La Sultana Friday 11/30/18 #24

Safiye’s room

Kösem wants her out. She wants Safiye to go to the old palace on her own or face the consequences.

“How dare you!”

Kösem shrugs and walks out.

Fahriye’s palace

Fahriye’s sick with a fever. Derviş thinks she’s doing it to herself by giving up. If she really wants to die, she can cut her wrists.

OK, she doesn’t want to die.

Derviş kisses her and then gets this “What the hell did I just do” look on his face and leaves her room.

Cuarto de las favoritas

Ahmed shows up. So…Kösem’s heart is suffering.

Yep, a lot. Because Ahmed is her heart. So how’s she supposed to live without him? And now she has another heart that’s his ’cause they’re having a baby.

And apparently also a baby announcement celebration snog.

See ya!

Ahmed and Kösem are having a snuggly breakfast when Safiye comes in to see him. She announces she’s leaving. The time has come. She’s going to the old palace.

And out she goes. Haci gives Kösem a nod up on the balcony in the harem. Safiye turns back one last time to glare at Kösem.

Bülbül asks Haci for the letter. He warns Haci that the war is just beginning and blood’s gonna spill. Hey, Haci agrees with him, for once.

In the carriage, Safiye asks for the letter and Cennet whips it out of Bülbül’s hand to give it to Safiye herself.

It’s blank. Ha!

Ahmed’s room

Ahmed’s giving Kösem Handan’s old rooms And a big crowny thing with a cage on top for height. It’s Sultana Hurrem’s crown.

Got you!

Cennet angrily admits this was a revenge on Safiye for the life she ruined. She knows Safiye burned her face. She knows everything! She’s been having a laugh at Cennet’s expense all this time.

And, by the way, she’s going to go work for Kösem from now on!


Kösem models her new crown. Personally, I think I’d end up bashing it into things all day–it’s giving her an extra foot of height.

Ahmed wants to know why Safiye really left.

Well, Kösem can’t tell him because that was Safiye’s one condition for leaving. She has a secret she wants Kösem to keep…

But Kösem can’t do it. She hands over the note from Fahriye and gives Ahmed the tl;dr version–Fahriye infected him and Mustafá with smallpox.

Ahmed reads the note.

Kösem goes out and stands on Ahmed’s balcony, showing off her new look, as at the end of the entrada.

Kösem walks into the harem, where heads turn and lips curl.


Fahriye and Derviş have breakfast. She asks about that kiss last night…why did he do it?

He just felt like he had to.

Because he felt sorry for her?

He was trying to console them both.

Safiye walks into Fahriye’s room asking what she’s done! Ahmed’s going to come kill her! He knows she tried to kill him! Kösem told him. She has Fahriye’s letter to Mehmed. Safiye doesn’t think Fahriye’s getting the picture.

Fahriye insists if she goes down, they’re all going down with her.

Safiye’s pissed that she’s ruling the empire and she can’t even rule her daughter. She’s out.

Fahriye sobs and clutches Safiye’s skirt, asking Safiye to save her.

Ahmed arrives. Safiye swears Fahriye ran off and she couldn’t stop her.

Derviş drops Fahriye off somewhere and says this is all he can do for her.

Does Safiye seriously think Fahriye can escape Ahmed?

She knows she can’t, and she knows Fahriye’s perturbada (disturbed) but she belongs to the palace. Can’t he pardon her life?

Ahmed reminds her she poisoned him AND Mustafá. She’s a traitor. She’s going to get what she deserves.

Zülfikar sees Derviş dropping Fahriye off at Hudayi’s monastery. She tries to talk to him, but he says he doesn’t know any Sultana Fahriye.

The palace

Murat Pasha congratulates Kösem on what she’s done so far and introduces her to Gurbuz Ağa.


Fahriye’s servant explained what’s going on her. Fahriye approaches Hudayi again, dressed in her servant’s clothes and saying she’s “Fahriye” a secas.

Hudayi says titles and earthly reputations mean nothing to Allah. She’s just Fahriye. So…what’s her problem?

The palace

Ahmed gets back and Zülfikar is off giving Ahmed’s thanks to Hudayi. Derviş? Haci doesn’t know where he is. Ahmed tells Haci to find Kösem.

