Entre Dos Amores Wednesday 11/21/18 #23

Onur comes up the stairs and sees Pelin fleeing to Macit’s room to cry. Seriously, dude “Are you ok?” What kind of question is that?

Neriman doesn’t say a word, even when Macit asks her to. Instead she hangs up. Fahriye’s like “SCORE!”

A confused Macit turns around to find his two besties holding hands. Please tell me this isn’t the Fake Boyfriend ploy. I don’t know if Onur can handle that. Crap! And Duygu’s going to be heartbroken! She gets to the top of the stairs just as Pelin announces they’re together.

Macit thinks it’s a joke.

Pelin tells him it just happened. They thought he’d be happy for them.

Macit congratulates Onur woodenly and slaps him on the back a little too hard.

Sinasi texts Neriman, wanting to get together, but she turns him down. Ha!

In the morning, Inci tells Macit he and Pelin looked so happy last night and she wishes he’d told her the news and hopefully the wedding will be soon. It takes Macit a minute to figure out she’s not talking about what he thinks she is. Yeah, Pelin and Onur are together. He has no idea if they’re planning to get married quickly, but Pelin’s definitely happy.

I’m trying to decide whether Sahika’s First Day of Work outfit is appropriate or not. I think it works for a fashion-forward office, but I kind of hate the shoes.

Gulter is not feeling this outfit. And what does she mean she’s going to work? Faiz keeps Gulter from following her to the door and tells Sahika to have a nice day.

Fahriye tells Sahika she’s looking…fertile…in that outfit. Yeah, sorry, Sahika doesn’t have time for verbal sparring today.

Zehra’s still self-flagellating. And Asli is puking. I’m sure we’re going to find out she’s pregnant, but maybe she’s just puking in response to Kader suggesting she’s pregnant and saying her son is so strong and virile. That even made me want to puke.

When Emre complains about the noise, Kader says Asli’s pregnant. The little twerp is actually excited about being a father. Asli looks horrified.

Faiz asks Neriman if she knew about the job. Neriman thought Sahika would have told him herself. Fahriye is sure it’s in a large company because no way would Sahika be working somewhere in the neighborhood and walking to work in those shoes.

Faiz wants the address and phone number of the company SO HE CAN GO CHECK IT OUT. Duuuuuuude! Hell no! (Although, Faiz and Onur might really like each other. They have a lot in common.)

Sinasi’s skipping school again, but he doesn’t want to stay in the house. He talks to Nezahat about Neriman and when he says she’s got someone new she tells him to forget about Neriman. She doesn’t admit to him that she knows from pining for someone who’s in love with someone else, but she understands it’s not easy to stop loving someone.

Once Sahika walks into Arcaoglu Tekstil she looks like she belongs there.

Gulter gets her second big shock of the day when she walks in on Fahriye and Neriman and hears Fahriye saying that Macit is in love with Neriman.

Macit’s angry that Onur didn’t tell him. But hey, that’s his style, right? Secret loves?

Onur says Macit’s getting what he wanted, but Macit’s more upset that his bro is doing this to him. Also he’s not going to let Onur hurt Pelin.

Gulter doesn’t think Macit could seriously be interested in someone like Neriman. Ouch.

Pelin walks in on their conversation, wearing the dress to match Sahika’s shoes. Macit does a terrible job of pretending he’s happy for them. Pelin tells Macit to say hi to Neriman for her. And maybe they need to invite Neriman to an apology dinner.

Someone brings Sahika her job application, saying she left some parts blank, so if she could fill it out and give it back to HR. She trashes it.

Congratulations Onur–now you get to be the one to deal with Pelin’s insecurity. He’s not going to get out of this fake relationship easily, if at all. She won’t break up with him until Macit and Neriman break up.

Neriman’s really sick of everyone telling her what to do, all the way down to what to think (i.e., to forget about Macit). Gulter insists that boy can only be after one thing. (So if a guy’s rich and a girl is poor he’s just trying to get sex…but if a girl is rich and a guy is poor he’s just trying to get money. I just want to make sure I’m understanding the logic here.)

Nezahat comes banging on the door to tell Gulter her mom went over to see Asli and she’s afraid there will be a fight. Gulter tells Neriman and Fahriye to stay there–LOL! Like they’d miss this!

Cihan sees the four of them grabbing a taxi and tries calling Sinasi.

Kerim is feeling so much better after last night’s dinner he’s skipping work today. It takes a few tries before Inci can get him to understand that Pelin’s in love…with Onur. Although, she’s convinced if they just give her some time, she’ll come back to Macit. Kerim changes his mind and decides to go to work to “fix” this.

Onur walks Pelin out of his office and stops to introduce her to Sahika. As soon as she’s left Onur warns her if she mentions Neriman–yeah, yeah, she’s fired, she knows.

Zehra gets to Kader’s house first and demands to see Asli. She’s taking her away.

Kader tells her to go for it, but she’ll have to give them “what’s growing in Asli’s womb.” Nice way to talk about your grandchild.

So again, Asli won’t go.

Macit has just texted Neriman, asking her to call him, when his dad bursts into his office. He wants Macit to fire Onur for dating Pelin.

Sorry, Pops, no can do. Macit’s not protecting Onur anymore, Pelin is.

Sinasi gets to Kader’s and asks what’s going on. Zehra finally says they came over to congratulate Asli on her pregnancy. Sinasi wishes blessings for the baby and for Asli’s family. In the background, Neriman and Fahriye sneak off.

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