La Sultana Thursday 11/29/18 #23

The old palace

Handan is kind of grumpy that Derviş brought Fahriye back instead of just letting her run off.

Hey, he was thinking of the honor of the dynasty!

Well, she wants him to stay away from Fahriye. She’s a poisonous snake. She’s the one who infected Ahmed and Mustafá with smallpox.

Derviş manages to look surprised. Handan says Kösem told her.

Fahriye’s palace (*grumble* *hiss*)

Safiye visits. Her look is very royal pajamas. Like she just threw on a housecoat and accessorized with a tiara and earrings. Because why wouldn’t you?

Anyway, she scolds Fahriye, who wishes she’d been killed by Ahmed’s guards, and tells her to start appreciating what she has. Fahriye cries on Safiye’s embroidery. Not only do I not feel sorry for her (see above re: palace), I’m worried the thing in her hair is going to snag the embroidery.

Ahmed’s room

Halime is worried about a rumor that Mustafá’s getting killed. Ahmed tells her to get over it–Mustafá’s his brother and he’s under Ahmed’s protection. So she needs to quit making decisions in fear.

Halime bitterly says he’s the best Sultan ever and she wishes him eternal happiness.

Incili Mansion

Derviş meets with Kösem. He always knew she was brave and strong enough to influence even the Sultan.

Uh huh. He wants to talk about Fahriye, right? It seems like he already knew her secret–so why didn’t he say something as soon as he found out?

Derviş says everything happens for a reason. She should stay out of it.

Everybody’s always giving advice. OK, she’ll take it, on one condition….

Ahmed’s room

Zülfikar thinks Ahmed looks down.

Ahmed thinks his dream wasn’t foretelling anything good.

Zülfikar suggests they consult Hudayi. He’s good at interpreting dreams.

Ahmed tells him to start making arrangements, and inform Kösem. He thinks she’d like to go with him.


Derviş has no way of getting rid of Katerina, but that’s Kösem’s condition. They can’t trust her. She’s loyal to Safiye and that makes her dangerous to Ahmed.

The bar behind the mosque

Iskender finds the guy who made the amulet. He says it’s something he’s always had and he wants to know what it says.

The guy thinks Iskender must have found it somewhere, or stole it.

Iskender grabs it back, but the guy begs him to leave it. He needs to consult some books to read it.

Iskender says the guy can gather the books and he’ll be back in two days.

The guy’s freaked out because he gave that to Sultana Safiye’s little prince. He thinks he needs to tell her.

Ahmed’s room

Derviş reports that Şahin escaped his cell and everyone’s looking for him. Zülfikar’s face: “Bullshit!”


Mehmed waits for Şahin to wake up and tells him Reyhan’s waiting for him with horses, gold, weapons. Mehmed’s not going to take care of him anymore. He blames Şahin for ruining his chance to escape with Fahriye, since he came back for Şahin.

Old Palace

Haci gleefully shows Katerina her new digs. She seems to think Ahmed’s going to ask for her, but Haci’s sure he’ll come up with some excuse.

Handan’s upset that Haci interfered in the harem.

He says Derviş asked him to, because Kösem asked Derviş.

Handan thinks Kösem’s getting too powerful, but they’ll have to deal with Safiye and Fahriye first. And THEN they can teach Kösem her place.


The dream: The king without faith made Ahmed fall on his back.

The interpretation: The earth represents strength in what no longer lives. The strongest part of the body is the back. A great power will be released when those two powers come together. That’s why Ahmed will be victorious.

Out in Hudayi’s foyer, a bunch of women are crowding around Kösem. They’re total fans. And one is glad she’s pregnant.

The what? Kösem says she isn’t, but this woman has been a midwife for, like, ever and she can tell. Kösem’s having a prince.

Kösem gives her earrings to the midwife and another woman who had been thanking her for visiting them.

Ahmed looks out at the foyer and sees them all gathered around Kösem. He nods to Hudayi. Hudayi nods back. The women wish Kösem a long life.


Bülbül reports to Ahmed that Katerina has disappeared. Zülfikar’s not happy. Whatever Ahmed’s feeling doesn’t show on his face.

Kösem visits the doctor, who gives her confirmation–she’s at least two months pregnant.

She tries to go announce it to Ahmed, but he’s out. Derviş tells her they sent Katerina to the old palace.

OK, then, she wants to talk about Fahriye. And hey, she’s not going after Fahriye herself, Safiye’s her target.

Derviş is assuming she has a plan, but Kösem won’t tell him now.

Old Palace

Ahmed visits Handan to ask why she brought Katerina to the palace. Handan says she heard that Katerina was working for Safiye.

Uh huh. And was it Kösem who told her, by any chance?


Cennet notices Kösem’s happy face and asks what’s up. Kösem can’t resist telling her she’s pregnant and she’s having a prince!

Cennet warns her to keep it quiet or she’ll attract the evil eye, but Kösem says she’s going to make sure EVERYBODY knows!

Knows what, Bülbül wonders.

Cennet says Kösem was just threatening them again, wanting revenge as usual. I don’t think Bülbül is buying it. But he does say he was just with the Sultan. Kösem runs off to try to see him again.

Fahriye’s palace

Derviş comes in and tells her when things start going wrong he usually tries to fix them right away. This time, he’s not sure he can. Someone found out her secret and sent him a note accusing Fahriye of giving Ahmed smallpox.

Ahmed’s room

Before Kösem can say anything about being pregnant, Ahmed scolds her about being out of patience. He complains that she sent Katerina away when she should have taken his lack of action after her first complaint as a “not gonna happen.” HE’S the sultan here! (Aw…he thinks he’s in charge…that’s cute.)


