Entre Dos Amores Wednesday 11/28/18 #27

This morning, when Faiz asks for a business card from Sahika’s work, she actually has one. She gives it to Gulter and says Faiz is going to need his blood pressure medicine if he wants to come visit.

Gulter lies to Faiz about Sahika having forgotten the business card again. She runs upstairs to confront Sahika and so far Neriman’s only objection is that her dad is going to freak out.

I’m considering the theory that Özlem’s dad is looking for Sahika confirmed. Nihan shows up at the café looking for Sinasi’s house and she takes off in the other direction.

Fahriye gets to Neriman’s house and finds out about Sahika’s new job. Her brilliant idea is to get Sahika fired before Neriman’s dad finds out.

Sahika calls Denise, but she didn’t tell Nihat where to find her.

Özlem has gone to Vienna to continue her education, but she played Sinasi’s song for her dad and he wants to buy it. He offers 15,000 lira, but Cihan shows up and starts negotiation for 20K. And he wants it in cash. Nihat agrees to the deal.

The guys wait for Nihat’s car to be out of sight before they celebrate. Cihan tells Sinasi he wants him to get back to school and finish his degree!

Neriman and Fahriye try calling Macit, but he’s not answering. Her phone rings and it’s the woman from the studio, telling Neriman that she won the scholarship to study with Inci.

Faiz is kind of grumpy about someone buying Sinasi’s songs. He complains about filling pockets and emptying hearts.

Neriman’s on her way to the studio when she runs into Sinasi. They tell each other their news. She tells him she’s not with Macit. He tells her Özlem moved to Vienna. Sinasi decides to hang out with Neriman for the rest of the day.

Macit wants to take his mom to lunch, but she’s waiting to meet her new student before they leave.

Neriman runs into Macit in Inci’s office. She’s convinced he’s there for her. When Inci comes in, Macit introduces her as his mother. It slowly dawns on Inci and Neriman who the other is. At least Macit’s finding it amusing.

Neriman takes her sketches back, insisting she doesn’t want to be indebted to Macit. She thought she had actual talent. And maybe Inci could get it through Macit’s skull that she never wants to see him again.

Sinasi had been waiting outside for Neriman, but she can’t find him when she leaves. She takes a taxi and Macit follows her. Sinasi watches Macit’s car speeding off before he gets the text from Neriman saying she had something to do.

Pelin’s looking for Macit…but who cares because what’s really funny is that Pelin and Sahika are wearing nearly the same outfit. Seems like everyone’s looking for Macit. But Kerim is easily distracted by Sahika.

Macit follows Neriman to that café by the water and watches her throw her sketches in. I’m gonna need a minute.

Back at the house she tells Fahriye that Macit and his mom were both sneering at her and expecting her to be all grateful. (Are we watching the same show?) She’s pissed that she tried to get out once again and failed and the only one who knows her is Sinasi, but he wants her to be a bored Neriman without any ideals of her own.

Gulter interrupts–the two of them are always so good at cooking up plots to sneak out of the house and she expects them to hurry up and do something to solve the “Sahika’s working at Arcaoglu” problem.

Sahika gets home and gets a guilt trip from everyone, but she refuses to quit. She’s supposed to be grateful they took her in? Well, too bad. She’s an ingrate! The idea of getting Sahika to leave without her having to quit gets floated again.

Sinasi’s complaining to Cihan yet again about how Neriman said she wasn’t with Macit and suddenly there he was and he’s just the ex and obviously Macit’s the new guy. Cihan tells him to take all that and make a song out of it.

Macit rescued the sketches. He ignores a call from Pelin while he looks them over. He looks at a sketch of Fahriye and smiles, remembering that Fahriye told Neriman to say “hi” for her.

Inci’s thinking about what Neriman said. Pelin calls her now, saying she’s worried about Macit. He didn’t have a good day? It’s because of Neriman, right?

Pelin’s angry that Neriman’s the one who doesn’t want to see Macit.

Macit wonders how Inci knew who Neriman was.

Pelin gets Neriman’s number from Duygu’s phone while Duygu’s studying about the Great Lakes.

Macit confronts Inci–if she’d wanted to meet Neriman, he could have introduced her!

To a girl who never wanted to see him again? She thinks he needs to give up his Neriman obsession. But she does have a lot of talent…and she’s arrogant…and she doesn’t belong in their world.

Macit mockingly agrees with her.

Pelin texts Macit, pretending to be Neriman, and says she’s changed her mind about getting together. (All you had to do was nothing, Pelin!)

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Linda F.
Linda F.

Kat, this part of your recap (and the episode) is where I thought Inci was admitting that she maneuvered to meet Neriman (while still acknowledging that she had talent):

“Macit confronts Inci–if she’d wanted to meet Neriman, he could have introduced her!

To a girl who never wanted to see him again? She thinks he needs to give up his Neriman obsession.”

Macit clearly thinks that Inci arranged things so she could check out Neriman, and Inci didn’t deny it. That’s why I thought that she already knew that her scholarship student was “Macit’s Neriman”. Am I totally off-base?