La Sultana Thursday 12/6/18 #28


Menekşe’s leaving her spying room when Cennet catches up to her and asks why she’s spying. Menekşe tries to go with “I’m just going to my room.”

Super Seekrit Treasure Room

Safiye wants preparations made to free Fahriye ASAP. Nasuh is on it. Bülbül unlocks two heavy locks chained to a door that in no way makes it look like there’s anything valuable here. Nope not at all. He gets the key to the door itself from Safiye.


Cennet drags Menekşe into Kösem’s room and says she’s been shadowing them lately and Cennet has no idea what she’s up to.

Treasure room

Omigold it’s the set from The Mummy. Has nobody ever sat Safiye down and explained that she really can’t take it with her?

I’m a little lost…or dazzled…but Nasuh hands Safiye a scroll and she asks him if this is everyone and says they’re going to put a new Sultan on the throne. (I’m like…you have gold shot glasses. Retire already!)


Cennet and Kösem take Menekşe back to Halime. Kösem says Menekşe’s been sticking her nose into Kösem’s business. She delivered a message to the Old Palace and Safiye showed up when Fahriye was being arrested.

Halime smiles and then tells Kösem what she should be worrying about is making sure Fahriye stays alive, because if she dies Safiye will burn everything in her path.

Kösem says she’s the one who’s going to burn down anyone who confronts her.

Fahriye’s palace

Derviş comes home for dinner. He thought Fahriye would be angry with him like her mother is.

Fahriye says she feels reborn and she wants to wake up to a new future tomorrow.

Derviş is hesitant to drink wine from his glass.

Fahriye wants to do that “mutual consolation” thing he mentioned before. In love with someone else? Nope, not anymore. Fahriye wants to give him her heart. They are married after all.

She’s snogging his hand when her nose starts bleeding. There’s a storm starting outside.

Fahriye realizes she’s been poisoned and starts to panic, but Derviş won’t let her go. Did she think she could just come back like this?

She stops struggling and then dies.

Old Palace

Safiye woke up in the middle of the night with insomnia.

Bülbül’s sure it was the storm, but Safiye disagrees.

Ahmed’s room

Derviş gives Ahmed a nod that I suppose means “I killed your aunt like we agreed.” Ahmed tells him to call a meeting.

Old Palace

Halime came by to complain that Kösem isn’t behaving herself and she’s after Bülbül now. Safiye tells him to take precautions.

They change topics to the overthrow of the Sultan, but Safiye warns her that if Ahmed decides to take Mustafá with him (like he’s supposed to) there won’t be anything they can do.


Cennet brings the news to Handan and Kösem–Fahriye got sick last night and died.

Old Palace

Safiye and Halime walk out of the palace and Dilruba gives them the news…Sultana Fahriye….

They’ve brought her body over in a coffin, wrapped in muslin. Safiye screams in grief.


Isir Pasha estimates they’ll be ready to head off to war in a week. Ahmed assigns him to stay behind to guard the palace and the throne. (Or, you know, be killed off by the women of my harem who will then do battle among themselves to take the throne for their own offspring. Whichever.)

Nasuh, Murat, and Derviş are coming with Ahmed.

Murat really hates Ahmed rushing off like this without appointing a Grand Vizier.

Ahmed says he knows what’s appropriate and not and whoever is named Grand Vizier will have earned it.

Ahmed’s room

Safiye comes over, crownless, to accuse Ahmed of killing Fahriye without actually saying it. When did he become so cruel?

Ahmed says she hid Fahriye and helped her escape, so who is she to come here and demand answers?

Safiye says Fahriye was sorry and she asked for forgiveness. She was family!

And that’s why she got what she deserved. She betrayed her family and the dynasty is more important than one person. If anyone kills a member of his family, they’ll pay with blood.

In the hallway, Safiye taunts Kösem. Is she happy now? Is her pain gone?

Kösem’s not gonna cry over a traitor.

Maybe not, but she’ll cry over her loved ones.

Didn’t Safiye tell her to forget her past? Be a phoenix rising from the ashes? This isn’t revenge, it’s protecting what’s hers–her prince, the Sultan, and the dynasty.

Safiye delivers her “last” advice. Don’t leave the palace and don’t leave your son alone.

Kösem tells her to go for it, if she’s so powerful. Kill her. It’s the only way she’ll get to the prince.

Los Giray

Şahin’s surprised the sultan killed Fahriye after all. And he doesn’t feel like Mehmed’s responding like himself. Like he’s some stranger dressed up as Mehmed.

Mehmed says he’s just preoccupied with his dreams of ruling Crimea and making it an independent country.

Şahin says that’s the brother he knows. Whenever Mehmed needs him, Şahin’s always there.

Oh, Mehmed knows…that’s why he’s handing Şahin over. So he won’t die waiting for Mehmed.

Zülfikar brought, I dunno, ten guys? with him

Şahin’s pissed that Mehmed’s giving him to the Ottomans. Mehmed swears he’ll come back to free him, but he doesn’t want Şahin to die before that can happen. That’s all.