Fahriye doesn’t think this person has evidence, but Derviş knows this is enough to incite chaos. He tosses the note into the fire and tells her to warn Mehmed to behave himself or Derviş is going to have to behead him in front of Ahmed.


Kösem runs into Katerina, who gloats that Ahmed couldn’t be away from her for even one day.


Fahriye writes one last note to Mehmed, telling him someone else knows her secret and the best advice she can give him is to run. She hands it off to Pervane, telling him she doesn’t want a response. It ends now.


Katerina’s teaching a couple of the other women to dance. Mahfiruz is in a little alcove with Cennet, Haci, and Eycan. Eycan’s taking offense at how much they’re reading into Ahmed going back to the old palace to bring back Katerina. Kösem must have lost her power. “Who’s Kösem?” Mahfiruz jokes.

Eycan explodes–she’s their Sultana. They should have seen her at the monastery yesterday! Everyone was calling her Sultana Kösem.

Mahfiruz says she’d have to have a prince before she can be a Sultana.

“Well, it won’t be long! She’s two months pregnant!” The harem erupts into whispers. Some jealous, but also some wishing her well.

Sultana Showdown

Kösem runs into Safiye and says “I’m pregnant. Congratulate me.”

Bülbül looks alarmed. Safiye does congratulate her and says she’s finally going to find out what it’s like to be a mother.

Kösem saunters off and Bülbül frets that if she gives birth to a prince, she’ll be a Sultana and they won’t be able to control her!

“Bite your tongue!”


Derviş knows Pervane’s carrying a message to Mehmed, so he threatens to have him killed until Pervane hands it over. He had the note wrapped around the rod of his curling iron!

Ahmed’s room

Ahmed and Iskender talk war.

But who cares! The ceremony for the new recruits to become full-fledged Janissaries is coming up.

Ahmed says Iskender will finally be a Janissary. Ahmed remembers when he took the oath. He was 11.

Mustafá comes running in, having gotten away from Menekşe. Did they cut that child’s hair?! It’s still curly, there’s just less of it. I haz a disappoint!

Mustafá announces that he’s going to be an uncle again. Menekşe told him. First her stomach will grow and then the stork will bring him to the palace.


Kösem’s going to be a mom. And Iskender and Mustafá both look a little pouty over that. Mustafá assumes Kösem isn’t going to play with him anymore.

Ahmed looks over at Menekşe, but she thought he knew! She congratulates him.

Ahmed is thrilled.


Murat Pasha complains to Kösem that Safiye has an entire shadow empire and it’s been in place for years. She buys everyone off and essentially holds a lot of powerful positions. Judges, Pasha’s, the military, even Ağas.

And he’s telling her this why?

As men, they’re obligated to lose battles against women. They can’t do anything. But Kösem could. She has to get rid of Safiye and make her lose her power so she won’t have a chance to betray the Sultan. Because he’s sure she would try.

And he thinks Kösem’s hostile to her why?

Hey, he knows she’s trying to be cautious, but if she wants to destroy Safiye and become the most powerful Sultana this empire has ever been, she needs to use different weapons.

Uh, how different?

He tells her to do everything in the open. Don’t hide it. Look her enemies in the eye like she did that day she confronted all those people. Show that this is how you are. Be the light, not the shadow. Rise up like the sun in the darkness.

Kösem tells him she’ll keep that in mind.

Haci whispers something to Kösem in a hallway and she takes off.

Derviş hands over the confession Kösem asked for. She has to promise Fahriye won’t get hurt, which isn’t a problem for her.

Secret baby

Safiye meets with the artist to confirm the rumor that someone had the prince’s shirt. He tells her the guy was in a hurry, but he’ll be back in two days.

Safiye wonders if it’s really him. Bülbül reminds her that the family who took him in said he had died, but they could have lied. And if they did….

Totally un-secret baby

Kösem comes back to Haci and hands over the scroll. He figures Ahmed heard about the baby, because he asked to see her.

“Tell him I’m sick…my heart is deathly ill!”

Secret baby

Safiye wants him to be alive. Everything would change.

Well, Bülbül says they’ll know soon enough, but he doesn’t want her to keep hoping and be disappointed.

Iskender runs into Safiye and her posse and stops to let them pass.

Totally un-secret baby

Haci tells Ahmed Kösem’s sick and she hopes he’ll excuse her. It’s nothing serious. She should be feeling better later on today.


Kösem visits to remind Safiye that she said she’d destroy her. Bülbül scolds Kösem to remember who she’s talking to.

How could she forget, after everything she’s done. It’s time to saldar cuentas (settle our accounts).

Safiye tries to kick her out, but Kösem says she’s the one who will be leaving. Safiye has to do whatever Kösem tells her from now on, because she knows the secret about Fahriye that will make the entire empire sacuda (sacudir, to shake).

Safiye keeps smiling. Her runaway attempt?

Nope. That she gave Ahmed and Mustafá smallpox.

I’m not gonna get out a ruler, but Safiye’s face just moves the tiniest bit and goes from “gloating” to “angry.” She still denies it, calling Kösem a liar. Bülbül doesn’t see how she can come make accusations without foundation.

Kösem unrolls Fahriye’s confession letter. Fahriye signed her own death warrant.

I’m sure Safiye’s going to find some way out of this, but I think we broke Bülbül.

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Linda F.
Linda F.
2 years ago

Kat, did we actually see Ahmed’s dream? I swear I don’t remember it.

2 years ago
Reply to  Linda F.

I don’t either. At least Ahmed did a recap for his dream interpreting guy.

2 years ago

Secret baby = my head exploding.

2 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

And why in the world would she hide him? Just to avoid him getting killed? And did no one notice she was pregnant?

Wait. It was her baby….right?

2 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

Yeah I can see that, but again…did no one notice she was pregnant? Oh I guess they could have lied and said the baby was stillborn or something.