La Sultana Tuesday 11/27/18 #21


Gölge’s following Cennet around, but it’s Haci Ağa who busts her in a pantry with a guard. Haci’s not buying the “It’s not what you think!” defense.

Ahmed’s room

Ahmed heard that Derviş went to the old palace. How’s his mom?

Derviş says she’s afligida (distraught) and worried. She wonders when her punishment will be lifted.

“She should have thought of that before she tried to kill my brother.”

Zülfikar stops by. Ahmed has removed him as the head of the Janissaries.


Ahmed lists the four important posts in this palace: Sultan, Grand Vizier, Imperial Treasurer, and Has Odabaşi. That’s Zülfikar. He’s Ahmed’s new personal bodyguard.

Zülfikar’s overwhelmed. I can’t tell if Derviş is taking this as good news or bad news.


Kösem just happens to wander by Cennet’s dungeon cell and Cennet blames Kösem.

Did she not say she was going to destroy them one by one? Did they think she was lying? “Go beg Sultana Safiye to save you now.” But it’ll have to be quick because the executioners are here.

Upstairs, Safiye’s grouchy that Bülbül “let” Cennet be involved in a scandal. She tries to get in to see Ahmed.

Downstairs, Haci tells Kösem the Sultan wants to proceed according to the law. Which would mean that both parties are executed.

The executioners start with the guard.

Haci says it’s time to go, but Kösem wants a minute alone. He bids goodbye to Cennet and says he hopes Allah forgives all her sins.

As he’s walking out, she screams at him, asking if all the years they’ve known each other isn’t worth something to him….


Kösem knows that Nasip guy was the one who poisoned her dad (and stole the ring and all his money). He got what he deserved and now it’s Cennet’s turn.

Cennet wants mercy? Did they show her any mercy? Or her father? Kösem motions to the executioners.

Cennet starts screaming that she’ll tell Kösem everything.

Upstairs, Safiye’s begging for Cennet’s life, but Ahmed says his hands are tied–the rules are the rules. Safiye suggests they just exile her instead. Marry her off to someone and make them leave.

Cennet won’t talk unless Kösem promises to save her first.

Kösem’s not in a bargaining mood. Well, not until Cennet screams “Save me” a couple of hundred times.

Upstairs, Bülbül comes barreling down the hallway, nearly trampling Haci…who then decides if Bülbül’s running that fast, there must be some good drama going on!

Cennet isn’t talking nearly fast enough. It’s about Safiye…it’s a secret…it could bring the palace down…Fahriye…I didn’t do it….

And then Bülbül comes in, saying the Sultan pardoned her…but she’ll have to get married and leave the palace.


Mehmed meets Reyhan. Şahin wanted to warn Mehmed not to do anything stupid at the wedding.

Well, Mehmed’s certainly not going to leave Fahriye to Derviş’s mercies. (I think Derviş might thank him if he manages to take off with Fahriye.)

Reyhan scolds Mehmed for turning his back on Şahin. OK, fine, maybe Mehmed didn’t, but Fahriye…if she tells Derviş everything it’s all over for Şahin.

Mehmed tells him to tell Şahin he’ll get him out at the right time. And he’ll take care of Derviş.


In her room, Kösem meets with Haci, Gölge, and the servant in the purple dress. She tells them their first plan was a wash, since Bülbül showed up before Cennet said anything. All she got was that it’s something about Fahriye. And probably not the affair with Mehmed because everyone already knows about that.

They’ll just have to find another way to put pressure on her.

Well…Haci’s the one tasked with finding her a husband….

Safiye is furious that Cennet fell for Kösem’s tricks. She nearly got them all burned. Safiye calls Cennet incompetent.

Bülbül wonders what Kösem was doing down there anyway.

Cennet says she was down there to laugh at her and she said she wouldn’t stop until she made Safiye suffer. (That’s not news, Cennet.)

Safiye says they’ve awoken Kösem’s hate.

Bülbül sounds admiring as he says she’s a young, smart, brave woman, capable of confronting Safiye. And her beauty has no precedent.

Safiye changes the subject to Katerina. Bülbül’s been trying to get her into Ahmed’s room, but Haci won’t let in anyone but Kösem. She demands he find some way to get them together, even if it’s not in Ahmed’s room. She has to get into his bed and she has to become the favorite.

Hallway meetings

Bülbül’s angry that Purple Dress didn’t warn them about what Kösem was going to do with Cennet. Kösem enters the hallway, Purple Dress gives him a tiny smirk, and she and Kösem walk off together to go find Cennet.

Mahfiruz runs into Halime. Mustafá’s all excited about his nephew being in Mahfiruz’ belly. Halime says she’s about to give birth. What’s she wandering around for? Something might happen.

Mahfiruz is counting on her prince’s protection. (Mustafá or the baby?)