Şahin gives himself up and Zulfkiar’s men start dragging him off. He yells back to Mehmed that he’s a traitor, blah blah blah.

Old Palace

Bülbül has just received orders that he’s being sent back to the palace. Halime was right! They’re separating him from Safiye!

Safiye tells him not to sweat it. Let them be separated. She just wants him to find a trustworthy replacement.


Ahmed thanks Mehmed for handing over a traitor to his dynasty. Mehmed hopes Ahmed will see this as a symbol of loyalty.

Ahmed’s pardoning Şahin’s life for now, but if Mehmed screws up, Şahin will suffer for it.

Derviş visits Handan. He’d been avoiding her until he was over Fahriye’s death.

Handan hopes he’ll take care of Ahmed while they’re out on campaign. And that he’ll take care of himself too.

Derviş reminds her she said she wished they could meet in another world where she wasn’t a Sultana and he wasn’t a Pasha. Did she mean it or was she trying to console a dying man.

Handan tells him to make that decision himself.

Bülbül reports to Kösem. He reminds her that she used to try everything possible to escape the palace and now she’s wanting to get into everything.

Kösem says a friend of Safiye’s is an enemy of hers, but she thinks there’s still some goodness in him. She’s giving him one more chance to follow the right path.

Bülbül says he’s not going to betray Safiye. They’ve been together so long you can’t even mention one name without the other.

And she’s not asking him to betray Safiye. She’s not even asking him to be on her side. She just wants him not to work against her, because if he does she’ll have no mercy.

Secret meeting

Ahmed’s leaving tomorrow and Safiye tells her pet Pashas it’s time.

She has someone bring in a chest of coins and says tomorrow a new sun will shine.


Bahtiyar Ağa is happy to see Bülbül again. They’re the only two left in the palace who are loyal to Safiye.

Well, they’ve gotta get to work. Bülbül pulls a bunch of sacks of coins out of his mattress and gives Bahtiyar one of them, telling him to hurry and assemble anyone who wants to work for Safiye.

Ahmed and Kösem pay a visit to Halime’s room. Mustafá’s got a sore throat and a fever and Halime doesn’t think she should be sending him out with Ahmed.

The little chipmunk insists he wants to go! He’s got his armor and his sword.

Ahmed tells him he can’t go anywhere like this.

Mustafá still wants to go. Kösem bribes him to stay with visits to her room to play with Mehmed.

Secret meeting

Safiye’s talking about putting Mustafá on the throne and some of the Pashas look nervous.

Isn’t Ahmed just going to kill them when he gets back?

Safiye guarantees them Ahmed won’t be coming back.


Handan has dinner with Ahmed. She mentions that Mustafá wasn’t sick this morning. She’s concerned that someone’s plotting again. She wants him to be careful.

Well, Ahmed doesn’t feel comfortable taking Mustafá. He’s too young. Handan should take all the precautions she can, but she shouldn’t worry too much. Zülfikar will be there too.

In her room, Halime praises Mustafá’s acting.

In the morning, Ahmed thought bubbles as he heads out, asking Kösem to pray for him and telling her he’s entrusting his princes to her. He asks her to treat Osman as if he were her own and protect him. She’s the angel protecting his dynasty.

Cennet notices the candle by Kösem’s bed flickering. She finds the little spy hole in the wall and calls Kösem over to check it out.

They find the other end in the room Menekşe listens from. Kösem’s been reading spy novels–she doesn’t want to shut down their operation, she wants to feed them misinformation about her plans.

Bülbül tells Halime it’s time. The soldiers and Ağas loyal to Safiye are coming over and they’ll arrest everyone who resists. The prince will claim the throne and Halime will become Sultana Madre.

Halime’s not comfortable doing this without confirmation of Ahmed’s death. Bülbül tells her to trust Safiye–Ahmed won’t be coming back. All she has to do now is stay in her room unless he or Bhatiyar come to talk to her.

In the harem, Bülbül’s watching Cennet. Eycan whispers something to her and Cennet says, just a touch too loud, “We have to tell the Sultana!” Eycan replies, just a touch too loud, “Be quiet! They might hear you!”

Bülbül follows them out and goes to the listening room. He hears Kösem saying it’s true, their men who are infiltrated at the old palace have finally found the secret treasure. They have to hurry. She wants Zülfikar (Has Odabaşi) informed so he can take his soldiers with him. Safiye’s going to lose everything.

Bülbül doesn’t even bother putting the candle holder back up. He leaves the room. Cennet’s watching to make sure he does.

Halime’s still nervous. Even though Bülbül says everything is ready, but what if Safiye doesn’t succeed?

Well, Menekşe figures that would be bad because Ahmed didn’t even have mercy on Fahriye, so….

Halime decides if things go wrong, they’ll head to the dungeon and hide. They can re-emerge after like they had no idea what was going on.

Cennet tells Kösem Bülbül fell for it.

Kösem wants her to warn Zülfikar to wait for them at the harem exit…they’re going to follow him.

And that’s our last episode this week.

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