La Sultana Monday 11/19/18 #16

Ahmed wakes Kösem up in the middle of the night. At least he did it himself this time.

Safiye can’t believe Kösem wants her out of the palace after everything she’s done for her! She makes it all about the memories in this place and how she’ll suffocate if she doesn’t live here. Cennet’s moved and pulls out a handkerchief.

Nasia’s grandma’s ring falls out and Cennet thinks she’s got the solution.

Ahmed woke Kösem up in the middle of the night to give her the royal wardrobe. It’s not that I’m shallow or anything…BUT THE DRESSES! AND THE TIARAS! Oh, Ahmed’s talking. It all pales in comparison to her. He gives her a necklace with a tulip-shaped pendant, the symbol of his house, that only family can wear. And now her.

Cennet tells Safiye how she got the ring and the wheels start turning….

Kösem wakes up in Ahmed’s bed. As she’s fixing her hair, she hears something dripping. Her painting has been defaced. And the red paint is dripping off the easel.

The guys talk war. Nasuh Ağa’s going after the Celali.

Kösem tracks Safiye down to make sure she knows innocent Anastasia’s gone and nobody messes with Kösem. Safiye agrees that Anastasia’s dead to her too. Safiye smirks at the necklace–she knows it doesn’t mean she’s part of the family, right?

Oh, Kösem knows she’s just a concubine, but she’s a concubine who’s staying in this palace, unlike Safiye.

Safiye says she’s faced worse than Kösem and lived to tell the tale. She’ll get over this too and woe to the one who goes against her!

Halime visits Handan to gloat that Safiye got kicked out. Handan jokes about making sacrifices and handing out meat and wheat to the poor.

Yeah, not so fast. Safiye has a way of ruining everything.

Haci comes in to whisper some news to Handan.

Ahmed sees the painting and he’s upset. Kösem makes the point that if they could get into his room to do this, they could get into his room to hurt him. (But hey, at least we don’t have to worry about the painting not matching *roll eyes*)

Dudu assembles everyone with access to the room so Derviş can question them. He tells whoever did it to ‘fess up or they’ll all be punished. The few he asks specifically deny they did it.

OK, then…he tells Dudu to strangle them all and toss them in the sea.

One of the female servants speaks up then–there was another woman who was with them before, but she’s not now. Dudu orders the guards to find her.

Handan and Derviş come in and Derviş announces they have a suspect. Handan thinks Safiye’s trying to scare them all off. Ahmed insists she’s leaving tomorrow.

Dudu can’t find the manager of the servants. Ahmed tells her to fire everyone who was on duty this morning and in a way that assures they don’t dare come back.

Handan notices Kösem’s necklace. On her way out of the room, Derviş promises he’ll interview all the potential new hires and select them personally. But Handan thinks Derviş is the real threat. Why should she trust people he chooses?

Derviş says everything he’s done has been to protect her and Ahmed. He’d never betray them.

Some guy brings a message from Şahin to Derviş–which is NOT supposed to have happened because Şahin was not supposed to have any outside contact!

In the meeting that morning, Nasuh Ağa was trying to convince Ahmed to go lead the troops himself, on behalf of Safiye. She needs him out of the palace so she won’t have to leave. She and Bülbül complain about Kösem and Safiye tells Nasuh her father’s supposed to be in town.

Nasuh confirms that her father’s name is Enzo. Enzo the merchant.

Safiye thinks it’s about time Kösem be punished so she doesn’t forget who Safiye is.

Şahin and Mehmed are in separate cells now. Although Mahmud still has to listen to him and he can’t punch him out, so I’m not sure it’s an improvement. Anyway, Şahin wants out or Ahmed will find out Derviş is a traitor. Mehmed gloats that Şahin told him everything.

Uh huh, and did Şahin also tell him he’s marrying Fahriye?

Mehmed insists he won’t let that happen.

OK, then…they can scream as loud as they want to, go for it. Maybe the Sultan will hear. Derviş reminds Şahin he doesn’t have any proof anymore. They have nothing left.

Kösem says she’s not worried about the painting. She’s not going to worry about the past anymore. She’s worried about the future, about what the curandera said–that she was going to witness the deaths of everyone around her. She’s scared for Ahmed.

Ahmed remembers the curandera telling him his little brother would claim the throne. No one knows what the future holds.

Cennet and Bülbül find that guard who knows where Enzo is. Bülbül pays him and gives him instructions.

Kösem is the talk of the harem, after all the gifts Ahmed gave her. She’s hoping she’ll be able to give him lots of princes and sultanas. Ahmed’s already picking out names…Osman for the first prince.

