Entre Dos Amores Tuesday 11/27/18 #26

Sahika puts an end to the worrying about Sinasi by pulling out a tambourine and a scarf for an impromptu dance party. Gulter gets dragged into it.

Big orange cat! And Sinasi’s feeling sorry for himself. Cihan gets him to go home.

I feel like we already got an explanation about the business stuff, but Kerim goes over it again with Inci. He lost a bunch of money in the stock market and a foreign investor(s?) got a bunch of his shares, making Selim the majority shareholder. Selim will split up his shares and give some to Pelin as soon as she marries Macit. It’s their only way out.

Macit comes to breakfast and they both start pushing him to get back together with Pelin again.

Nezahat bugs Sinasi about going back to school. He says he doesn’t have any motivation because some guy came along and took away all his dreams. (You know what? Screw this guy. He’s whining about Macit taking away his dreams? He forced his sister to marry a rapist with an abusive mother. Was he worried about her dreams? Does he care that Nezahat’s practically invisible to everyone including their mother? Screw your whining, Sinasi! I’ve had it with you!)

Mostly for our benefit and because Emre told Asli to be thankful she’s pregnant or he’d re-enact what happened the day he raped her, we get a flashback to that day. And he seriously thinks he did nothing wrong and she was just exaggerating.

Pelin apologizes for the millionth time and gets Macit to look through a client file with her.

Zehra is trying to keep Sinasi away from Kader’s house, but she’s running out of excuses. She’s afraid if Sinasi finds out he’ll kill Emre and end up in prison.

Based on her sketches, Inci decides to give Neriman the scholarship and tells the woman at the studio to call her.

Cemal (Cihan’s boss) has a thing for Gulter. He flirts by following her into the butcher’s shop and recommending what he thinks is the best-looking liver in the case.

Sinasi gets Neriman to meet him at a café to whine that he hates seeing her with Macit, and whine that they’ve changed, and whine about love hurting everyone, and whine about never telling her how much he loved her. Before she leaves, she tells him she’s not with Macit.

Pelin’s mom thinks Duygu’s been upset lately because of Onur. Pelin says Onur would never go for someone like her. Duygu agrees. He likes girls more like Pelin. That’s what she was saying, right? But she didn’t want to put it that way so Duygu wouldn’t get offended? What? She’s not offended.

Sahika tells Neriman she’s never going to understand someone just by thinking. Neriman talks about wanting a window, air, freedom, to be with someone she feels like she can trust unconditionally, and a love that isn’t going to victimize her. Sahika says that sounds like a little of Sinasi and a little of Macit. She also tells her to trust no one.

Someone texts Pelin a picture of Onur and Macit and she drags Duygu out with her to crash their outing. Do I even need to mention it doesn’t end well? Someone snaps a picture of Macit kissing Pelin on the cheek that will probably end up in the paper tomorrow. Then she starts bugging Macit about Neriman and he leaves.

At least we get to end with Nezahat and Sinasi sitting on their front steps and singing together.

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