Entre Dos Amores Monday 12/3/18 #30

Once again I made it through an entire week without catching any episodes of this show, so it’s marathon time!

It’s tea time at Zehra’s. Gulter tries to be supportive, but says at least Asli learned how to make a bunch of recipes. She feels awful, but Nezahat says they need to give her some time alone. Zehra’s all worried about what the neighbors will say, as usual.

Sure enough, a couple of the neighbors drop by because they saw Asli at the window. When Asli joins them they make comments about her looking like she’s lost weight and it must be easy to live with your mother-in-law and how long is Asli staying.

Asli gets up, vomiting, and Zehra’s annoyed that the neighbors are speculating that she’s pregnant. She would have told them if they’d asked!

Neriman’s been quiet the whole way home. Fahriye wishes she could just forget everything that happened and start over. As if she’d never met Macit and her heart never beat for him. So she’d stop suffering.

Asli’s feeling bad about “ruining” the family.

Sinasi’s annoyed about getting dragged to the police station again, but he thinks Emre had it coming. He’s not letting anyone mess with his sister.

Cihan wonders if Asli might want to go back to Emre, but Sinasi’s not letting that happen unless Emre comes over to apologize and beg her to come back.

Emre’s definitely planning to go over to Zehra’s, but it’s not to apologize. He just figures he’ll “go get” Asli ’cause she’s carrying his baby. Kader tells him to wait. She’ll come back on her own.

Sinasi and Cihan run into Neriman and Fahriye. Yeah, Neriman’s upset about him fighting with Emre. And she’s upset that no one’s asking Asli what she wants AGAIN. And Sinasi had better not yell at her again because she’s not the same person she was. He tries to blame that on Macit. She jerks her arm out of his hand and walks away.

Pelin finds Macit still in the board room. She does her usual “It’s all Neriman’s fault” song and dance. Onur shows up with the bad news–they’ve lost the contract. The company doesn’t want to sign or reschedule. Macit goes running off to find Neriman, which Pelin shouldn’t be so happy about, but then she’s never been as good at all this game-playing as she thinks she is.

Neriman and Fahriye make it to Zehra’s. They look happy to see Asli and vice versa. Fahriye insists on no more sadness–everything’s going to get better.

They get caught up on the nosy neighbors coming over and find out Emre hasn’t called or come by. But Zehra won’t let him take Asli back anyway, until he proves he’s sorry. Gulter talks about them having their own house, but Neriman says they can’t. Kader doesn’t know how to do anything and needs a servant. Asli leaves the room.

Neriman gets a call from Macit’s “old” cell number and ignores it. I wish he’d concentrate on driving.

He calls again and Neriman feels like she has to answer. Macit says he’s headed for the muelle (dock) and if she’s not there in fifteen minutes, he’ll go to her house.

Pelin interrupts Sahika’s solitaire game to tell her to go back to her crappy neighborhood. Sahika says HR hasn’t said she’s fired, so she’ll be staying at this crappy company.

Onur comes out to invite Pelin into his office and glare at Sahika. As much as Pelin wants her fired, that’s up to Macit…although, