La Sultana Tuesday 11/20/18 #17

Halime comes to Safiye’s room with the kids. Mustafá’s recovered and as cute as ever!

Once the kids are out of the room, Safiye starts spinning her web. She knows Halime can’t sleep because she’s worrying that one day they’ll knock on her door and kill her son. The Sultan wants her out of the palace and Safiye can see what’s going to happen then.

She proposes that while Ahmed’s out of town, they put Mustafá on the throne.

Kösem’s worried about Ahmed and thinks it’s strange he would just take off without saying anything to them.

Handan says he knew they’d try to stop him. But no worries, Derviş went with him.

Yeah, Kösem’s still worried.

Safiye says Halime will take the deal because it’s her last chance. Mahmud didn’t make it to the throne because Safiye was against her. And now she’s on Halime’s side. Safiye’s got powerful people in her corner, including the most powerful general. One word from her and Ahmed’s Sultanate is over.

But they’ve gotta hurry. Halime needs to give her an answer by tomorrow.

Haci spies from the hallway. He comes to Handan’s room to tell her he saw Halime leaving Safiye’s room…but he doesn’t know what they talked about.

Handan starts stressing. Haci explains to Kösem that Halime once tried to put her son Mahmud on the throne. It was a nightmare. She’s always denied she did it, but everyone knows she did.

Handan doesn’t think Halime could put Mustafá on the throne, but Safiye could.

Haci explains to Kösem that the Sultan is always supposed to take the prince with him whenever he leaves Istanbul, so he can’t make a bid for the throne.

Handan’s afraid of a fight when Ahmed comes back. And the soldiers are still loyal to Safiye. She tells Haci to keep spying and lock the prince in his room.

Haci and Kösem think that would attract too much attention. Kösem adds that Mustafá’s just a child–they shouldn’t scare him.

In the morning, Ahmed, Nasuh, and Zülfikar talk strategy. Nasuh really doesn’t want Ahmed near the fighting, but Zülfikar says he’ll take responsibility for protecting Ahmed.

Iskender appears to have had a haircut. He’s looking at Nasia’s hair ribbon and throws it into the fire when Ahmed approaches. Ahmed wants to know who this woman is that Iskender loves so much.

Iskender lies and says he saw her once in the street and hasn’t seen her since.

Alrighty then. Time to go fight.

Handan gets a look at Kösem’s wardrobe and says she’s got more than any Sultana. She deserves it, but she can’t be vain about it. The other women in the harem will get jealous and want to hurt her. (Which I get, but if anybody was a snot about her position, it was Mahfiruz and nobody ever went after her. Except smallpox.)

Safiye summons Handan. At the same time, Halime is headed for her noon meeting with Safiye. She tells Menekşe that she just wants to see how far Safiye will go.

Aside from some bickering about Safiye not really being sick, the rest of the conversation with Handan is about Halime being the one to offer to keep Safiye in this palace if she helps put Mustafá on the throne. If Handan doesn’t believe her, then she should go see what Halime’s doing.

Halime’s in the secret meeting room with a divider up so people can lie and say they didn’t see who they were scheming with. At least that’s what it looks like to me. Halime’s bothered by Safiye not being there. And whatever guys are behind the screen are insisting Halime’s the one who wrote them and asked for protection for Mustafá.

One hands over her alleged letter and while Halime’s reading, Menekşe says they need to leave NOW.

Too late. Dudu, Haci, and some guards come in and bust them. Halime tries to tell Handan it was all a setup, but Haci says she wrote that letter herself. Dudu chimes in–even if she hadn’t what was she doing at the Mansion of Scheming (that has a name, but went by too fast)?

Halime insists Safiye’s the one who made the offer to put Mustafá on the throne while Ahmed’s away, but Halime turned her down.

Yeah, Handan’s not buying that. She wants Halime sent to the old palace and the soldiers she met with arrested.

Halime begs her not to let Safiye turn them against each other, but Handan says they were never allies. She’d better go say goodbye to her son.

Halime keeps begging–what will they tell Ahmed? They can’t expect her to leave Mustafá there!

On her balcony Safiye gloats. Bülbül knows Handan’s been looking for an excuse to kick Halime out of the castle. Safiye says Handan can’t even imagine the fallout from this.