Cennet’s sorting laundry when Kösem and Purple Dress come in.

Cennet says she’s not saying anything. And she lied earlier about there being a secret.

Uh huh. What’s her price? Because Kösem knows Safiye bribes her servants, so of course Cennet has a price. Kösem’s asking what it is.

Cennet insists that she’s loyal to Safiye.

Kösem tells Eycan (Eyjan) to go find Haci.

Cennet drags Eycan back into the laundry room, asking why she didn’t say anything.

Cennet wants her to talk? She can go tell Safiye how Cennet betrayed her. Yes, Eycan spied on Kösem and betrayed her, but she’s never doing it again. She’s on Kösem’s side now.

Sultana Showdown

Kösem and Haci run into Safiye and her entourage. Kösem won’t bow. She says she’ll never bow her head to anyone again.

Safiye says Kösem always ends up doing what she said she’d never do again. That’s how it works in the harem.

And the harem will be working differently once Safiye gets sent to the old Palace.

Safiye knows Kösem’s only confident because she has the Sultan’s protection. But one day, he may not be around. Will she be as brave then?

Is that her plan? To get Ahmed to stop loving her? That’s how she’s going to get rid of Kösem?

Safiye says Kösem’s only staying until she bears a son, but her grandson can get bored. Sooner or later he will. Her competition is Mahfiruz, but there are others.

She thinks she’s the only one in Ahmed’s heart? Is that why he’s sharing his room with other women. Does she think she’s irreplacable? That her light will never go out? Safiye’s watched so many lights, so many whims, disappear without a trace.

Kösem says she’s not one of them.

Not today, not now, but darkness will arrive one day.

As Team Safiye walks off, Bülbül smirks at Haci and gets him thinking…he’ll go investigate and find out what Safiye’s talking about.

Oh, no, Kösem will do it herself.

Ahmed’s room

Yep, he fell for the old “Hey, let me help you bathe” ploy and Kat’s massage skills. And now she’s snuggling up to him on the balcony post-sex.

Kösem can see them from downstairs. Why doesn’t Haci know that woman? How did she get in without Haci knowing it?

Haci says she got his attention in the bath. And he can’t stop the Sultan from taking women back to his room.


Haci comes to Derviş’s room to tell him his marriage is ready.

Bülbül tells Fahriye that she’s married to Derviş already. And good luck.

I have no idea how they got married without getting married. Maybe something got lost in translation?

Drama in the square

We’ve got a child, his father, and an older man whose name we eventually find out is Murat.

So, Murat caught the kid stealing and brought him back to his father. But Murat didn’t like that the dad’s reaction was to call the kid useless and try to get violent with the kid. Murat thinks the bigger punishment is having this guy for a dad. So he’s going to punish the dad…

In slow motion, with his cane. He takes down the dad and a few other guys before whipping the sword out of his cane and cutting the dad’s hand off. And the effects are so weird that somehow there’s a small table or a bench that’s in front of the big table where the guy’s hand ends up, but the legs of that table are sitting behind the larger table. They’ve blurred out the blood spurting out of the guy’s arm.

The kid’s name is Cihangir. Murat tells him to take a good look at his dad, because this is how he’s going to end up if he keeps stealing. He’d better memorize this so he never sets foot on the wrong path again. He passes the kid off to one of his guards and tells him to put the kid in school. And he wants “these pagans” in prison.

Someone starts up a chat for Kuyucu Murat Pasha’s long life.


Haci points out Katerina to Kösem. Well, she never wants Ahmed to see Katerina again. And Haci can avoid sending her to his room, but he can’t do anything about it if Ahmed asks for her.

Mahfiruz saunters up and says she’s heard the Sultan’s been smelling other flowers in his garden. She thought that was forbidden.

Kösem says it was just one night. Like Mahfiruz.

Halime has a chat with Kösem about jealousy in the harem. It happens to everyone, sooner or later. Some women kill themselves. Others, like Cennet, pay for it.

Kösem heard the story. Does Halime know something about that?

Sultan Mehmed held her in such high esteem that Safiye didn’t like it. She found a way to bring Halime down. Cennet was proud of herself for having been with the Sultan. She and Cennet couldn’t stand each other and everyone knew it. One night everyone woke up to Cennet’s screams. Someone put poison in her pillow.

And everyone thought Halime did it. Everyone pointed the finger at her. But she didn’t do it.

Who did, then? Safiye?

Who else?

But Cennet is loyal to her.

Safiye knows how to hide evidence. She took Cennet with her and hid her part in what happened.

So Cennet doesn’t know.

Halime asks if she’s trying to get Cennet on her side to tell all Safiye’s secrets.

Well, what’s Halime’s goal? Why tell her the story?

