La Sultana Wednesday 11/21/18 #18

Halime’s back in the palace and reunited with the kids.

Haci Ağa tells Handan that he talked to Dudu, but she wouldn’t listen. In a flashback we see that the guard he brought with him smothered her with a pillow on Haci’s orders. The fact that he didn’t do it himself doesn’t make me feel a whole lot better about him.

Handan prays for forgiveness. Haci reminds her they had no other choice. It would have been a disaster for everybody.

Well, if he’d just killed the prince that night, none of this would have happened!

No way! OK, obviously I had enough regard for these people that it actually shocks me they would do these things.

Haci says thanks to Kösem they’re all safe. Handan warns him that Kösem can’t find out it was them.

Safiye summons Kösem to the room with Dudu’s body. She tells Kösem this is her fault for helping Handan with the coverup. Yes, they sent Cennet to tell her to protect the prince–because they knew what Handan was planning! And they sent Dudu for the same reason. (You couldn’t have sent some soldiers? What the hell kind of plan was that?!) Safiye would not have done all this just to get revenge on Handan.

On their way out of the room, Bülbül tells Kösem she picked the wrong side. She’s been used.

Kösem meets up with Handan in the hallway and asks why she killed Dudu. Handan’s terrible at hiding her guilt. Kösem can’t believe Handan would do this after Ahmed pardoned Mustafá’s life!

Sing it with me now…”I had to do it!” Otherwise Halime would have put Mustafá on the throne. (Uh, from the old palace?)

Kösem says they’ve just been waiting for Handan to screw up and now she’s done it.

No regrets from Handan. She’s spent all of Ahmed’s life being worried about his life.

Well, Mustafá’s got a life too. And a mother.

That’s just how it is. One day Kösem will understand. When she’s a mother.

Kösem vows that no innocent child will be killed as long as she’s in this castle. She doesn’t answer when Kösem asks if she’ll tell Ahmed.

Kösem’s waiting in Handan’s room when Handan comes in, saying Ahmed is back. She wants Kösem to help welcome him, but….

Kösem says she’s not going to say anything. For Ahmed’s sake. She has a condition, though–from now on, nobody touches Mustafá and nobody tries to kill him.

Ahmed’s pleased to see his family waiting to welcome him back. Maybe not Safiye, so much. He brings Raşa in and announces that she’s alive. And Raşa happily announces that she’s pregnant.

Kösem goes back to her room to mope.

Raşa’s a big hit with the other women in the harem, telling the exciting story of her capture and Ahmed’s rescue. She rubs it in Kösem’s face that now that she’s back, she’ll be the Sultan’s favorite.

“Not likely.” Kösem’s on her way out of the harem when Cennet blocks her path and gloats about Raşa. But really what she wanted was to show Kösem her grandmother’s ring (Kösem says it’s her mother’s.) Cennet claims not to know anything, but Safiye wants her to come to the Incili Mansion (The Mansion of Scheming).

Fahriye visits Derviş with the “proof” that Derviş was following Şahin’s orders.

Kösem meets Safiye. Safiye reminisces about how angry Kösem was when she first arrives. Safiye was like that too. She wants to show Kösem who they both are and give her one last chance.

Kösem looks out the window and sees her father dragged down the path and forced to look up at the window.

Fahriye says Derviş poisoned her brother and who knows what else he did.

Derviş hands the letter back, saying someone’s trying to fool her.

Fahriye says she’s got others. And she can let the Sultan decide if they’re true or not.

Derviş wonders what she wants. Oh, the Giray brothers out of prison, right?

Handan comes in and sees them standing together.

One man puts a knife to Enzo’s throat. Kösem begs her not to do this.

OK, then, she needs to go tell the Sultan that Handan tried to kill the prince and convince him to let Safiye stay in the palace. If she tells Ahmed what’s going on, Safiye will kill her father.

Handan’s angry that Fahriye was in Derviş’s room. He claims they were talking about the wedding.

Oh. Is that why she looked so satisfied? What is he hiding?

Derviş says Fahriye knows “their” secret. But she doesn’t know about Derviş’s feelings for Handan. He just knows Derviş killed the previous Sultan. If the Giray brothers don’t get a pardon, she’ll tell the Sultan everything.

Handan’s stressed that no one will believe he did it alone and they’ll blame her. (How high must her blood pressure be at this point?)

Derviş says he’ll just tell the truth–he did it alone and under Şahin’s orders.

But they’ll both be beheaded. (Ooh…so is getting rid of Şahin worth also losing Derviş? I’m going to have to think about that.)

