La Sultana Wednesday 12/5/18 #27

Secret meeting

Nasuh asked to see Safiye to tell her the bad news–Noman Ağa got caught.

She’s furious that he’s not dead and berates Nasuh for not getting rid of him.

Nasuh tells her to chill–Noman won’t talk.

Really? What kind of loyalty can she expect from him with a noose around his neck?


Şahin hears something in the hallway and throws the doors to his room open. Three Janissaries come in. Do I even need to tell you Şahin wins this fight? He did have help, though–Mehmed came in and helped toss the guys around.


Noman Ağa is brought to Ahmed’s room to give his confession. He asks Derviş to forgive him and says Derviş gave him the order to poison the Grand Vizier. Derviş and I are both freaking out here.


Kösem stops by the house to see how Melecki’s mom is doing. She’s up and about now and Melecki offers to repay the favor. “Don’t be fooled by my age, I can do anything! Just say the word.”

Kösem’s of course not going to take her up on it, but Melecki tells her anyway about the other Sultana in the monastery–Fahriye. She’s proud and never worries about anyone else. There’s a guy who visits her who’s in love with her.

Ahmed’s room

Ahmed asks to be left alone with Derviş. Derviş swears he’s always been loyal, he just doesn’t have any way to prove his innocence. All he has is his loyalty and affection. If Ahmed wants him executed, Derviş wants him to do it himself.

Ahmed calls for Zülfikar and tells him to take Derviş back to the dungeon until he decides what to do.

(Seriously, now, all the guy said was Derviş gave him the order…when did he give the order? What exactly did he say? Who procured the poison? What did Derviş pay him?)


Kösem’s wrapping up her visit and decides there is something she’d like Melecki to do for her after all.


Handan waits for Ahmed in the hallway outside his room. She can’t believe he’s going to execute Derviş. She’s sure Safiye is behind this!

Ahmed rolls his eyes at her and tells her to just leave him alone and let him think.

Old Palace

Bülbül gives Safiye the news. Noman Ağa accused Derviş and they’re safe. They’ll find out what’s going to happen to Derviş tomorrow, but for now he’s in the dungeon.

Secret meeting

Mehmed and Zülfikar meet in some dark corner of the city. Mehmed wants to hand Şahin over, but on one condition–he can’t be executed.

I’m thinking!

Ahmed. Balcony. Chin rubbing.


Zülfikar runs into Kösem on her way out of Ahmed’s room. She asks him for help with Fahriye. Şahin has escaped again…

Yeah, he knows that part. He just talked to Mehmed, who wants to hand him over.

Kösem says they can use Mehmed in “their” plan.

Ahmed’s room

Ahmed’s stressing. He’s staring at nothing and holding prayer beads.

Haci Ağa reports that they’ve executed Noman Ağa as Ahmed ordered. His last words? He just kept repeating what he said–that Derviş ordered him to poison the Grand Vizier.

Ahmed asks Haci to bring Derviş.

He’s so distraught we’re even getting some electric guitar going in the soundtrack. And Ahmed breaks his beads.


At the Old Palace, Menekşe comes running up to Bülbül in a panic.

Melecki comes to Fahriye’s room at the monastery to tell her there’s a guy waiting for her. His name’s Mehmed. He said it was a matter of life and death.

Fahriye says she doesn’t want to see him, but it looks like her resolve is being tested.

Menekşe explains to Safiye that she heard someone saying they’d catch Sultana Fahriye by making her leave the monastery.

Melecki comes back and says the guy’s still there. He tried to force his way in, but the guards stopped him. Now he’s out at the front door, waiting. Hudayi’s on the way and he said they should tell Fahriye she needs to leave.


Handan’s upset that she couldn’t get Ahmed to change his mind. She’s sorry they didn’t meet in some other life where their titles didn’t get in the way of their happiness.

Derviş says he’ll still talk to her, just without moving his lips. He’ll tell her some secrets he’s hidden from everyone. He’ll say it in front of everyone, but only she will understand.


Fahriye comes to the monastery gate. Mehmed stands in the middle of the street. Kosem, Cennet, and Zülfikar are all there.

Mehmed wants to know if she really got him out of her heart.

Fahriye steps over the threshold, walks over to Mehmed, and says he and his love no longer exist. She doesn’t even want to see his face again.

Oh, she won’t. He knows it’s too late for them. He just needed to hear her say it.

In a flashback, Kösem tells Mehmed that he can be forgiven if he abandons Şahin and Fahriye both and lures Fahriye out of the monastery. Zülfikar assures him Şahin won’t be executed.

Mehmed agreed, as long as he got to say goodbye to Fahriye.

So he holds on to her in the middle of the street, telling her it’s all over. She makes a run for the monastery door, but Melecki shuts it in her face. (I am not comfortable with using a kid like this.)

