Entre Dos Amores Friday 11/30/18 #29

Tea with the in-laws is almost predictably bad. It’s not even that Sinasi figured out his brother in-law is a rapist He’s angry with him for saying he and Asli have lots of “fun,” which Sinasi thinks means he’s not taking the marriage seriously. And then when Asli goes to make tea for everyone else, he yells at her to bring him water…and when she does he hands it back, saying it’s not cold.

Sinasi kicks Asli out of the kitchen so he can break Kader’s kitchenware over Emre’s head. At least, that’s what it sounds like. Kader calls the cops.

Neriman whines to Sahika about what she’s doing. Hey, Sahika just needed a job. If Neriman can find her one better than what she has, sure, she’ll quit.

Pelin texts Neriman an apology for earlier and says she…uh, Macit, will be waiting for her at the company tomorrow afternoon.

When Duygu comes in to see what Pelin’s doing, she smarms that she’s getting ready for tomorrow’s meeting. She can’t leave everything to Macit.

The cops take both Emre and Sinasi in. Emre looks like he got the worst of the damage. Kader’s husband and Nezahat have to keep Kader and Zehra from having their own fight out in front of the house. Asli’s in tears. And once Zehra gets into the car with Emre, her husband just sort of wanders back inside.

Sinasi calls Neriman’s house from the station and all four of them end up going over. They all just kind of stare at each other when they arrive. So much for saying Asli “had” to get married to avoid a scandal.

Macit’s annoyed that Inci comes to his room to talk about Pelin yet again. Look, he’s done with Neriman, he and Pelin are back to normal, and he doesn’t know what the hell his dad did to screw up the company, but he’s doing what he needs to do. Not that he’s going to keep living the way they do forever.

Inci gives him this weird speech about being used to being at the top of the food chain and how he should protect his space.

So, Faiz’s job at the police station is to use his Jedi mind powers to convince the cops that there’s nothing to see here and both families can go about their business with a handshake.

And then he has to convince both families to quit arguing in front of the police station and go home.

Asli asks Faiz where her home is. Emre starts barking at her and Sinasi comes up and puts his arm around her shoulders, saying “let’s go home.”

In the morning, Neriman asks Faiz if anybody ever said what happened. Gulter is convinced Sinasi couldn’t stand Kader. All Faiz knows is that nobody would say what happened and the guys shook hands, but it was forced.

Gulter’s feeling sorry for Asli, moving back home and pregnant. Neriman snaps at her that they wouldn’t have had to go get Asli out of there if they hadn’t forced her to get married in the first place. She’s tired of this!

At Arcaoglu Tekstil everyone’s preparing for the big meeting. Except for Pelin who’s preparing for the scene that’s going to interrupt the big meeting.

Gulter’s on her way over to Zehra’s and too anxious to wait for Neriman to change. Neriman gets another text from “Macit.” She feels like she has to go so she can “cut the tie” between them, aka Sahika. In that case, Fahriye goes looking for a different dress so everyone can see “the real Neriman.”

The big meeting gets underway at the same time Neriman and Fahriye arrive at the company. Pelin texts Neriman from her computer and says “Macit” can’t meet her.

Neriman gets the text…

Macit signs the contract…

Pelin looks nervous…

Neriman heads for the conference room…

The guy from the other company is looking for the appendices mentioned in the contract…

Everyone in the meeting hears the fuss out in the hallway…

Macit comes to the door and Neriman screams that she’s not his toy…

And that’s the end of the meeting. Neriman apologizes–she had no idea he would be in a meeting. No one seems to find Pelin’s smirk incriminating.

Sahika sees Fahriye and asks what happened. Fahriye says Neriman wanted to talk to Macit and they had no idea he was in a meeting! She begs for help.

Macit asks what Neriman’s doing there. She’s about to say something about the texts when Pelin interrupts because she can’t imagine why he doesn’t just throw her out already. Which he finally does. And nobody notices or cares about Pelin’s smirk.

Sinasi’s on his way out of the house. He tells his mom if Emre shows up wanting to take Asli, tell him he’ll have to talk to Sinasi first.

Sahika gives Neriman a scolding for ruining a big contract. Well, Neriman didn’t know! Well, she could have asked and Sahika would have told her!

In the conference room, Pelin’s just torching everything. She complains about how much work she put in and how she’s gonna tell his daddy and her daddy what happened and he’d better get this contract back if he wants to have a job here.

Pelin walks out of the conference room and gloats that Neriman has finally shown Macit how little class she has. She feels responsible for inviting Neriman to that party. Macit walks out and growls that he’ll be in his office. Pelin goes after him. Sahika scolds Neriman again.

On their way out, Cihan calls Fahriye to ask where they are, on Sinasi’s behalf. Gulter had mentioned they were coming over to Zehra’s. Fahriye gets away with saying they were just visiting Sahika at work.

They’re all standing in the driveway outside Arcaoglu and Selim shows up, staring at all of them. He gets stuck on how much Neriman looks like his sister and wants to shake her hand before she leaves. Then he kisses her on the forehead and tells her to take care of himself.

Sahika tells him she was asked to escort Neriman to the door because Pelin threw her out. Ooh, Selim does not look happy!

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