Entre Dos Amores Thursday 11/29/18 #28

Whoops! I misunderstood Pelin’s texting shenanigans. She texted Neriman from her phone and claimed she was Macit and this was her, uh his, new number.

Fahriye thinks Neriman should jump at the chance to get together with Macit and tell him if he fires Sahika, they’re even. And then she feels bad for saying it.

Pelin seems to think that what she’s doing is going to make Neriman get sick of Macit.

Sahika tries to interest Neriman in what’s going on at the company, but Neriman insists she doesn’t care.

Nezahat wants some new clothes. Zehra doesn’t see what for since she never goes anywhere.

Wrong answer! Nezahat gives her door a teen-worthy slam and does it again when Zehra tells her not to slam the door like that again. She brings out bags of her old clothes and says if her mom likes them so much, she can wear them herself!

In the middle of all that, Sinasi actually left for school and he wants to know when they can see Asli. So Zehra’s all freaking out about not knowing who to worry about. I should have sympathy as a person who also worries a lot, but mostly I’m thinking “Stop worrying and DO SOMETHING!”

As Sahika gets ready for work, Neriman bugs her about what she’s doing. Sahika says she’s just surviving. And no worries, because Macit only cares about Neriman…for now. She should watch it with Pelin. A woman in “love” is a threat and a powerful woman who’s in “love” is merciless.

Fahriye bursts in with the paper. From one stupid little kiss on the cheek, the journalist thinks this confirms Pelin and Macit’s relationship? And more importantly–it convinces Fahriye?

Pelin admits to her mom that she knew Macit was at the bar, but she didn’t know the press was. She calls Macit about the picture and Inci hands the paper to Macit.

Inci’s still thinking about Neriman’s words. She may be talented, but she’s arrogant and she made Inci feel “very uncomfortable.”

Macit tells her everything starts that way–anger, reaction, curiosity. I think…I dunno, is he saying Inci’s about to be as “obsessed” as she says he is?

Neriman visits Faiz’s office. He’s getting all philosophical about love. Neriman wonders what would have happened if her mom didn’t leave everything behind. Eh, he would have kept on loving her. Because love never changes or gets old.

Cihan and Sahika are heading for Faiz’s house. She asks him about the guy in the fancy car and he says he was there looking for Sinasi. When Sinasi himself approaches, Sahika takes off.

Neriman has decided she’s done with art, she’s never painting again, and she’s not going to apply to school. Sinasi calls so they can go out and actually have a chance to talk and Neriman accepts.

Kerim comes to Macit’s office and admits they’re losing the company.

Pelin goes to Onur’s office and recognizes Sahika. She should really listen to herself ’cause she sounds pretty damn petty–what’s a woman who lives in Neriman’s house doing working in my company. She throws a tantrum and leaves Onur’s office and Onur gives Sahika a “Way to go!” like she’s the one who made this a bad situation.

Kerim warns Macit that if he’s not careful he’s going to end up with Pelin as his new boss.

Pelin comes to Macit’s office to complain about Sahika working there and say Macit isn’t supposed to make decisions without consulting her.

At the café, Neriman’s back to asking Sinasi not to leave her again.

Pelin and Macit also go out for coffee. She wants Sahika fired, which he won’t agree to, and for things to be the way they were before. And Macit agrees to also wanting things to be the way they were before, but I don’t think they agree on what that means.

Since Asli’s not being tortured enough, Kader demands she take down some blankets from above the armoire in Mete’s room, air them out, and hang them up again. She acts like she’s never heard that pregnant women aren’t supposed to reach for things overhead and mocks Asli for “getting pregnant” to get out of working, which Kader isn’t going to let happen.

Zehra gets Nezahat to call Kader’s house for her. Emre comes in as Zehra’s telling her they can’t come over tonight. But Emre doesn’t see why not. And then he goes into his bedroom and asks Asli what she’s doing up on a chair, reaching for the blankets. And that lying troll says she told Asli not to do that, but Asli doesn’t listen! Emre warns her not to let anything happen to “his” baby.

On the way back from the café, Neriman tells Sinasi she’s not going to take classes at the studio. There was a mistake and she didn’t get the scholarship. She tosses her portfolio in the trash and maybe it’s just that I can’t stand him, but I swear he smiled.

When Macit and Pelin get back to the office Onur reminds them they’re supposed to be meeting with the largest textile company in the world and the only part of their presentation that’s ready is the financials.

Faiz is still harping on about visiting Sahika’s workplace and Gulter puts him off again. She’s still freaking out about it and Neriman has decided this is all her (Neriman’s) fault.

Instead of paying attention in the meeting with Macit and Onur, Pelin is texting Neriman, as Macit, to meet her at the usual place at 4. And then, after 4, she texts Neriman that she had something important come up.

Onur is surprised at how well Macit and Pelin are getting along. Macit says it’s difficult and he had to tell her he wanted things to get back to the way they used to be.

Neriman’s irritated with Sahika and she’s blaming it on Sahika. But the only specific thing she says is that if Macit asks about her, she should tell him Neriman wants nothing to do with him.

Sinasi and family arrive at Kader’s.

At dinner, Faiz starts up again about visiting Sahika’s work and having tea. She asks him, out of curiosity, did he ever see his brother-in-law Selim after the death of his wife?

No and he hopes never to see him again.

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