Kösem asks if this punishment isn’t too harsh. Handan reminds her of all the crap Halime pulled when Ahmed was sick.

Right, and Halime probably had a plan, but Kösem’s sure it was really Safiye behind it. They should find out the truth.

Handan scoffs. Who cares about truth? Why hesitate when they have a chance to do something?

Well…to see what Safiye does now.

Handan doesn’t care. Safiye’s going to the old palace too. And really this is none of Kösem’s business. She’d better not question Handan’s decisions ever again.

The women of the harem are assembled to watch Halime leave with all her servants and whatever stuff she’s taking with her. Cennet and Kösem are muttering to each other about games and taking one step at a time.

Mustafá cries to his mom not to leave him. Kösem tries to help, saying Ahmed’s gone too, so if Mustafá goes with his mom, who’s going to protect them? His mom will be back. She wouldn’t leave him alone. She promises. Kösem tells Halime she’ll personally take care of Mustafá, but Dilruba grabs his hand and tells Kösem to stay away.

Cennet mutters that this is exactly what Kösem should do–protect the prince. And that’s all she’s gonna say.

In the baths, we find out one of Fahriye’s servants is the one taking messages back and forth to Mehmed. Mehmed reads the latest–my heart is with you, I’ll find a way to get you out, we’ll be reunited like the land and the water (and make mud?). A cloaked figure with a familiar chin comes into the prison with a basket, calling out that he’s got bread.

It’s Reyhan. Yeah, Derviş threw him into the Bosphorus, but a fisherman pulled him out. So Reyhan is back and he’s ready for revenge. He can get them out, but he needs to get in touch with Fahriye. Mehmed wants to hear his plan first and then yeah, he can find a way for them to meet.

Haci comes to Handan’s room, completely freaking out about the Sipahi. They threatened him. Openly! He knows they’re just looking for an excuse to rebel and he’s afraid if they find Mustafá sitting on the throne and Safiye pays their bonuses they’ll accept Mustafá as Sultan.

Random dude in a hallway gets a knife and orders from a guard–the Sultana wants the prince dead.

Out in the rain, Zülfikar makes the approach to the Celali camp and takes out a guard very, very quietly.

Kösem has gotten Mustafá to sleep and steps out of the room. (I’m not sure which room this is.)

Back in the brush, Ahmed announces he’s going to move on the tent and runs before Zülfikar can object. There are a few tents, so it’s more like he’s moving from one to the next.

In the hallway, random murder dude takes out Mustafá’s two guards.

Also quietly dispatched–the two Celali guards on Raşa’s tent.

Oh…this is Halime’s room. Random murder dude comes in, sees Mustafá, and prepares to strangle him.

Kösem walks in. Random murder dude just unwinds the rope for a larger throat and starts advancing.

I thought there were only four guys with Raşa, but they’ve taken out three, two more attack, and then Kara Sait wakes up and starts yelling at his men to wake up because they’re taking “the woman.”

Zülfikar pops out of the brush. He wants in on this.

Kösem calls for the Ağas, but we know they’re dead. She grabs a fireplace poker and whacks murder dude. Dudu comes in. Kösem runs for Mustafá, who’s wide awake now.

And murder dude stabs Dudu in the gut. I seriously gasped out loud.

Kösem reaches out for Dudu, but she doesn’t want to leave Mustafá. A few guards come running and Kösem screams at them that the killer’s escaping. Mustafá’s sobbing and Dudu’s lying on the floor in agony.

Back to the fight in the rain and Team Ahmed’s having a good night. Although I have concerns about Nasuh’s fighting style being a little to flaily. He’s leaving himself open to attack.

Anyway. Raşa’s taking cover behind a Janissary and Ahmed throws an axe at someone who tries to sneak up on them.

Murder dude is so unprofessional! He just goes right back to the guard who gave him the orders and he’s like “Couldn’t do it. Kösem came in and stopped me.” He hands the knife back to the guard, who uses it to stab him in the back.

