La Sultana Wednesday 11/28/18 #22

Make way for the Sultana Madre!

That’s right, sultanas, Handan’s back! But it appears she’s just here to celebrate Fahriye’s wedding. She wishes Fahriye happiness now that she’s married (yeah, I know, I don’t get it either). Although, she pales in comparison to Safiye. Anyone would think it’s really her wedding. *smirk*

Kösem pulls Cennet away from the festivities. There’s someone here she needs to see. Someone she used to know.

In the hallway, Cennet gets suspicious and decides to go back.

But doesn’t she want to know who burned her face?

Cennet still thinks this is a trick, but she follows Kösem.

In the laundry room Kumru’s waiting. She tells Cennet it was her.

The other party

Ahmed’s hanging out in his room, watching a bunch of women dance. Haci comes in with the news that Handan’s in the palace. Ahmed so doesn’t care.

Laundry Room

Kumru says she’s the one who put the poison in Cennet’s pillow. But it was done to stop Halime. Cennet was an innocent victim.

Cennet screams at her to go back wherever she’s been hiding all these years.

She starts to leave, screaming that she always knew Kumru had done it.

But did she know it was on Safiye’s orders?

Cennet swears it’s a lie and starts choking Kumru, but it’s like she’s off somewhere else. Kösem finally gets her to stop.


Two guards come into Şahin’s cell. Şahin has barely been eating or moving the whole time he’s been there, but suddenly he’s able to take out two armed men. And then he calls out for the real guards to deal with the impostors.

Ahmed’s balcony

Handan and her teary eyes thank Ahmed for forgiving her and letting her come to the palace.

She’s not forgiven, actually, and she’s only here for the wedding. And because Kösem asked.

Handan has apparently written him a bunch of letters explaining why she did what she did. They were trying to put Mustafá on the throne. What was she supposed to do, as Sultana Madre?

Ahmed says nobody’s allowed to give orders under his name. And if he had come home and found Mustafá on the throne, what was he supposed to do? Kill him? He’s just a kid! And if Mustafá had died in Ahmed’s name, he’d be no better than his father. Is that what Handan wants?

She admits she doesn’t and asks his forgiveness again. She swears it won’t happen again.

Ahmed says nothing and goes back inside.

Safiye’s room

Ahmed is announced and comes in to pin a brooch on his aunt and wish her peace and happiness.

The after-party

Bülbül’s looking for Cennet. No one has seen her, so Bülbül loudly tells Katerina to get ready–the Sultan asked for her. Kösem glares at him.

She nearly runs to Ahmed’s room and asks Zülfikar to let her in.

The poor guy is so embarrassed to tell her the Sultan is…busy…she should, uh, come back later.

She nods, starts to walk off, and then pulls a Kösem and dashes in the second Zülfikar’s back is turned. He’s annoyed, but he doesn’t follow.

In Ahmed’s room, Kösem gives him a determined look before snogging him. And he’s into it, but it still seems kind of…disrespectful? I mean, they’re not interchangeable, so did he want Katerina or did he just want sex?

When Bülbül shows up with Katerina, Zülfikar says he’s sorry, but the Sultan is with Kösem now.

“But he told me himself! Go get Katerina and prepare her!”

Well, OK, but Kösem snuck in and there was nothing Zülfikar could do about it. He’s not going to repeat himself–they need to go

The other after-party

Fahriye, aka The Bride of Disco, is waiting for Derviş somewhere that doesn’t look like either of their rooms.

She immediately lays down the law. This is a marriage only on paper. He’s not allowed to come to her bed or touch her without her permission. She won’t meddle in his affairs and he won’t meddle in hers. He already knows her heart belongs to another.

And who said he wanted to sleep with her? This is just a political union. Did she never bother to think his heart might also belong to another?

I hope this is another night

Mahfiruz II is giving birth. Everyone can hear her out in the hallway. The midwife’s telling her to push.

Safiye comes down the hallway and says it won’t be long now. She’s wearing red again. And a ruby tiara. Because why wouldn’t you wear a ruby tiara when your great-grandchild is making their big entrance?

They hear the baby crying and Ahmed rushes in. the kid’s got good lungs. He barely looks at Mahfiruz. And everyone out in the hallway is just dying to know if it’s a boy or a girl (I’m not sure how they felt about there being more than two options).