“You saved my son. I wanted to repay the favor. I don’t like being indebted.”

Kösem says Halime really hasn’t told her anything.

“Go to the old Palace. Find Kumru. She burned Cennet’s face. She knows what happened.”

Murat Pasha

After his performance in the square, he comes to see Ahmed. He wishes he had good news, but there are too many pantanos (swamps) to drain and a lot more mosquitoes to kill in Anatolia.

Yeah, yeah…Ahmed wants to hear about what happened in the square. Derviş is already a little giggly at how those guys had no idea who they were messing with. Ahmed adds that they probably just thought he was some random old guy.

Murat says appearances deceive. Like they were mistaken about him, many have also been mistaken about Ahmed. They thought he was too young for the throne. But now everybody knows what he’s done, they know what his goals are. And he hopes Allah will let Ahmed achieve them, one by one. Derviş agrees.

Personnel changes

Looks like Iskender’s moving in. Kösem stops to talk to him in the hallway, acting like she’d really rather he didn’t exist.

Iskender brings up the day they almost escaped and Kösem changed her mind.

She says she came back for Ahmed and she’s never regretted it. Even if she’s paying the price now.

Zülfikar comes up and Iskender hurriedly lowers his head. Kösem greets Zülfikar as Has Odabaşi and congratulates him on his new post.

Zülfikar says the Sultan should be there soon, but he’s horrified at the thought of Kösem waiting for him in his room. It’s against the rules!

Um…ok…she’ll wait outside, then. (Are we finally getting some decent security in the palace?!)

Zülfikar watches Iskender watching Kösem walking away and asks WTF he’s doing. They’re forbidden to talk to women. They’re forbidden even from looking at them! And especially the Sultan’s favorites. Does he have a death wish? Has he learned nothing?!

Ahmed’s room

Kösem asks permission to go to the old Palace and bring back Handan. She doesn’t want Ahmed’s justice to get in the way of his mercy. At the very least, Handan should be there for the wedding. (And the birth of her grandchild?)

New Mystery

Iskender and Lagari make their way through the market. Lagari thinks he’s found someone who can read the inscriptions on a shirt that might explain Iskender’s past.

The guy says it’s a powerful amulet.

Iskender wants to know who made it.

The guy says it’s signed by Selahattin de Uskudar. They can find him in a tavern behind the mosque of Mihrimah. But what do they want to find him for? ‘Cause this guy will buy it for 100gp.

Iskender says it’s not for sale.

Ahmed’s room

Zülfikar interrupts Murat Pasha and Safiye in the hallway to tell Murat Ahmed is ready to see him. Zülfikar’s about to go with him when Safiye stops him.

Is she wondering what he’s doing here? He’s Has Odabaşi now.

Safiye wonders how he got the job when there are so many capable men in the castle. She doesn’t wait for an answer and walks off in all her black and gold sequined majesty.

Zülfikar just stands there like he’s trying to convince himself he’s OK with her insulting him.

Ahmed and Kösem are wrapping up their conversation when Murat Pasha walks in. Ahmed greets him and then tells Kösem she knows what she’s supposed to do now. Kösem bows to Ahmed and to Murat, but Murat stops her. He’s heard about the beautiful Kösem and everything she’s done for the Ottoman empire. He calls her a Sultana, but Kösem says she’s not. Hey, after everything she’s done Murat thinks she’s the Sultana of Sultanas.

Kösem smiles and takes her leave again.

Ahmed gets comfortable and prepares to listen to Murat tell him what’s going on in Hungary.

The market

Iskender wants to go to Uskudar today, but Legari and that other guy say it’s too late.

The old palace

Handan’s unpleasantly surprised to see Kösem.

Kösem says she’s apologized repeatedly, but today she’s here to tell Handan that Ahmed has agreed to let her come over for one night before the wedding.

Handan bitterly complains that Ahmed sent Kösem to tell her this. And meanwhile Safiye gets to be free, doing whatever she wants.

Kösem says Safiye’s going to be in Handan’s place soon and Handan will be back in the palace. She’ll take care of it. She needs Handan’s help, though. Safiye has a secret. Something so dark it would destroy her. Kösem’s going to find it. She needs to talk to Kumru.

The Bachelorette

From behind a screen, Haci shows Cennet her potential suitors. One guy’s missing an eye, one’s a eunuch… Cennet swears the tides are going to turn one day.

Haci tells her to hurry up and pick one. He doesn’t have all day.

Cennet refuses to marry any of them, but she’d marry Haci if he wants.


Kumru’s heard of Kösem. Kösem gets right to the point–she needs to know about the time Kumru burned Cennet’s face. Who ordered her to do it?

Kumru says she can’t tell them.

Kösem figures she’s scared of Safiye. Handan says she’ll protect her. Safiye won’t touch her–she won’t even know.

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