Entre Dos Amores Tuesday 11/13/18 #19

Nezahat tells her mother Asli’s fine, that friend of hers has a crush on her and wanted to cause trouble.

There’s some charity event coming up that Özlem’s planning to drag Sinasi to and that Macit is planning to drag Onur to.

Özlem’s dad is looking for someone, but his hench has looked everywhere. He tells the hench to look where they wouldn’t expect “her” to be. He’s got an “S” tattoo on his wrist and the scene shifts to Sahika, so whether she is or not, the show wants us to think she’s the one he’s looking for.

Macit has decided to hire Sahika as Onur’s secretary. Onur found “strange” account movements that he’s still trying to figure out.

In parallel scenes, Sinasi confronts Neriman about her feelings for Macit, and Pelin confronts Macit about his feelings for Neriman. Neriman’s out of patience with Sinasi and tells him to tell her what her feelings are, since he’s such an expert. Macit’s out of patience with Pelin and asks if she reeeeeally wants to know–Pelin decides she doesn’t.

Sinasi goes back to that outdoor venue to reminisce about proposing to Neriman.

Inci’s take on Pelin is that she’s always put up with him having other girlfriends, because they didn’t mean anything to Macit. But now he can’t stop thinking about Neriman and she’s afraid of losing him. Macit tells her NOTHING happened on the boat, but to Inci that makes it more serious. Macit insists Pelin’s behavior is not normal.

Asli gets her horrid mother in-law not to tell Emre about her sister coming over.

Macit texts Neriman to ask her out. She decides to turn her phone off. Sinasi stops by later with Cihan to pick up Fahriye and he mentions he tried to call her, but her phone was off. Neriman blames the battery. They arrange to go to school together tomorrow and talk after, but Neriman gets called away from the door. Sahika tells Sinasi Neriman’s phone battery died after all the messages she and Macit were sending each other.

Neriman goes over to Sinasi’s in the morning, but he left early for school.

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