Haci taps Bülbül on the shoulder to step aside and make space for Kösem.

Ahmed takes the baby, thanks Allah, and declares that the baby’s name is Osman.

Out in the hallway Dilruba, Halime and Menekşe all look devastated. And Kösem isn’t looking too good either.


In the morning, Derviş goes to wake up Fahriye so she can see the new baby, but instead there’s some random servant in her bed. She had no idea where Fahriye is–she just told her to get in bed and sleep.

Fahriye’s out having another clandestine meeting with Mehmed. He’s ready to run.


Safiye gets up on that balcony across the hall from the harem to present Osman to the women.

Kösem scowls. Cennet approaches with a similar scowl and asks if Kösem wants to bring down Safiye. She pulls the ring out of her bodice, hands it to Kösem, and whispers that the one who infected Ahmed and Mustafá with smallpox was Fahriye. That’s Safiye’s big secret.

Kösem looks surprised for a minute, then puts on her mom’s ring.


I don’t know where Kösem’s going, but she’s in a carriage with Haci and she’s disgusted by Fahriye’s cruelty. She’s gonna get what she deserves, though.

Haci tells her to be careful–Fahriye’s a sultana. Kösem can’t accuse her without proof. (Why not? It works for everyone else.)

OK, then, Kösem will find proof.


Derviş assures Safiye that he’ll find Fahriye, but he doesn’t know how to keep Ahmed from finding out.

Safiye says this is a matter of honor, so he’d better keep his mouth shut. She orders Cennet to make sure no one knows.

Just outside the room, Cennet sees Kösem and Haci. They’re not supposed to be here (wherever “here”is). Safiye might see them.

But what’s Safiye doing there?

Cennet says Fahriye has gone missing.

And now Derviş is questioning the guards. What do they mean Mehmed’s not here? They noticed he was missing this morning.

Derviş decks the soldier who said it and tells the rest of them to question everyone and figure out who Mehmed bribed.

Back in her own room, Safiye’s upset that Fahriye’s going to accomplish what their enemies couldn’t and bring about the end. Cennet gives an unenthusiastic “Allah wouldn’t let that happen.”

Ahmed’s arrival is announced. He walks in with Haci and asks how Fahriye’s doing–he heard Safiye visited her.

Um…right…well…she didn’t want to get married at first, but now she’s accepted it.

Really? Because he heard a rumor that she had escaped. So he was wondering if it was true.

Safiye is outraged! Outraged, I tell you! Who would spread such a lie? Of course it’s not true! Unless…well, she argued with Derviş last night and since she left in the morning without telling anyone, they might have thought she was running away. But she just went to Sultan Eyup’s mosque to pray and reflect.

So what Safiye’s saying is that Fahriye is not satisfied with what Ahmed thought was appropriate for her?

Well, Safiye warned him. But, um, Fahriye will start acting like a sultana.

Ahmed’s going to visit her tonight and talk to her himself.


Mehmed and Fahriye are on a boat. Fahriye guesses they’re waiting for Şahin.

Mehmed says it’s all arranged–Reyhan will get him out of prison, bring him here, and they’ll all leave. He can’t turn his back on Şahin.

She’s leaving behind everything she has, and he can’t leave Şahin?


Cennet reports that everything’s going according to plan. Ahmed came to see Safiye and she lied to his face.

Kösem says now they’ve gotta go find Fahriye or it will all be for nothing.

Cennet thinks it’s better to let the Sultan’s men look for her–they’ll find her no matter where she is.

Future Sultana Showdown

Kösem gets to her room and finds out Katerina’s her new roomie. Aw, hell no!

She barges into Ahmed’s room, which Zülfikar apologizes for. Kösem starts pouting that she doesn’t want Katerina in her room, much less in the palace.

Ahmed ignores her complaint and tells her to get ready–he’s visiting Fahriye tonight and he wants Kösem to come with him.

“And Katerina?”

He says he’ll deal with that later and sends her back to her room with a kiss on the cheek.

Here we go again

Baby Osman is hanging out in his bassinet while Mahfiruz is completely conked out. Halime hovers over him, which can’t mean anything good.

