Entre Dos Amores Friday 11/23/18 #24

Back at Neriman’s house, Neriman paces angrily and asks how much longer this is going to go on. Not just what’s happening to Asli, but all of them. She’s had enough of living like this. Fahriye says at least Neriman has a way out.

On cue, Macit calls. Neriman ignores it. He texts her that he’s gonna keep calling until she answers.

“And what if I don’t want to answer?!” Oh yeah, Neriman is so over this crap. I’d find it refreshing if she didn’t date/marry anyone and just went on and lived her life, but I’m pretty sure that would be way too radical.

Macit puts his phone down. Inci teases him about waiting for a call. And then she starts talking to him about Pelin, saying Onur’s not right for her and Pelin will come back and the company needs Macit. He escapes up to his room.

Zehra’s at home sobbing that Asli’s pregnant in that house. Kader comes to tell Asli to get off her butt and set the table and she’d better not think she doesn’t have to work because she’s pregnant because Kader worked until she gave birth.

Sahika gets home and Faiz informs her he’ll be checking out her workplace and meeting her boss. She pretends to have brought a card home but, oops, must have left it at work.

Upstairs, Neriman and Fahriye are choosing the sketches she’ll take to Inci to try to get into her class. (Nope, she still doesn’t know who Inci is.) Sahika comes in and dodges more questions about her job, plus some indirectas from Fahriye about the promotion Sahika mentioned–that everyone will know soon enough why she got it. Fahriye also rats Neriman out for not talking to Macit, but Sahika’s glad she ignored him.

When Neriman walks Fahriye to the door, Fahriye begs her to just call Macit and tell him she likes him already. So she calls Macit and tells him she never wants to see him again.

In the morning, Sahika has already left for work when Gulter comes to call the girls in for breakfast. She asks if Neriman is still thinking about that guy and Neriman throws her words back at her. Of course she’s not thinking about him. She can’t compare to Pelin and he’d only use her and discard her. She’s not mad at Gulter, she’s mad at the situation.

In the street, Cihan is so focused on Sahika walking by that he completely misses Nezahat. Nezahat decides it’s time for a makeover.

Onur comes over to pick up Pelin. It looks like he wanted to tell Duygu the truth, but she’s too pissed off at him.

Upstairs, Feyza tells Pelin to keep Onur away from Duygu because “all” he has to offer is a diploma. She gets that they’re friends, but friendship has its limits. Pelin says she doesn’t have to worry about Duygu because she’s dating Onur now.

Neriman tells her dad she’s going to try for a scholarship at a studio nearby. Gulter’s annoyed that he keeps giving permission for Neriman to go pursue this art stuff after she gave up the violin. His reasoning is that she’s going to do it anyway, so he might as well. (Why does that only apply to some of the stuff she does and not all of it?)

Before Neriman can get out of the house, Zehra shows up. Gulter asks her to make two coffees before she goes.

Inci asks Macit for a ride to the studio so they can talk on the way. He jokes that he just remembered an important meeting….

Neriman brings the coffee in and then snaps. Zehra’s the one who started all this and now she’s crying over it. Did she even ask Asli how things are? Gulter and Zehra protest that Neriman doesn’t know…. Oh yeah, she’s heard that one before. She and all the other young women are imprisoned by the things their elders “know.” But did they ever think to ask what the younger ones know? Zehra says she’s thinking of Asli’s baby. If she took Asli out of there, who would the poor thing call “father”? Neriman scoffs. Gulter tells her to go already.

Neriman runs into Sinasi in the street. He asks if she’s not going to congratulate him on being an uncle soon.

She already said what she could to his mom and she’d rather not repeat it.

Sinasi complains that Neriman’s being all cranky instead of being happy for him.

“Your sister, who you forced into marriage, is pregnant. Congratulations.”

He complains that he can never talk to her.

Because he never tries. He’s never asked her or Asli what they wanted.

Back at the house, Zehra’s still crying. I’m trying to have some sympathy for her, but failing miserably.

Inci insists that Pelin is in love with Macit and she’s just trying to make him jealous. She insists that Macit can’t possibly be in love with Neriman because she’s too “ordinary.” He says she’s the least simple person he knows. Well, Inci’s sure all that complexity would go away if he told her he loved her. Macit says he DID tell her! And she said she never wants to see him again! (I’m waiting for the outraged “How dare she never want to see you again!”)

Macit drops Inci off at the studio and she says they’ll talk later. He turns the car around to avoid some construction and there’s Neriman, walking toward the studio.

Sinasi goes over to the café where Cihan asks if he’s becoming a total bum now. What about school? Sinasi’s not doing school today because he’s tired of all the games and tired of Özlem and tired of Neriman thinking Macit Arcaoglu is in love with her when he really just lusts after her.

Macit keeps begging for another chance. Neriman says they can be friends. Macit says he doesn’t want to be her friend, he’s in love with her. She tries to walk away and he grabs her arm and now they’re staring at each other in slow-mo and it’s a good thing they’re on the sidewalk and not in the middle of the street.

Sinasi goes on complaining saying he’s just gotta ask Neriman the question “like a man”…but he’s too scared of the answer.

Macit won’t let Neriman go unless she explains why she doesn’t want to see him again. (Pro tip: A woman can say “no” without having to explain why. We do not owe men an explanation.)

She says she doesn’t believe in him or his love.

Faiz joins Sinasi at the café. Sinasi complains that he did everything Neriman wanted. Faiz lists all his screw-ups and says he’s sure Neriman didn’t ask him to do any of that. And then he says if he sees Sinasi around his daughter again, he’s going to think of him as this guy, not the guy he was before. So now he’s broken up with Neriman AND her dad. Does Gulter have to break up with him too or are we good?

Neriman missed Inci at the studio, but she waits for her to come back rather than handing over her sketches. While she’s waiting, she starts sculpting some clay.

Macit gets to the office and tells his assistant he’s not taking any calls.

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