La Sultana Tuesday 12/4/18 #26


I’m a little disappointed in Zülfikar that so far all he’s doing is scolding the harem workers.

Handan comes up and wants to know why Derviş got arrested. Zülfikar fills her in about the Grand Vizier’s death and Derviş being their only suspect. He refuses to release him. He’s already sent a message to Ahmed and Derviş is going to have to stay locked up until Ahmed gets back.

Old Palace

Of course the guy who killed Gölge was working for Safiye. And Bülbül was responsible for cleanup, so Seher (the woman from the harem) is gone and there’s no way to trace things back to them.

Bülbül’s worried about Kösem, but Safiye says she’s put so much fear in her heart it could knock down the strongest wall. They’re going to eat her alive. She’ll burn in flames.


Zülfikar has rounded up everyone who accepted bribes to look the other way while last night’s shenanigans were going on.

And the punishment for betraying the Sultan and his princes is…?


All the servants look up, alarmed. Haci’s face: “Yeah, figures.”

Kösem tells him to go for it. Zülfikar seems unhappy, but tells the soldiers to move ’em along and give the same punishment to their accomplices.

Kösem has been doing the math and Safiye sneaking in + Derviş getting arrested = not a coincidence.

Zülfikar tells her not to worry, he’s taken all necessary precautions.

Kösem’s still pissed. She swears if anyone touches so much as a hair on her child’s head, their head will roll.

Royal tantrum

Murat Pasha is on Ahmed’s bad side today. He allowed the King of Austria to consider himself Ahmed’s equal, which is not the agreement Suleyman made.


Haci comes to Kösem’s room to inform her they’ve gotten rid of all Safiye’s allies in the palace.

Well, sure, that they know of! But she keeps telling Haci not to let anyone in that he doesn’t trust and that rat Seher made it all the way into Kösem’s chamber. She’s probably dead by now, too.

Kösem’s angry that Ahmed’s “punishment” didn’t even slow Safiye down.

Cennet says she’s been collecting bribes for years.

Well, if her power comes from mountains of gold, they’ll have to take them from her. She wants Safiye to suffer. She caught Fahriye, but she escaped before getting her punishment. She’s going to finish what she started.

Menekşe listens through a hole in the wall.

Haci points out that they can’t do anything to Fahriye in the monastery.

Kösem says they’ll have to draw her out. If they don’t want anyone else to defy them, Fahriye has to pay for her sins.

Menekşe reports back to Halime that Kösem wants to get back at Safiye and she’ll do it through Fahriye.

Halime’s fine with that, after what Fahriye did to Mustafá. She figures they should warn Safiye, though.

Menekşe thinks it’s funny–Halime’s greatest enemy is now her ally.

She’d accept the devil himself as an ally as long as it gets her son on the throne.

Handan visits Derviş. She knows he didn’t do it. She’s sure Safiye set the whole thing up to punish him for putting Fahriye in danger.

Derviş says Kösem agrees. What he doesn’t understand is how Safiye found out.

Ummm…yeah…that was Handan. She couldn’t let anything confuse him. He’s on her side and no one else’s. He HAS to be on her side or she’s nothing. He can never forget that.

Nasuh Pasha runs into Zülfikar and asks how the investigation is going. Lala Mehmet Pasha was honorable, as well as being a good politician. Was it definitely Derviş who killed him?

Zülfikar says it’s too soon to know.

Well, Nasuh would like to help Zülfikar.

Zülfikar says he’s not interrogating the people advising the Grand Vizier (why?) but one of his Ağas is missing.

Nasuh offers to find him if Zülfikar gives up his name. “Noman.”

Haci’s wandering the dungeon and overhears Derviş and Handan’s conversation. Derviş can’t see why he had to get tossed in here just to prove his loyalty.

Well, she was worried he’d given his heart to Fahriye.

Derviş is like “I would never!”

Ahmed’s tent

Ahmed gets the message and tells everyone to start packing. They’re going home

Murat Pasha: “If you don’t mind me asking, did something bad happen?”

Ahmed says the Grand Vizier was poisoned while they were away.


Kösem’s sending Cennet to the old palace to deliver a message to Safiye. Cennet would really, really, for realz, rather not go.

Haci comes in with a fabric-wrapped bundle. Cennet’s face “Please don’t make me take this!”

Kösem’s off to put pressure on Fahriye and the baby’s hanging out with Handan.


Fahriye’s ladling soup when she sees Şahin in the line. She goes over to ask what he’s doing here and blame him for everything. If he’s trying to get her to do something else, forget it–she’s lost everything.

A little girl from the soup line is watching them from across the room.

Şahin complains that he lost “everything” too, except for Mehmed (and the horses, weapons, and gold Reyhan had gathered for you, just saying).

Outside, Reyhan sees Kösem’s carriage arrive.

