La Sultana Monday 11/26/18 #20

Ahmed’s room

I guess there’s no easy way to say “While you were out fighting the Celali, your mom tried to have your brother killed.” Ahmed could have been a little more helpful instead of just staring at Kösem like he can’t make any sense out of her words. Kösem throws in some BS about how if Safiye hadn’t been there, the murder attempt would have been successful. Maybe it’s too late to ask this question, but how are they all expecting to keep Mustafá from telling Ahmed the story?

Handan’s room

Handan’s fussing to Haci about Derviş screwing around while she’s fighting for her life here. Haci says he’s entitled after he’s been busy with affairs of state. Haci’s face says “You sooooo have the hots for him. Just admit it already.”

Ahmed shows up and throws everyone out.

Safiye’s room

Kösem tells Safiye she kept up her end of the deal. She told Ahmed Handan tried to kill Mustafá and that Safiye should stay in the palace. She wants her dad back now.

Nope, not until Ahmed tells her himself that she’s staying. When he makes his decision public, they’ll talk.

Kösem’s furious. She tells her servant once Safiye gives her dad back, she’s going to rat her out for this.

Handan’s room

Handan tries to say she didn’t do it…Safiye’s lying!

Ah, but Kösem’s the one who told him.

She starts babbling about how afraid she was and how Halime was going to try to put Mustafá on the throne.

But Ahmed’s the Sultan and she disobeyed him. He raises his hand to hit her and when he realizes what he’s doing, kicks over the breakfast table instead.

Ahmed leaves and Haci rushes in to check on Handan. She tells him Kösem ratted her out…find her and bring her here!


Derviş summoned Fahriye. She saunters over to him like she thinks she’s still got the upper hand.

Derviş wants the letters back, now that he’s fulfilled his end of the bargain.

Fahriye was thinking Ahmed should read them. A traitor like Derviş doesn’t belong in this palace.

OK, fine, he’s a traitor. But what about her? Reyhan told him about the secret she shares with Şahin. That she was the one who infected Ahmed and Mustafá with smallpox.

Fahriye tries to pretend it’s not true, but she’s a terrible actor. Derviş wants the letters back and then they’re gonna get married and then–miracles happen in marriages. They’ll be very happy together.

Halime’s room

Ahmed comes in and asks Dilruba and Menekşe to leave. He tells his little bro, his little chipmunk, that the other day when he had a nightmare it was because something bad had happened. Does Mustafá want to tell him about it? “Mom said no.”

Ahmed says it’s ok. Kösem already told him everything. No one will do that again. He promises. Mustafá gives him this doubtful, pouty look that is just so frickin’ adorable! And Ahmed gives him a kiss on the forehead and tells him to get back to eating his breakfast.

He walks over to Halime and hisses to her that he knows what she did. Mustafá’s a symbol of innocence in the palace, but she’s the complete opposite.

Safiye’s room

Kösem’s servant has been threatened to tell all to Safiye, or else. Although, Safiye had already guessed that Kösem would try to rat her out later.

Cennet says without Handan and Safiye around, Kösem would be able to do whatever she wanted.

“Only if we do nothing.”

Handan’s room

Handan accuses Kösem of always being on Safiye’s side, trying to turn her son against her. She demands to know why Kösem betrayed her.

Kösem says she had no other option.

Handan says she’ll be punished…and get out.


Safiye is Safiye and I get that, but I’m particularly disgusted with her taking the credit for stopping the murder attempt herself and making it sound like Handan was going to DIY it, but only got as far as killing Dudu.

Ahmed’s upset now that he was told Dudu died of natural causes.

Safiye whines that the wound wasn’t serious, but they shut her up anyway. And she couldn’t tell Ahmed what happened because oh poor her, she’s the only one who sees the truth and Ahmed was kicking her out. But she’s always been loyal to him. It’s good she was sick and still in the palace so she could save the prince.

So, um…what’s Ahmed going to do about his mother?

Derviş’s room

Derviş is burning the incriminating letters when Handan walks in.

She collapses dramatically onto the couch and asks if he heard what happened. His face says no.

He wishes Handan had told him sooner. She whines that Ahmed won’t see her.

Derviş is sure Ahmed will get over it.

Handan keeps asking what’s going to happen while Derviş looks at her like he desperately wants to roll his eyes. Ahmed could sentence her to death!

Uh, he’s her son. He’s not going to do that. He’ll just give her the silent treatment.

But nooooo, Handan needs Derviş to talk to him and convince him she was just trying to protect him and she fell into Safiye’s trap. And Kösem attacked as soon as she had the chance.

Derviş assures her that no one will try to hurt her as long as he’s at her side.


Derviş finds Ahmed contemplating his navel. Or the landscape. The minute he starts to talk about Handan, Ahmed cuts him off. This is between him and his mother. He’ll make a decision tomorrow, but right now he needs to think.

Safiye’s room

Halime’s surprised that Safiye’s still around.

Yeah, well. She told Ahmed she wanted to stay until Fahriye’s wedding. He hasn’t agreed yet, but he hasn’t said no either. And what’s Halime up to, aside from poisoning pregnant women?

Halime tells her to stay out of it.

Why? It’s entertaining. If she made a list of all the women in the harem Halime had attacked it would go on forever.

Halime says Safiye made her do it. And Safiye turned Handan against her, just to destroy her.

Halime remembers the first one she attacked–Cennet. And she’s still with Safiye.