Kösem runs into Cennet in a hallway as she’s directing some of the servants to move boxes. Cennet says Kösem has done well for herself, becoming Sultana before giving the Sultan a prince. Kösem figures she should be happy to see Cennet going, but she was starting to think Cennet might have a heart.

Oh, hell no. She ripped it out and replaced it with a pig’s heart. Kösem will learn that she won’t last long here with a heart. The mud will fall on her like it did on Safiye and Cennet. She’ll see when she has her own children.

Safiye and Fahriye stop by Ahmed’s room for a last-ditch effort to change Ahmed’s mind. Safiye pretends to faint. At least I’m assuming she’s pretending. If I ever have to pretend to faint I’m doing it in red velvet, satin, and fur, with a tiara that’ll take somebody’s eye out.

Ahmed calls for the doctor, who says Safiye’s suffering from sadness. Safiye pretends to wake up and says she has to go. She can rest at the old palace just as well as here. She makes a brave attempt to get up, but she can’t, poor thing.

Halime tells Kösem it’s her fault Safiye’s staying. She could have gotten Ahmed to make her leave anyway. And she’d best not feel bad about wanting Safiye dead–Safiye gets rid of everything she doesn’t like. Kösem observes that Halime’s still here.

On their way out of the room, Handan tries to talk Ahmed out of his decision, but he’s off to inspect the troops. Handan unhappily announces that Safiye’s staying until she feels better.

Yeah, yeah, Safiye was faking. She stuck a dove’s heart up her nose for the blood (that I don’t think we saw). Fahriye bought it. Safiye sends her back to her room.

And now she wants Enzo taken care of. Cennet says the guard will take care of everything.

Nasip tells Enso that his daughter is thrilled that he’s here. And BTW, she’s not “Nasia” anymore, she’s Kösem. A bunch of guards knock on the door and take Enzo away.

Cennet marvels at the changes in Kösem since she arrived. From yelling about wanting to go home, to making the palace her home. Oh, Cennet was hauled away from her family too, but she was grateful. Her family was poor. The old Sultan liked her. She was invited to his rooms twice.

And that was when she learned those with hearts didn’t last long. One night the sultan asked her to come back to his room with him. Some of the other women put poison in her pillow and burned her face.

Ahmed visits the Janissaries. He gives them a short pep talk before Zülfikar stumbles through the gate.

Kösem’s wondering why Cennet is telling her this story. Is this a threat?

Cennet just wants to warn her not to trust her beauty and youth–those can be taken away overnight.

Kösem wonders who did it, but Cennet says she never found out. That’s how it is. There are hundreds of women in the harem and they all want to be like Kösem.

Zülfikar tells Ahmed the Celali were all set to march on the city until they got word he was still alive. Also, they have his favorite, Raşa. Zülfikar saw her himself–she’s alive and pregnant. They were taking her to Hamid–just Kara Sait and a couple of other guys.

Ahmed’s all set to go after them, but Nasuh thinks they should leave word at the palace.

Nope. He can tell them when he gets back. He wants Iskender to go with them.

In the harem, one of those sultana-wanna-bes complains about Kösem spending the night with the Sultan again. The rest of them might as well go home.

Kösem says no one’s stopping her. It’s not like the Sultan would miss her.

Another concubine tells the first one, Firdet, to knock it off. If not for Kösem, none of them would be here.

Handan is headed for Ahmed’s room when she runs into Derviş in the hallway. They step away from the guards and Haci so Derviş can tell her he was waiting for Ahmed, but he heard that Ahmed went to attack the Celali. With Nasuh Ağa.

Handan starts freaking out and saying it’s a trap! They want to kill her son!

Derviş tells her not to worry. He’s going after them. He leaves Haci in charge of the harem and warns him not to let Safiye turn this into an opportunity to attack.

Safiye summons Kösem to her room so Safiye can complain about being betrayed and how she’s heartbroken. Like when you lose someone you love.

Yeah, Kösem doesn’t think Safiye was doing anything but using her. Kösem, on the other hand, was so dazzled by Safiye she couldn’t see the truth.

Safiye’s been playing with grandma’s ring, but Bülbül shows up to say the sultan took off in who knows what direction.

Kösem leaves and Bülbül says this is their chance! Ahmed didn’t take the prince! But what are they going to do about Enzo?

Eh, leave him locked up until Safiye’s ready to use him. For now, they’re going to stir up trouble in the harem.

Kösem asks Handan where Ahmed has gone. All Handan knows is that he’s on his way to fight the Celali.

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Linda F.
Linda F.
2 years ago

Well, that was *one* way to rid themselves of the problematic painting! LOL

I’ve been wondering since Day 1 how Cennet got those facial scars.

Linda F.
Linda F.
2 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

Actually, that sounds just like Cennet–molding the story as needed. We may never know what really happened to her!