Şahin swears Mehmed didn’t get to the boat because of him. He didn’t betray Fahriye. She tells Şahin to get lost before she starts screaming.

Soup girl has moved on to her bread now and she’s still watching the two of them, fascinated.

Şahin tells Fahriye Mehmed will visit soon and begs her not to turn her face from him.

Reyhan is telling Şahin they have to go at about the same time Kösem asks Haci if that’s not Şahin Girey over there with Reyhan.

Haci says it’s impossible–Reyhan’s dead!

Kösem comes to Fahriye’s cell. What do you mean how dare Kösem be there? Fahriye tells her to go–as far as she’s concerned Kösem is still a slave.

Kösem ignores her–she just saw her with Şahin. The two of them teamed up to give Ahmed smallpox. Allah will judge her for that.

Old Palace

Cennet was right–she is completely unwelcome there. Safiye’s not even sure she’ll make it out alive.

Cennet says she’s there on behalf of Kösem and the Sultana Madre knows where she went, so if she so much as trips and falls, they’ll blame Safiye.

Bülbül scolds her for coming in here with threats.

Cennet tells Bülbül not to interrupt. Kösem sent her with a message–if anyone touches her son, she’ll get revenge. And she sent this (the fabric bundle) as a gift.


Kösem heard that Fahriye had changed, but it looks like she’s still hanging out with traitors. It’s too bad–Kösem could have gone to Ahmed and gotten him to forgive Fahriye.

Fahriye’s sure Kösem just wants to get her out of here so Ahmed will kill her.

Kösem says Fahriye’s a traitorous rat, but she’s Ahmed’s favorite and the mother of his son. She’s going to find a way to destroy Fahriye and make sure she gets the punishment she deserves.

Old Palace

What was wrapped up in the fabric was a black veil for Safiye to use at Fahriye’s funeral.

Safiye asks what she’s talking about.

“Everyone knows what you did. Sooner or later, the guilty will leave this world.”

Safiye says Cennet’s going to wake up one morning with her other cheek disfigured. And when she’s hanging from the rope, she’ll curse herself for betraying Safiye. Did she really think she could confront Safiye? Safiye slaps her, saying she can’t and Bülbül shoves her out the door.

Ooh, Safiye’s really upset this time! She throws the veil in the fire.

Soup girl

Soup girl is taking a second bowl of soup for her mother, who she insists is sick. She runs into Kösem, who challenges the girl to prove she’s not lying and take them to her mother.

So she does. And Mama’s like “The hell you mean ‘Sultana’? What did you do?!” Soup girl’s name, by the way is Meleki.

Kösem assures her mom that there’s nothing to worry about. Meleki told her about their situation and she came to visit. She’ll send doctors as soon as she can.


Kösem stops to get an update from Cennet before going to Handan’s room to get the baby. Cennet sarcastically says Safiye loved her present and sent her thanks. She complains that she barely got out alive! She tried to talk to Gurbuz, but Bülbül’s watching him.

Eycan comes running up with the news that Ahmed is back.

Kösem’s on the way to Ahmed’s room, but she turns back to tell Zülfikar that she saw Şahin Giray at Hudayi’s monastery. He and Fahriye must still be working together–they have to get rid of those traitors.

Kösem welcomes Ahmed back. She doesn’t like being here without him.

He’s already heard about Gölge. He asks how Prince Mehmed is doing.

Kösem says she guards him all the time, but she can’t sleep ever since Safiye threatened her.


It’s a busy day for Fahriye. Now Safiye’s visiting. Fahriye complains about losing her mind here and Kösem showed up. She said if Fahriye is really changed, she’ll get Ahmed to forgive her. And then she revealed her “real” intentions.

Safiye tells her not to underestimate Kösem. Fahriye’s here because of her. She’s like their shadow. This is the only place that’s safe for Fahriye.

Fahriye swears from now on she’s only doing what Safiye says.

Safiye warns her not to talk to Mehmed anymore, but Fahriye says he’s dead to her. She blames him for everything that happened. All she wants is to leave and go back to her palace.

Safiye tells her to be patient. Ahmed will be off to war again and then there will be no more Ahmed and no more Kösem.


Handan takes responsibility for not being vigilant enough. But all the accomplices have been punished. Zülfikar confirms that includes everyone involved in the Grand Vizier’s death.

And now Handan moves on to begging Ahmed to free Derviş.

Ahmed goes down to the dungeon with Zülfikar. Derviş thanks Allah that Ahmed is back.

Ahmed’s grouchy that every time he’s out of the palace something happens and everyone covers it up. Derviş is his most trusted advisor. How did he end up the target of these accusations?

Derviş thinks Ahmed doesn’t have all the details.

Zülfikar insists he told Ahmed everything he knows–no more, no less.

Derviş tells Ahmed basically what we all saw, except that Lala Mehmed didn’t fall on the floor.