Murat explains to Kösem that Gurbuz is way more energetic and smarter than he looks. He’s been living at the old palace for quite a while now and he’d be able to keep an eye on Safiye and tell Kösem what she’s up to.

And suddenly we’re at the beginning of a D&D adventure, because Murat starts talking hidden treasure. Safiye’s been accepting bribes forever, and they don’t show up on the books. If Kösem could find that treasure, Safiye would lose her influence.

And Murat’s hate for Safiye…?

It started many years ago. It’s a long story that he’ll tell her at the right moment.

Kösem finally comes to Ahmed’s room. He’s upset because he thought their love was pure. Where did she get that note? Did she start doing things behind his back? Why did she have the letter.

Kösem says she found out Fahriye’s secret, but she didn’t believe it, so she followed her and found that note.

And what’s she doing following a Sultana? Is she a spy?

When it comes to Ahmed’s life she’ll do anything. Fahriye tried to kill him and the prince and she needs to be punished.

Well, sure she’ll be punished, but that’s not the point! And someone of his blood trying to kill him doesn’t hurt him nearly as much as seeing her involved in dirty dealings. She wasn’t like the others. She used to be innocent. And now she’s just another concubine. She poisoned her heart. She lost her innocence. He never wants to see her again.

In the hallway, Kösem runs into Derviş. He hisses at her that this wasn’t their deal. Whatevs. Every bad thing that’s happened to Kösem has been because of the Sultanas. Fahriye’s a traitor. Why is he still protecting her?

Derviş accuses Kösem of lying to him.

But why does he care? Why is he hiding her.

Derviş tells her to watch her mouth.

Zülfikar comes up…is there a problem?

Derviş tells him to stay out of it.

“What did I do now? He’s been acting strange for days.”

Kösem tells him Fahriye’s been missing for days.

Ahmed collects himself on his balcony before asking Derviş if he knew what his wife had done.

Yes, and he came to see Ahmed right away. She’s escaped, so what they’re saying could be true.

Zülfikar arrives as Ahmed’s wondering how she could have done it.

And where was Derviş?

He went out to the port early. He hasn’t seen Fahriye since this morning, but he’ll find her.

Zülfikar looks surprised, then volunteers that he saw Fahriye and knows where she is. He saw her going into Hudayi’s monastery.

Old Palace

Handan’s so happy to see Safiye here. She welcomes her to the old palace and suggests she get used to it–she’ll be dying here.


Ahmed goes to confront Hudayi about taking Fahriye in. Did she not tell him what she did?

Um. No. If people want to talk about their sins, they listen, but they don’t ask questions.

Ahmed gets snippy with him, saying Fahriye should be punished for her sins.

Well, Hudayi trusts Ahmed, but he can’t let anything happen to people who are seeking asylum.

*long stare* Ahmed figures she has to leave sometime.

Hudayi doesn’t know. But when she’s forgiven herself and her soul is purified, then she’d be able to leave.

Ahmed wants to visit her. Fahriye starts freaking out as soon as she sees him. He tells her not to lower her head like she’s embarrassed. She’s a traitor to the Ottoman empire, her own blood.

He asks why she did it and who ordered her to do it. Because he knows she doesn’t have the guts to have done it on her own. Was it Mehmed?

Fahriye says it wasn’t. And he was in the dungeon at the time. It was Şahin. He sought her out and said it was the only way to save Mehmed. She was so angry.

She drops to her knees and begs his forgiveness. She says she’ll be a penitent from now on.

Ahmed says it doesn’t matter what she does now. She can regret it hundreds of times, but she’s dead to him. And when she leaves this place, she’ll have nowhere to go.

Outside, Ahmed confirms to Zülfikar that it was Şahin.

Fahriye’s Palace

Derviş tries to explain to Zülfikar how things work in the palace. How sometimes he’s gotta be deaf and blind.

So, Derviş is lying to the Sultan and Zülfikar’s supposed to act like nothing’s going on?

What does Zülfikar think is going on? Derviş has been protecting the Sultan since he was five. He’s been attacked for it who knows how many times.

But it still doesn’t justify a lie. Even if it’s about his wife. He can’t try to protect someone who tried to kill the Sultan.

Derviş tells Zülfikar to go digging for his lies if he thinks Derviş is a traitor. If not, case closed. But if Zülfikar accuses him, he’ll be sorry.

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