La Sultana Friday 11/23/18 #19

It’s party time in the harem. Handan’s hoping Raşa’s baby is a boy to continue the line.

Kösem shows up, not looking too happy. Handan hopes Kösem’s not jealous of Raşa. Halime reminds Handan that Raşa needs a new name.

Handan agrees–Raşa’s going to be the mother of a prince. She re-names her Mahfiruz.

Halime gives Menekşe the signal to poison Ra…er, Mahfiruz’s drink.

Safiye talks to Ahmed about Fahriye’s wedding. He says Safiye can organize any kind of wedding she wants, the date will be whenever’s convenient, and she needs to plan her departure from the palace.

Safiye says she could leave tonight…but she was hoping to stay until after the wedding. If he wants her to leave now, all he has to do is say so.

Kösem begs Cennet to tell her where they’re keeping her dad.

Sure, if Kösem answers a question–did Handan try to kill the prince?

Kösem says Safiye set a trap so she could stay in the palace.

Cennet reminds Kösem she defied Safiye and said she belonged at the old palace. Did she really think Safiye would forget that?

Mehmed gets another love note from Fahriye. She’ll do everything she can to free him, but since Şahin killed her brother, he’s not included in the deal.

Mehmed says Fahriye will try to get them out. He’s just upset that she’s having to involve herself in this.

Mahfiruz has drunk from the cup and she’s starting to feel sick.

Halime tells Menekşe to take the prince to his bedroom, but he runs off, wanting to see his brother.

He runs into Kösem, who says they have to obey the prince, right?

Mahfiruz is ready to go get some rest. She doesn’t make it out of the room before she falls over in pain. Conveniently, no one is looking at Halime’s not at all surprised face.

Haci comes to Ahmed’s room, where he’s hanging out with Mustafá, Kösem, and Menekşe. He’s sorry for barging in, but Raşa (psst! Mahfiruz) got sick and they’re worried she’s lost the baby. Ahmed runs out of the room and Kösem stands there looking confused.

In the sick room, Handan says Raşa’s fine and so is the baby, but they’ll know for sure tomorrow. The doctor thinks it was something she ate. Raşa is quick to whine that she’s been protecting the baby and it’s not her fault. Kösem did it! Kösem hates her! She’s always messing with her, saying horrible things. She threatened her! She pushed her!

Ahmed and Handan aren’t buying it. Handan says Kösem isn’t the kind of person who would do that. Subtext: “And I should know, because I am.”

Ahmed goes to visit Kösem and tells her Raşa and the baby are fine, but Raşa thinks Kösem poisoned her. Not that he believes it…but Allah willing, Raşa’s going to be the mother of his son. She and Kösem don’t have to be friends, but he’d like them to not be enemies. He doesn’t want any more incidents. I’m interpreting Kösem’s face as “I saved your life, saved your throne, and I don’t see anybody telling Raşa to get along with me.”

Halime’s furious that it didn’t work. Menekşe says she probably didn’t drink enough. Handan comes in to tell Halime all fingers are pointing at her. Handan wants Halime to stay away from her son and her harem.

Halime can’t believe Handan would say that after she tried to kill her son.

Handan says she had nothing to do with that–it was Safiye.

Oh yeah? Well, she had nothing to do with what happened to Raşa.

Kösem summons Cennet to her fabulous closet. She has her servant lock the door and Gölge hold Cennet while Kösem insists Cennet tell her where her father is. And she’s got a little vial in case Cennet doesn’t want to answer.

Cennet says he’s in the basement of Incili Mansion.

Kösem pours the contents of the vial into Cennet’s mouth anyway.

What? It was water. Did Cennet really think Kösem would poison her?

Kösem, Gölge, and the other woman somebody needs to name already, head out of the palace while Mahfiruz watches from around a corner.

Mahfiruz sneaks into Kösem’s closet and finds Cennet tied up and gagged in a corner.

In the basement of Incili, Gölge knocks out a guard, unlocks the door, and Kösem rushes in and frees her father. They have a quick reunion and then it’s time to go. He’s a little thrown off by Gölge being there, but Kösem gives him the short version–they’re friends now.

Safiye is, as usual, ten steps ahead of everybody. Her men grab Gölge, Kösem, and her father and once again Safiye gives Kösem the choice–she can do whatever Safiye tells her to or her dad can die. Enzo’s OK with dying. He’s seen Nasia and that’s enough for him.

But Kösem can’t do it. She promises she’ll do what Safiye asks.

Safiye warns her if anything like this happens again, she won’t forgive it.

Ahmed talks to his council about showing the Austrian king who’s boss. Ahmed wants to go all the way and conquer Rome like Fatih, Mehmed, and Suleyman all wanted.

Kösem slouches into the harem and tells Cennet she’s going to pay for this. Cennet and Mahfiruz are BFFs now. Kösem warns Mahfiruz to keep her nose out of Kösem’s business or she’ll be sorry.

Cennet tells Mahfiruz she’s not to say anything about this.

Kösem tries to go see Ahmed, but he’s busy and asks her to come back later.

He’s spending time with Mahfiruz, who tells him she dreamed she had a prince who she named Osman. She thinks it was a sign.

What a coincidence. That was just the name Ahmed was thinking of.

Kösem runs into Handan in the hallway and complains that Mahfiruz is the new favorite.

Hey, it’s nothing personal. It’s just tradition. Kösem can’t be the only one. But she’s important to Handan and Handan will always protect her.