Handan and Haci are heading for the baby’s room. Handan’s thrilled that she gets to see her grandson, but she recognizes the two female servants waiting outside the room and gets nervous.

Handan rushes in and asks Halime what she’s doing. Mahfiruz wakes up, wondering the same thing.

Halime holds up the evil eye charm in her hand and pins it to the netting over the bassinet.

She reminds Handan that she’s not the one who tried to kill someone and got exiled for it.


Murat brought something he hopes Ahmed will consider a humble gift from him.

It’s the sword of a humble man. It was used in Suleyman’s last campaign at the Battle of Szigetvár. It’s called The Sword of Victory.

Before Ahmed can play with his new toy, Yigalizade Pasha shows up with bad news. Nasuh Pasha was routed by the Celali and they ordered the Governor of Anatolia’s head cut off.


A guard finds Şahin apparently passed out in his cell. This time it’s the real jailbreak. He steals a sword and Reyhan cowers behind him with his basket of bread. Şahin’s ready to throw down, but Derviş shows up.

“You never give up, do you?”

“How’s your wife? I heard she escaped on her first night with you!” (Aw, damn, it really did all go down in one night!)

Well, Derviş is ready to strangle Şahin with his own hands. Everyone will think he died escaping unless….

Unless Şahin tells them where to find Fahriye.

Reyhan comes back to the boat to tell Mehmed that Şahin got caught escaping and he needs help. So off Mehmed is ready go, but Fahriye begs him not to. It could be a trick!

Mehmed tells her he won’t be gone long.

Off he goes, ending up somewhere that doesn’t look like the prison…and Şahin looks like he’s had access to a shower and some hair product. Reyhan locks them both into the room together. Şahin explains that Derviş has just captured them both.

Şahin traded their lives and their freedom for Fahriye.

Mehmed starts pulling on the door, but Reyhan won’t let him out.

Derviş comes to the boat and tells Fahriye that Mehmed–the one she tried to kill Ahmed for, the one she trashed her honor for–betrayed her. He traded her for his brother. They’re going back to the castle now.


Ahmed and Kösem are waiting for the newlyweds to arrive. Kösem’s completely confident Fahriye won’t be there.

Derviş arrives and apologizes, but the Sultana isn’t feeling well.

Fahriye comes rushing in. Ahmed thinks she looks pale, but Fahriye says she’s just a little tired. It’s their honor to have the Sultan as their guest. As Fahriye and Kösem bow to each other, Kösem notices the hem of Fahriye’s dress is wet.

Fahriye tells the servants to hurry it up. Kösem saunters up and says Fahriye sure did get there in time. Was she coming from far away? Kösem points to her muddy hem.

Fahriye tells her to shut it and mind her own business or she’ll be sorry.

Oh, Kösem doesn’t have a problem with her. Fahriye looks disbelieving as she walks away from Kösem.


Ahmed is announced in the hallway. Katerina makes sure to catch his eye while everyone else is bowing. Ahmed keeps on walking.

Alone at last

Fahriye demands to know what Derviş did to Mehmed. He can’t believe she’s still worried about him when he doesn’t care about her. He gave her up in exchange for Şahin.

Fahriye goes from attacking him to trying to cry on his shoulder about wanting to die. She faints into his arms and he lays her down on the couch.

Safiye’s room

Safiye wants to know what Kösem was doing at Fahriye’s palace. (Wait, she got her own palace? She got her own palace AND Derviş? Talk about rewarding bad behavior!)

Kösem says Ahmed wanted to visit Fahriye and he asked her to come with him.

He must have been gratified to see her with his own eyes.

Yeah, she got back just in time. Derviş did a great job of pretending everything was fine. Fortune smiled on Safiye today, but later?

Safiye’s eyes slide over to Bülbül for a second before she tells Kösem that instead of sticking her nose in Safiye’s affairs, she should be giving birth to a prince. A prince could be useful to her.

Maybe everyone else is obligated to go up the stairs one step at a time, like Safiye did, but Kösem doesn’t need to. She can’t be compared to anyone else.


Oh great. Ahmed’s got shoulder tension again. Which certainly doesn’t involve his lips, but whatever.

In the harem, Eycan tells Kösem that descarada (shameless) Katerina went to the Sultan’s rooms AGAIN!

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