Kösem bursts into Safiye’s room, totally pissing her off. It’s Bülbül who notices the blood on Kösem’s hand and asked what happened. She explains Dudu’s wounded and someone tried to kill Mustafá. She doesn’t buy Safiye’s innocent act–she thinks Safiye sent the killer. Bülbül gets to do Safiye’s outrage for her.

As Kösem’s leaving, Safiye calls her back and says if she thinks about it, she’ll realize Handan is the one responsible.

Haci’s reporting to Handan, who doesn’t seem like she had anything to do with it. Kösem comes in with her bloody dress and tells Handan that Safiye blamed her. But she wouldn’t do that, right? Not when Ahmed had pardoned his brother?

Handan hesitates, but she says she wouldn’t Safiye’s obviously trying to throw up a wall between her and Ahmed.

Haci says Ahmed’s going to be told about it the second he gets back and Safiye’s going to blame Handan.

Kösem says the good thing is the prince is fine. They just need to keep protecting him so they don’t fall into Safiye’s trap.

Mustafá’s with Dilruba in Halime’s room. Safiye and Fahriye come in to check on them and Dilruba steps in front of them and tells them to get away from the prince! Nobody’s coming in here until her mom gets back!

But she’s just a kid, so all it takes is Safiye telling her the danger is over and holding her arms out for a hug and she caves. Safiye praises her saying she should always be strong and always protect her brother. Safiye shoots Fahriye a look and says she should always support her family.

Team Ahmed’s out of enemies to fight. Ahmed takes a moment to ask how Raşa’s doing–she says she’s fine and so is her son.

Derviş rides up with his guys. He scolds Ahmed a little bit for not telling anyone where he was going. Zülfikar thinks they need to go. Ahmed thanks him for being there.

Nasuh Ağa thinks it was a bad idea for Derviş to leave the capital, but Derviş wasn’t going to leave the Sultan to the wolves.

Pervane Ağa comes in to do Fahriye’s hair, but she’s not in the mood. He whispers that he has a letter for her and she dismisses her servants. Pervane complains that the guards even checked his underwear, but that’s OK–he memorized it!

Mehmet’s getting angry, they’re going to write a bloodier story now. She needs to go to the usual place.

Reyhan’s waiting for her. He says he has proof of a betrayal and it’s the only way to save the princes. It’s something Derviş wrote. He details how he killed the old Sultan and tried to put Şahin on the throne. Reyhan basically tells her to use it as blackmail material.

Halime’s too worried about how the kids are doing to care about eating. Menekşe tells her if anything bad had happened, they’d know already.

Kösem shows up just then. She keeps insisting everything is fine but Halime knows she wouldn’t have come all this way just to tell them that.

Um…no. Also someone tried to kill the prince.

Fahriye gets back to the palace and Safiye reminds her she’s not supposed to go anywhere without permission.

Haci Ağa comes in with Halime. Fahriye watches the two of them snipe at each other before Halime heads for her room. Haci explains that Handan pardoned Halime because she just couldn’t stand it that the prince was alone.

Haci checks in on Dudu. She’s not in the mood to deal with him. Haci swears they didn’t do it, but if Dudu talks, they’ll be in trouble.

All she knows is what she saw and she’s not going to hide that from His Majesty.

Safiye comes to Handan’s room to complain about her letting Halime come back.

Uh, does Safiye not remember that the Sultana Madre doesn’t have to explain anything?

Kösem tries to excuse herself but Safiye says she’s already stuck her nose in, so she’d better hear this too. Safiye accuses Handan of trying to kill the prince last night and she’ll pay!

Huh? What’s Safiye talking about? They don’t know anything, right Kösem?

What happened?

Safiye’s irritated. They made a pact, didn’t they? And Halime won’t say anything as her price for getting to stay. This is how Handan’s going to hide it.

Handan says Safiye started this war.

She agrees, she did. And she’ll keep going until she destroys every last one of them. But they’re forgetting that no one can keep Dudu from talking.

After Safiye leaves Kösem says she’s right. Ahmed’s going to find out. Wouldn’t it be better if he heard it from them? He’s going to assume Safiye did it anyway.

But Handan is terrified of the possibility of any suspicion falling on her. Haci’s going to talk to Dudu and remind her the Sultan’s peace of mind is the only thing that matters.

Safiye visits Dudu, but she’s already dead.

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