Entre Dos Amores Thursday 11/15/18 #21

Macit’s in a really good mood the morning after the charity event.

Without giving Inci the details, Kerim says she needs to talk Macit into being in love with Pelin. Or make him think he is. Because the company’s in trouble and Macit marrying Pelin would bring good things.

And he wants a party tomorrow night to celebrate Inci’s birthday and it would be good if they could announce the engagement

Duygu tries to get Pelin to talk to her, but Pelin’s still angry at her–she’s just doing it in a quieter, creepier way. Duygu complains to their mom that they need to keep Pelin away from Macit or she’s going to get hurt again. And no, she doesn’t know how to have limits, because her mom never showed her!

Neriman and Fahriye have the house to themselves, which means Fahriye can say Macit’s name as loud as she likes. But she gets bored and wants to go out. Neriman suggests they get her a new sketch book. And she’s worried about Gulter saying something to Sinasi about last night. Fahriye can’t see why she would. (The neighborhood where I grew up was a little like this one and yes, Gulter WILL say something.)

And she does…but Sinasi doesn’t say anything about not bringing Neriman home.

At Arcaoglu Tekstil, Onur mentions to Macit that he had a meeting this morning with Figen, arguing about some accounts that aren’t adding up. Macit isn’t really interested in working at work, so Onur changes the subject to Neriman instead. He wonders if Macit is in love with her. And of course, Pelin shows up at the mention of the word “love.”

Sinasi runs into Neriman and Fahriye. He’s a jerk to Neriman about leaving with Macit and says he should probably thank him. He can’t stay away from this neighborhood. Everyone has seen them. Neriman accidentally gets Cihan in trouble, guessing he’s the one Sinasi heard it from.

Macit tells Pelin Onur was just talking about his new love. Onur, of course, won’t say anything.

Sahika goes to her old place to pick up her stuff. Her ex-roommate Denise is worried that the guy who’s obsessed with Sahika will come looking for her. Sahika says they think she and Denise hate each other, so this is where they wouldn’t expect to find her. Which now makes me worry for Denise because Özlem’s dad told his hench to look for whoever he’s looking for where they wouldn’t expect to find her.

Sahika notices Neriman’s down again. She’s glad to hear that Sinai broke up with her (but seriously this time..like definitely…permanently). Sahika doesn’t think Neriman is herself around Sinasi. She always seems scared.

Macit tells his mom he and Pelin are back to being just friends and that’s how she wants it too. She can tell his dad that Macit’s future doesn’t include Pelin.

What the hell was up with that camera angle where Emre’s starting to unbutton his shirt and his mom’s looking in like…I dunno, like she’s gloating about whatever she thinks is about to go on in there?

Pelin freaks Onur and Macit out, being upset that Macit doesn’t remember what day it is. She eventually says it’s his mom’s birthday and it turns out it really is and Macit forgot. They invite Onur to dinner later and Macit thanks Pelin for being such a great friend. (She’s totally adding that to the revenge list.)

Onur checks with Duygu to make sure she’s OK with him showing up at the party.

Pelin tries to help Macit pick out a piece of jewelry for his mom, but that wasn’t the kind of present he was thinking of. He thanks her again for her help.

Gulter’s been nagging Zehra to just go visit Asli already. They make the excuse that they were in the neighborhood, shopping at the bazaar and just stopped by. Kader’s her usual charming self, asking if Asli’s fertile or not and I’m really confused, because I thought she was pregnant and that was why she was having to marry Kader’s worthless son! Zehra notices the mark on Asli’s neck, but Asli plays it down. She sends her regards to her siblings.

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