriman thinks she’s just a new toy to him. While she walks Fahriye to the door, Sahika borrows Neriman’s phone and texts Macit, asking him to hire Sahika.

Onur meets up with Macit at a restaurant. Macit is really bothered by Pelin’s behavior, but Onur thinks it’s just “passion” or some nonsense.

Sahika finally gets a text back from Macit saying Sahika can make an appointment for an interview under her own name.

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