Right, and Lala Mehmed was screaming that Derviş poisoned him. And before that, they were arguing.

Derviş can see Ahmed suspects him too, but he swears he’s innocent.

Ahmed hopes so, but they need evidence. So far everything’s pointing to him.

Derviş says the guy who poisoned Mehmed Pasha escaped–Noman. If they find him, it all comes down.

Ahmed asks Zülfikar about this Noman guy.

Well, he’s not an Ağa of this palace. He came over from the old palace a few days ago. (Hello! Giant red flag!)

Ahmed wants Derviş cleared, but until then, he’s staying in the dungeon or nobody will trust in his justice.

All Derviş cares about is that Ahmed trusts him. And he swears he’s not lying. Zülfikar does his best not to change his facial expression.

Ahmed says he did trust Derviş until he lied about Fahriye. Because Ahmed already found out that Derviş took her to the monastery.

Ahmed leaves and Zülfikar waits for Derviş to acknowledge him before leaving.

Out in the hallway, Zülfikar agrees to find Noman Ağa, but there’s one more thing…Şahin Giray was seen at Hudayi’s monastery and he probably met with Fahriye.

Kösem’s waiting in the hallway outside Ahmed’s room when Safiye arrives. Safiye assures her she’s thought carefully about what she’s going to go in there and say to Ahmed.

“Is that why you were crying when you got here?” Kösem wonders. Didn’t she play her cards well?

Safiye says one day Kösem’s going to be on her knees begging Safiye to kill her. And hopefully it won’t be long.

Eycan comes up to whisper to Kösem that Gurbuz Ağa is here. I’m not sure, but it looks like Bülbül might have heard that.

Inside Ahmed’s room, Safiye’s scolding him for listening to ill-intentioned rumors.

Um, there were witnesses that she came into the palace and threatened to kill Kösem and take the baby.

Oh, Safiye will cop to the first part, but the rest are all lies. How could she hurt her own blood? All she wanted was to see the baby, but no one would let her.

“And you thought the best thing to do would be to sneak in to the harem and take the prince out of his mother’s arms?” He’s really impressed and wonders where she got the courage to do that.

From his father and his grandfather.

Ahmed says just because she’s his grandmother doesn’t give her permission to commit crimes, especially not against his harem.

Gurbuz tells Kösem that Halime’s servant, Menekşe, visited the old palace. He has no idea what they talked about, but he’s sure she and Halime are allied with Safiye.

Safiye’s still complaining that Handan wouldn’t answer her requests to see the baby, so she just HAD to sneak in and see him.

And how does she explain that the same night she snuck in two people died?

She doesn’t. The lack of order in the harem isn’t her problem. That’s down to his mother.

Ohkaaaaay, so she had nothing to do with what happened to Derviş Pasha?

Safiye turns on the fakest-ass tears I’ve ever seen on her, complaining that Ahmed’s constantly changing his mind. That she’s living in the old palace and he took all her stuff and the only thing he has left to take from her is her life. She even does that little flick of the eyes over to him to see if he’s buying it. Go ahead. Call the executioners. She’s ready.

Ahmed says she knows the grandmother of a Sultan can’t be executed. He knows she’s taking courage from that. But she did forget one thing–there’s no limit on his power and she could very well go to bed one night and not wake up in the morning. She’s older. Everyone will just think she got sick or slipped in the bath.

So, for the last time–HANDS OFF KÖSEM AND THE BABY! If anything happens to them, he’ll hold her responsible.

Kösem and Haci go over to confront Halime about Menekşe going to the old palace. She reminds Halime that she loves Mustafá and has always tried to protect him. So why is she making an alliance with Safiye?

Halime complains that Kösem’s threatening her like Handan does. Oh yeah, she came over as soon as she got back and told Halime she won’t touch the prince, but she’d have no problem killing Halime.

And for that she’s siding with Safiye?

Halime says she’s not on anyone’s side. She’s just protecting her son and herself.

“Then stay away from Safiye.” The best thing for Halime and Mustafá is to be on the Sultan’s side.

Handan visits the dungeon at night, begging Derviş not to stress out over this.

It doesn’t bother him to be in the dungeon. He’s worried because Ahmed knows he dropped Fahriye off at the monastery.

Handan can’t believe he did that. Why?!

Because Fahriye threatened him. She knows things about his past, so he had to lie to Ahmed. And now he’s worried Ahmed will never trust him again.

All the dramaz

Melecki, aka Soup Girl, watches Fahriye meeting with Mehmed.

Fahriye gets that it was Şahin’s fault that Mehmed didn’t make it back to the boat, but he betrayed her by leaving in the first place. She gives back the necklace he gave her and says it’s too late for them. She’ll leave here eventually and go back to her husband, Derviş. She’ll get comfort and love from him.

Mehmed just stands there like he can’t believe she broke up with him for the fiftieth time.

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