Entre Dos Amores Monday 11/19/18 #22

Sahika finally gets to unpack her suitcase, with Fahriye’s help. Fahriye recognizes the brand names and knows this is pricey stuff. They convince Neriman to try on one of Sahika’s dresses.

Zehra gets home and mentally punishes herself by remembering all the horrible things she said to Asli. Nezahat’s remembering Asli saying her life was ruined.

Fahriye jokes with Sahika about getting a job so fast–everything’s easy for her. I’m not sure how many more of those jokes Sahika can take before she cracks.

Neriman comes in with Sahika’s dress on and wouldn’t you just know Macit calls. He needs help finding a present for a woman who has everything. Sahika and Fahriye go into a Fairy Godmother hair and makeup speed round.

It’s a little awkward when Macit reveals that it’s his mother he’s buying a present for. Neriman has never bought a present for her mother. Macit says she likes painting, so Neriman makes a call and borrows a studio from a friend.

Sinasi has it out with Cihan for not telling him Macit came to the neighborhood. They get over it quickly and have tea and pastries.

While Neriman’s out painting with Macit, her dad gets home. Gulter’s upset that she doesn’t know where Neriman is and tells Fahriye she’s not escaping so easily! She demands Fahriye call Neriman. She sends her a text, “I hope it’s worth it because by the time you get back I might be dead.”

After the painting is finished, Macit starts a very subdued paint fight. I was worried he’d get paint on her dress, but it’s just her face.

When Neriman gets home her dad asks where she was and everybody freezes and looks nervous. Which is so totally not suspicious at all!

Nezahat doesn’t know what to do with Zehra, who just keeps crying and won’t talk. She tries to interrupt Sinasi’s very similar brooding, but he makes Cihan answer the phone and tell Nezahat he’s not there.

Neriman tells her dad the truth, without saying that Macit is the friend whose mom is having a birthday. He can see the paint on her face and thinks it’s funny. Gulter still looks freaked out.

At Inci’s party there’s a lot of blurred alcohol. They’re just waiting for Onur before dinner. Until then it’s awkward conversation and pressure on Macit and Pelin. Onur arrives with flowers, which he hands off to Duygu before Pelin drags him off to the others.

Fahriye loves hearing about Neriman and Macit painting…and touching hands…and hey, how does she feel about Sinasi?

Actually, Neriman isn’t feeling anything for Sinasi.

Sinasi, unfortunately, still thinks he “loves” Neriman. Cihan and I are both frustrated with him.

Kerim gives Inci a probably expensive necklace. Pelin gives her a bracelet. While Macit’s off getting the painting, Pelin tells Inci the wedding is definitely off. Inci still intends to keep after Macit.

Fahriye doesn’t believe Macit’s story about his mother’s birthday. She’s convinced Macit’s in love with Neriman.

Macit gives Inci the painting and we get a series of clips of everybody tilting their heads to look at it. I don’t think it was supposed to be funny, but it was. Inci loves the painting, of course. Macit admits he had some help. They’d better not leave that painting alone with Pelin. Just saying.

Everybody else goes in to dinner, but Macit calls Neriman. She’s suddenly nervous about his mom liking the painting. Pelin comes running up the stairs to fetch him in time to hear him tell Neriman he thinks he’s falling in love.

Neriman thought bubbles that this was all she ever wanted–for love to change things.

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