Entre Dos Amores Monday 11/26/18 #25


Inci gets back and finds the sculpture Neriman made, but no Neriman. Inci’s assistant hands over the folder of sketches.


The first people to see Nezahat’s makeover are Cihan and Sinasi. Cihan says nothing. Sinasi says “What have you done to yourself.”

Cihan tells her she looks good and keeps her from pulling the clip out of her hair.

Nezahat walks away in a daze, muttering that he said her name differently.


Neriman comes over to tell her about the latest Macit run-in.

Fahriye’s sure Neriman’s scared of Macit.

Neriman insists it’s that she can’t forget all the jerky things he’s done. Fahriye challenges Neriman to remember just one nice thing, something exciting–she knows Neriman loves being with him.

And if Neriman doesn’t then she should be fine right now, right? It’s Macit who should have a stomach ache.

Macit calls. Neriman ignores it. He pulls over and texts.

“I’m waiting at the café on the beach. If you don’t show up, I’ll see you in front of your house.”

Fahriye’s sure he’ll follow through with that.


Neriman shows up. She and Macit sit at a table. Sinasi joins them.

Wait, did that just happen? Neriman thought bubbles that a knife doesn’t know how to cut without drawing blood and patience doesn’t know it can destroy a mountain and if it were an ocean it wouldn’t work. What stone will fall apart with a tear?

The guys get all obnoxiously macho. Sinasi tries to tell Macit to stay away from Neriman. He tries to make Neriman leave. She says he’s embarrassing her.

When he’s gone, Neriman wants Macit to just say whatever he came to say and go. She doesn’t want to leave it for “another time.” There won’t be another time, another place, or another meeting. There’s nothing between them, there never was, and there never will be.

Macit says they have had good times together. He asks if Neriman wants to leave.

She says she doesn’t want to stay.

He walks off without another word.


Zehra’s still at the house when Neriman and Fahriye get there. Fahriye mouths off about how anxious Zehra must be, not knowing if they’re mistreating Asli at that house. Why don’t they all sit down and talk about it. But everything’s fine, right?

Gulter tells her to ignore the girls. She goes upstairs to scold them later, saying all they have to do is just not bother Zehra. Is that so much to ask?

Neriman says they’re trying to understand her.

Well, they’d have to have kids of their own for that. (What a cop-out!)

Neriman tells Fahriye she already said some things to Zehra this morning, so…oops.

Anyway…Sinasi showed up at the café, he and Macit had a huge fight, and it was a total disaster.

Well, Fahriye sure does think Sinasi’s fighting for his love. What? If she ever doubts him, may she turn to stone!

Neriman says Sinasi hit the table.

Yeah, good thing it wasn’t Macit’s face. And did she talk to Macit?

No, because there’s nothing to talk about. He thinks he’s in love with her and she doesn’t think she’s in love with him.

Neriman doesn’t want to talk about Macit anymore. She doesn’t even think they’ll see each other again. Listening at the door, Gulter sighs in relief.


Onur comes to Macit’s office to try to talk to him about Pelin.

About their fake relationship? Yeah, Macit already knew that.

Onur tells him Pelin heard him on the phone and had an anxiety attack. Who was he talking to? Neriman?

Macit answers him with a heavy sigh. He really doesn’t want to talk about it.

Onur begs him not to be angry with Pelin. She’s already been through enough.

If she wants to play around, she can face the consequences.

Pelin comes in and gives Onur a fake “Hey, babe!” shoulder rub. Onur pulls her hand away and she looks at Macit like she knows that he knows.

Pelin tries to say it was a joke, but Onur took it seriously.

Macit tells her to quit acting like a kid. He’s bored and he doesn’t want to listen to any more of this. He doesn’t want to upset her any further, so can they just forget it?

Pelin doesn’t want him feeling sorry for her.

Sahika sees her stumbling out of Macit’s office and gets her to sit down. Pelin asks if they know each other.