Handan would rather he run.

He refuses to betray her or Ahmed. He begs her to believe him.

Of course she does! That’s why she wants him to go and never confess.

Never seeing her again would be the same as death to him.

Ahmed’s trying to sweet-talk Kösem, but he didn’t invite her to bed last night. And he left without saying anything. She prayed for him the entire time he was gone.

She’s about to tell him what’s wrong when Derviş comes in. He says it’s important.

Safiye’s visiting Halime, trying to convince her to rat out Handan. But Halime thinks Safiye engineered everything so that Mustafá would pretty much be thrown into Handan’s path. Kösem stopped her.

Safiye’s taking care of that. And now, she’s ready to talk about the future. The two of them aren’t as powerful as they used to be. Safiye’s not the Sultan’s mother and Halime isn’t the Sultan’s favorite concubine. It’s time they join forces.

Kösem runs into Handan in the hallway. She asks what’s wrong, but Kösem doesn’t answer. Handan warns her that Safiye will try to treat her like a puppet and destroy her later.

Derviş tells Ahmed there are some things he needs to know about the time he was sick. It’s about the Giray brothers–they need to be released.

Safiye proposes that she and Halime tell Ahmed that Handan tried to kill the prince. Ahmed will get rid of Handan and Kösem will get dragged along with her.

Right, and then Safiye gets rid of Halime.

Safiye says there’s a pregnant concubine. What does she think will happen then? They’ll kill her son while she sleeps. They’ll talk when that day comes and Halime can decide whether she’s with her or against her.

Derviş says the Giray uncle threatened to withdraw his troops when he heard his nephews were locked up. Derviş suggests they manipulate him by announcing the heir to the throne of the Crimea.

Ahmed’s cranky. This is what they get for not killing everyone who’s against him! Well, he’s going to make decisions soon and the whole world is going to shake.

Fahriye’s in her room gloating when her servant comes in to complain that Bülbül’s following her around and asking questions. Fahriye tells her to just keep telling Bülbül whatever he wants to hear.

Hey, the servant heard they’re starting to make wedding plans.

Whatever. Fahriye’s not marrying Derviş. He’s got so many secrets, once Ahmed finds them out, it’ll be the end of him.

Derviş runs into Handan in the hallway and tells her Ahmed’s thinking about it. And he wasn’t lying–they do have problems in the Crimea and announcing Şahin as heir to the throne would help.

He tells her not to worry about Fahriye, just trust in him and let him protect her.

Handan insists she’s doing all this for her son.

Ahmed comes out to the hallway and Handan says she was just coming to talk to him. She’s organizing a feast for tonight.

Ahmed’s down with that. Just tell Dudu not to scrimp.

Um. Yeah. Dudu is gone. After he left, she fell and well, she was old and she didn’t make it.

Ahmed is upset. Dudu always took such good care of him. He hopes Allah will give her rest.

Menekşe begs Halime not to trust Safiye.

Halime’s more worried about keeping Raşa’s baby from being born.

Menekşe doesn’t want any part in this, but Halime says they’ve both lost children and Menekşe loves the prince like a son. They’re doing this for him.

Derviş tells Fahriye Ahmed’s thinking about releasing the Giray brothers.

Fahriye says she did respect her brother Sultan Mehmed…until he ascended the throne and killed all 19 of her brothers. But why did Derviş kill him? He must have had a reason.

Derviş says he did it for Ahmed. Because he practically raised him.

So he killed Mehmed to keep him from killing Ahmed. And now if Ahmed finds out about it, Ahmed will cut off his head.

Derviş assures her he hasn’t done anything he can’t accept the consequences for.

“Neither have I.” Oh, and by the way she doesn’t care about Şahin Giray. He can go to hell for all she cares.

In the harem, Kösem tells Gölge and another servant about her dad dilemma. Gölge is not in favor of Kösem doing what Safiye asked.

Halime’s brewing up something that Menekşe says buried her future, dried up her womb, and ripped the life out of the child she was expecting. It doesn’t smell or have any flavor, but it needs to be boiled so the poison from the fruit will dissolve in the water.

It’s just so great having Raşa back to pick stupid fights with Kösem. She’s bragging about the party Handan’s throwing her and how she dreamed she’d have a boy and she’s eating sweets day and night and everybody knows that means you’re having a boy.

Kösem eventually says she doesn’t have time for this. She pushes Raşa aside and Raşa wails that she’s pregnant! Kösem can’t touch her! She could be killed for this!

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