Kösem’s not sure who’s protecting who around here. She’s got a weight on her shoulders Handan knows nothing about. So she can stuff it about rules and traditions.

Ahmed couldn’t sleep. He hangs out with Derviş. He’s been thinking about Zülfikar. It’s hard to find someone that loyal. Ahmed wants him to be closer.

Derviş says whatever Ahmed wants is fine. And also, they should deal with the Giray uncle. Derviş doesn’t think what Şahin did can be forgiven, but Mehmed isn’t like his brother. He’s calmer, more honest. Derviş thinks they can let him go.

In the morning, Mahfiruz announces to the entire room that she spent the night with the Sultan and he’s picked a name for the baby. Yeah, Kösem’s totally jealous. But Mahfiruz is an even bigger snot than the previous Mahfiruz so I don’t blame her.

Derviş shows up at the prison just in time as far as Şahin’s concerned. I think he’s getting bitten by fleas. Also, he’s out of hair product and that’s just not a good look for him.

Derviş giddily announces that only Mehmed’s getting out. If Şahin has a problem, he should take it up with Mehmed–he’s the one who agreed to it, he and Fahriye.

Mehmed insists it’s all a lie and the guards drag him out.

Derviş tells Şahin to get comfortable. This is going to be his tomb.

Şahin’s snappy comeback is “No, it’s going to be YOUR tomb.” And then he yells “let me out” a lot.

Handan visits a very happy Fahriye. She reminds her that Mehmed hasn’t been pardoned, so the wedding is still going forward. For the good of the state.

“You think that if you want to.” What? Did Safiye forget whose daughter she is? Safiye’s willing to do anything for strength and power. Fahriye does it for love.

Kösem’s walking by the area where Ahmed and Iskender are practicing. Iskender sees her and completely loses concentration. And Zülfikar takes the whole thing in. I feel a lecture coming on.

Ahmed calls for an end to practice. He introduces Zülfikar to his favorite concubine who confronted everyone and shut them up. Kösem Hatun (Hatun apparently means “Lady” or something to that effect).

Zülfikar hopes Allah will protect her. He heard about her and hopes they won’t have to go through anything like that again.

Kösem knows Iskender, of course. He greets her and Zülfikar gives him a look.

So, Mehmed’s all cleaned up now. Fahriye sees him and it’s like “SNOG!…no, wait, we can’t….” Fahriye’s glad he’s out. Mehmed says it’s thanks to her that he’s getting to see her again.

So um, what about Şahin? He’s still in prison. Mehmed knows he can’t ask to have him released after what he did, but then again, Şahin is his brother.

Derviş comes down the hall, looking annoyed. Fahriye flees. Derviş tells Mehmed that Ahmed wants to see him.

Out by the tent, Zülfikar asks Iskender what’s up.


Safiye shows up. She thought Ahmed was out here. Zülfikar says he went for a walk with Kösem.

Safiye’s curious about Iskender. I’m mentally telling him not to look her in the eye or she’ll know EVERYTHING. He says he’s a Janissary recruit and Bülbül gets all crabby about “What’s a recruit doing here, Zülfikar!” I swear, he said it just so he’d have something to say.

Zülfikar says the Sultan likes him. And he’s teaching him.

Oh no…Safiye’s looking at him…she’s doing the math….

Ahmed assures Kösem that naming the baby Osman has nothing to do with Mahfiruz. He made a promise to Allah that his first prince would be named after the founder of the Ottoman empire.

Kösem keeps pouting.

Ahmed swears she’s more important than anyone else.

She asks him not to keep her out again, but he says he’s the Sultan. He’ll have other women in his life, just not in his heart.

After Safiye walks away, Iskender asks who she is and gets the quick genealogy lesson from Zülfikar. Handan is the Sultan’s mother and Safiye is his grandmother.

Safiye meets Kösem on the path and asks if she’s told the Sultan yet.

Nope. She’s spending the night with him, so she’ll tell him then. Safiye did want her to use all her skills, right? And how’s her dad? If anything happens to him they’ll all have to answer to the Sultan.

Safiye tells her to come see her tomorrow. If she doesn’t like the news she gets, Enzo’s going to die.

Ahmed explains to Mehmed that he doesn’t think it’s fair to treat two brothers as if they’re the same. Two fruits off the same branch of a tree aren’t the same. He’s pardoning Mehmed, but this is the last time. Mehmed is taking the throne of the Crimea after his uncle Gasih dies.

Mehmed wishes Ahmed a long life. Subtext: “My brother’s gonna hate me. Thanks.” He kisses the hem of Ahmed’s robe.

Ahmed tells him to guard his life. He won’t get another chance.

Mehmed starts asking for mercy for Şahin and Ahmed cuts him off and tells him he can go. Well, at least he can say he tried.

Derviş gets all casual with some woman who hasn’t seen him in a while. No turban, open collar. I don’t think Fahriye knows what she’s missing. Just saying.

Kösem visits Ahmed.

Crap. I take it Derviş was at a brothel. And now Reyhan has poisoned him. He gloats that he’s the one who gave Fahriye the letters. Derviş tries to clear his head. He says he doesn’t know what Reyhan’s talking about and attacks him.

Reyhan’s got a knife. Fahriye didn’t keep her end of the deal–only Mehmed was freed. Reyhan’s not gonna kill him, because there’s something Derviş needs to know. Fahriye is the one who infected Ahmed and Mustafá with smallpox. That’s her secret. That’s the woman he’s going to marry.

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