Onur’s upset at Macit for yelling at Pelin. Macit says Pelin has been acting like that since she was five, but what about him?

Out in the lobby area, Pelin asks Onur to get her out of there. Sahika watches them walk out and sips the glass of water she brought for Pelin herself.

Pelin’s dad comes to Macit’s office to ask where Pelin is. Nothing happened that would upset her…right? Selim’s visitors arrive and he cuts the conversation short, reminding Macit that when he first started dating Pelin Selim told him to take care of her.

Casa Zehra

Zehra is not a fan of the makeover. She tells Nezahat that she’s just trying to look like Neriman. She’s got all this stuff going on with Asli and Nezahat’s thinking about her hair.

If she left her hair alone, would that bring Asli back? Is she the one who left her there? She actually smiled today, but a little bit of happiness is just too good for her, right? She’s insignificant Nezahat.

She grabs the scissors and cuts off a lock of hair, sobbing that she has to suffer for everyone in this house and she can never be happy.


Onur takes Pelin out for coffee. She wants to know when this feeling will end.

Sure, whenever she’s brave enough to want it to. He says he did forget the woman he loved.

But Pelin insists love can’t be forgotten.

Onur says he did forget. He even wants to start a new relationship, but he’s going to have to wait.

Pelin feels sorry for her–the shadow of his love will always be between them. And wouldn’t he go running back to his old love if she said she needed him?

Onur changes the topic–she does know Macit has a reason for being angry at her.

Pelin knows, but she thinks the reason is “love.” She doesn’t think she’ll ever be able to live without Macit.


Sahika’s walking home when a guy whistles at her. Cihan gets rid of the guy and his friend and asks Sahika in to have a dessert.

Cihan just watches Sahika eating and says he can’t have any because he has diabetes and his blood sugar will spike. Yes, really, he’s using “I have diabetes” as a pickup line.

Not to be outdone, Sahika feeds him a bite because, you know, he might be trying to poison her.

Casa Neriman

Gulter is annoyed that Sahika’s sprawled on the couch in short shorts while Neriman practices her sketching. Someone could see! Someone like Faiz, who walks in and makes a face before asking Gulter where his glasses are.

Neriman and Fahriye head for Neriman’s room. No, Macit hasn’t called. And Fahriye doesn’t think he will, now that she’s gotten rid of him. Why does Neriman think it’s impossible for Macit to be in love with her?

All they did was dance and paint a picture.

Fahriye makes a joke about Swiss scientists saying love at first sight doesn’t exist.

Casa Zehra

Nezahat’s still upset. Zehra tells her Sinasi hasn’t come home all day and he’s not taking her calls.

Nezahat tries, but Sinasi’s phone is off.

Cihan goes over to Neriman’s to pick up Fahriye, but gets a call from Nezahat and decides he’ll go look for Sinasi first and then take Fahriye home after.

Casa Kader

Mete’s dad finds out Asli’s pregnant, but he scolds Kader for telling him in front of Asli. He wishes blessings for her and Asli thanks him.

He goes into the bathroom and Kader gets really weird about not wanting Asli to act so innocent when they all know what she’s really like. She’d send her back to her mom’s but they don’t want her either. She wanted Asli to set the table for dinner, but now she sends her to her room and tells her not to come out. Somewhere in the middle of all that ranting, Kader’s face stopped looking like a face to me.

When Kader’s husband comes out of the bathroom, she tells him the “princess” decided she’s not coming to dinner and they should bring her a tray. He’s totally on board with her resting, but according to Kader, that’s all she does all day.

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Linda F.
Linda F.

Great recap—thanks, Kat! One thing I wasn’t sure about: how did Sinasi happen to be at that cafe when Neriman and Macit arrived? Had he followed Neriman there, or was it a coincidental encounter?

Autora/ Author

I got the impression it was coincidence. Wasn’t there a shot of him watching the boats right before Macit and Neriman got there?

Autora/ Author

Thanks, Kat!

Nezahat is becoming one of my favorite characters.