Safiye feels sorry for Cennet after Halime “deformed” her face.

But Halime wasn’t the one who decided to do that.

Safiye snaps that they’re not here to talk about the past. Handan’s going down today and Halime needs to pick a side.

Later, Bülbül comes in to announce that Ahmed changed his mind. Safiye can stay in the palace.

Safiye has to give Kösem props for how well and how quickly she can get Ahmed to change his mind.

Ahmed’s room

In the hallway, Derviş tells Handan that Ahmed doesn’t want to see her. He’s made his decision. He wouldn’t even let Derviş talk to him about it. He’s sending her to the Palace of Tears.

Safiye’s room

Bülbül says now that Kösem came through for them, Safiye should let her see her father.

Uh huh. She wants him to have Cennet bring Kösem to her room while Bülbül finds out what Handan’s punishment is.

Secret meeting

Off in a hallway somewhere, Mehmed tells Fahriye he’s the heir to the throne of the Crimea now. Nothing can stop them.

Except that Derviş took the letters from her.

Mehmed complains that Derviş thinks he’s a nobody. But it’s better that he thinks that. Mehmed’s not going to let the wedding happen.

Safiye’s room

Safiye still considers Kösem a traitor. And after everything Safiye did for her!

Kösem doesn’t get it–what more can she do?!

Cennet holds out a vial to her that Safiye says is the antidote to a poison that was given to her father. If she can administer it before he breathes his last, he’ll survive. Cennet tells Kösem he’s in the same place he was before and Kösem takes off running.

Sultana Showdown

Safiye runs into Handan in the hallway and indulges in a little “I told you so!”

Handan tells her to enjoy it while it lasts, because it’s not going to be long.

Safiye tells her to spend her time in the Palace of Tears thinking about what she did wrong.


Two guards gave Enzo the poison.

Kösem finally finds the right key to unlock the door and runs in to give her dad the antidote.

And he dies.

Kösem’s servant picks up the vial of “antidote” and says it’s just water.

And I guess Safiye thought this would keep Kösem from ever defying her again? ‘Cause I’m thinking it’s more like “You killed my father, prepare to die.”


Handan follows her trunks out, stopping to get a completely insincere “We’ll miss you” from Halime.

Handan can’t wait until the day this pain belongs to Halime.

Kösem’s back and with a torch. She kicks her way into Safiye’s room and calls them all murderers.

Safiye says she warned her–she destroys everyone who betrays her.

Kösem vows to be indestructible. And they’ll all pay for this.

Safiye tells her to just try complaining to Ahmed with no proof. She doesn’t even have her father’s body. They dumped it in the Bosphorus.

Kösem throws the torch down, narrowly missing a carpet. Proof? One word from her mouth is enough proof for the Sultan. She won’t talk, though. This is her revenge to take and she’s going to enjoy every second of it–especially when she takes Safiye’s loved ones from her one by one. She’ll take everything Safiye treasures, from the crown on her head to the ring on her finger. She swears by Allah that none of them will have power in Kösem’s sultanate. Safiye will die forgotten and poor. Kösem knows that’s her greatest fear.

But wait! The monologue’s not done!

I am Kösem and I swear that no one will ever hurt me again. From now on, I’ll be untouchable. I’ll destroy the hands of everyone who so much as tries to touch those I love. Because I am the storm, I am the rivers of fire, I’m the roar of the flood.

I am Kösem and this is the first step to a life full of love and power. I still have a long road ahead of me, full of swamps and mountains and cliffs. But I will keep going, despite everything.

I am Kösem and today everyone will witness this vow–from the earth that holds me up to the horizon that makes me greater. Everyone will hear my words, because I’ll have so much power that when the world ends there will not be a living Sultana more powerful than me.

Kösem ends up in Ahmed’s room, sobbing. She steps out onto the balcony and he asks why she’s crying. It’s for his mother, right? He tells her not to worry. They’re together in this.

She knows. They’ll be together in every step he takes. He’ll be the most powerful sovereign anyone has ever dreamed of and she’ll be by his side until the end.

My beloved Ahmed, we’ll walk together through the hot fire. You will be mine and I will be yours. We’ll be one. They won’t be able to separate us. We’ll destroy anyone who gets in our way. From now on, we won’t bow our heads to anyone. We’ll never give up. Ever.

Behind them, the view goes from night to day…it rains, it snows, the sun shines…

Eight months pass

Handan’s tired of being in the old palace. Doesn’t her son miss her?!

Derviş says he does. He asks about her all the time. They just have to be patient and she’ll come back one day.

Bülbül presents Safiye with three women who have been selected for the Sultan. She focuses on the one who won’t lower her head. Katerina. From Lehistan.

Safiye says the great Sultana Hurrem (Suleyman’s chief consort) came from there.

In the harem, everyone’s examining fabric while Kösem reads. She sees Cennet walk out and nods to Gölge to follow her. Mahfiruz II looks very bored and very pregnant.

Safiye is giving Katerina the task of making Ahmed fall in love with her.

Oh, Kat thinks she’s up to the task.

Bülbül thinks she did choose the best option, but she knows that Ahmed only has room in his heart for Kösem.

Safiye tells him that’s not her real goal. She wants to destroy Kösem’s confidence and embarrass her in front of the harem. Hurt her pride.

Because Kösem has the perfect temperament to be a Sultana. She’s intelligent. So they need to keep her from getting any more power.

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