Zülfikar and his men drag her off just as Safiye and Bülbül arrive.

Kösem throws Safiye’s words back at her. Did she think this was a game? She should confront reality. Her daughter can be taken from her that easily.


Ahmed can’t find any evidence that clears Derviş.

Yeah, he figured. If he’s gotta die, he’s gotta die. But he’s not at peace. He has a final request–for Ahmed to be the one who kills him.

Someone hands Ahmed an arrow.

Handan’s already mourning Derviş. Halime and Menekşe sneer in her general direction. Menekşe figures they’ve been together so long it must be like losing a brother. Halime thinks it’s more like a lover.

Ahmed tells Derviş to get up. He’s not going to pardon him…he’d have to have committed a crime first. Even Haci smiles hearing that. Ahmed believes he’s innocent.

Derviş thanks Ahmed for believing in his innocence.

Right, but Derviş did lie to him once, which is why he suspected him this time. So that needs to be the first and the last time. The arrow represents truth and justice and Ahmed’s giving it to him. If he ever suspects Derviş again, justice will point to his heart like the arrow.

Everyone else clears out and gives Derviş a moment alone.


Fahriye tells Kösem she’ll pay. Kösem tells her to focus on herself.

Safiye runs up, trying to catch up to Kösem, but Kösem says there’s nothing she can do. And the guards can’t let her in because Ahmed specifically forbid her from entering.

Zülfikar escorts Fahriye in. He’s surprised to see Derviş in the hallway and doesn’t really have much of a reaction other than that. Zülfikar goes into Ahmed’s chamber, leaving Derviş with Fahriye.

She tells Derviş to save her or she’ll tell them everything he’s done.

Ahmed wants Fahriye brought in.

Derviş tells her to chill–Ahmed wouldn’t kill a member of the family. Just apologize and he’ll do what he can.

Handan heard Fahriye was in the palace. Kösem says they’re finishing what they started. Handan’s glad. She praises Kösem’s work and says she’s sure Ahmed will see things clearly, no matter what traps they set. Derviş was pardoned.

Fahriye’s so scared she stutters when she greets Ahmed.

He said she’d have to leave the monastery someday and she’d have nowhere else to go. And look where she is.

Fahriye kisses the hem of his robe and says she’s been eaten up with regret the entire time she was at the monastery. She’s been through the door of Allah’s punishment. Now she has to face Ahmed’s. She begs for mercy.

Ahmed pulls his robe out of her hands and gets up.

Fahriye sobs that she’s sorry and begs him to spare her life.

Handan sees Derviş. She’s happy he’s alive, but she doesn’t want to go through that again.

Well, Fahriye’s here, so…she’s probably already told Ahmed that Derviş poisoned his father. Handan doesn’t think he’d ever believe it.

A guard tells Derviş that Ahmed wants to see him. Handan begs him not to admit to anything, but Derviş just promised he’d never lie to Ahmed again.

All Ahmed says when Derviş comes in is to take his wife back to her palace. Not that she’s forgiven. He’ll figure out what to do, but she can go.

Derviş is staying.

Fahriye is a traitor who tried to end the Ottoman dynasty. She has to suffer the consequences…and Derviş is going to have to be the one to punish her. (Um…what?)

Fahriye comes out of the palace, to the relief of Safiye and Bülbül. She says she begged forgiveness and he’s sending her back to her palace.

Um, but no, she’s not forgiven. Safiye’s not worried–if he wanted to kill her, he would’ve done that already. He probably wants to exile her.

Kösem fills Ahmed in on what she’s been doing today and THIS time he’s finding her secret spy mission endearing. She has conquered his heart again! The workings of her mind surprise him! She freed him from a huge responsibility! He’d give her the world if she asked!

Kösem says he is her world. If anyone tries to kill him, they’re trying to kill her too. Whoever betrays him betrays her too. And she’ll do everything possible to make them pay.

He wishes all the Sultanas had the same dignity and priorities as she does, but they all have other plans.

Kösem says it doesn’t matter. As long as the two of them stick together, no one can stop them.

Kösem’s hanging out in her room when Cennet arrives. She says nothing has changed. Fahriye’s back in her palace.

Kösem’s sure she’s freaking out right now. She’s worried Safiye will try to spring her again, but Cennet says they have hundreds of guards watching her door.

Eycan thinks it’s still possible.

Kösem agrees. If Fahriye is executed, Safiye will come after them. She knows Ahmed’s going to war soon and they have to find her treasure before he leaves.

Cennet complains that Bülbül is watching them.

Well, if they can’t get rid of him, they can get him away from Safiye.

Menekşe’s listening in again. She grabs the candle holder that hangs over the hole in the wall, but as she’s hanging it again, the metal piece and the candle itself fall to the floor. It’s loud enough that Kösem, Cennet, and Eycan all hear it.

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