Entre Dos Amores Friday 11/9/18 #17

Sinasi decides he and the fam need to come over and apologize to Tío Faiz so things don’t get weird. He plays Neriman’s old “violin” that she isn’t interested in studying anymore. Apparently this was all some kind of “trap” and Sinasi’s playing hard-to-get.

Kerim’s stressed out about the company. Selim keeps amassing shares and if he transferred some of them to Pelin then Kerim would be able to relax and Macit could marry Pelin or Neriman or whoever. Selim won’t transfer the shares until Pelin and Macit are married and Kerim seriously doubts that’s going to happen.

Sahika did apply for the job as Onur’s secretary and put down Macit as a reference.

Asli’s friend Arda goes over to Zehra’s and tells her and Nezahat that Asli’s husband hits her–he saw it himself and he’s sorry, he didn’t know what to do.

Feyza does think Duygu’s interested in Onur. Duygu overhears them talking and Pelin says that would be great if he was, but Duygu’s not experienced enough for him. Duygu decides to skip the party, but the housekeeper insists Duygu should go have fun. She brings over a dress from Pelin’s closet for Duygu to wear.

As Duygu’s getting dressed, Neriman is telling Sahika about the party and pretending to be someone else. That phrase comes up a lot from both Neriman and Duygu and I really don’t agree that dressing up for a party constitutes pretending to be someone else. Start giving out a fake name and we’ll talk.

Duygu gets everyone’s attention at the party, including Onur’s. While they’re dancing, Pelin is bugging Macit to do the same. He makes the mistake of saying he doesn’t like to dance and there goes the evening. Pelin won’t shut up about Neriman and Chopin and the yacht and that the first time Macit kissed her was because she’d gone over to Neriman’s house. They have to fight through a swarm of reporters before they can leave.

Onur takes Duygu back to his place for coffee, but he tries to kiss her and she decides it’s time to go home.

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