Entre Dos Amores Wednesday 11/14/18 #20

Kerim is up to some shady business stuff to do with fake companies, with the help of Figen. Onur actually doing his job is cramping their style. As far as Figen’s concerned the only thing that’s going to save them is Pelin gaining ownership and Macit marrying her.

Neriman finds out Inci’s giving a painting course that would pretty much guarantee that she’d get into the art department. She just doesn’t know Inci’s Macit’s mom.

Pelin comes to work, acting like nothing’s wrong. For a second there it sounded like she was trying to brush off her most recent scene and say they could still go on with their relationship, but she actually does break up with Macit now.

Sahika shows up for her job interview, sneaks into the boardroom claiming the secretary wasn’t at her desk, and sits around with the guys for a minute and a half before Onur goes off to a meeting. Macit reminds him about the event that night.

Özlem sees Neriman scolding Sinasi for not even keeping the promises he made before they were not-together. Since she’s asking in front of Neriman, suddenly Sinasi’s all excited about going to the charity event. Özlem invites Neriman, too, and Neriman enthusiastically accepts after Sinasi says she probably can’t go.

The party is awkward as soon as the characters we know arrive. Özlem’s dad has Sinasi come up to sing, apparently as a complete surprise. While he’s on stage, Macit asks if Neriman’s engaged to him and Özlem laughs and says she must have been joking. Macit and Neriman leave the party. When Sinasi gets back to the table, Özlem says that Neriman was telling Macit that she and Sinasi were just friends.

Macit takes Neriman parking…er, he parks the car at the side of the road and they get out to look at the lights of Istanbul. Macit starts asking Neriman about Sinasi, but she says she didn’t come out there with him to talk about Sinasi. She also doesn’t want to talk about “them,” or let Macit do anything more than touch her cheek.

When Macit drops her off at home, we are all Sahika and Fahriye looking out the window. When Neriman says Fahriye stayed up waiting for her, Macit tells Neriman to say “hi” for him (an echo of Neriman saying “hi” to Macit for Fahriye at “his” party).

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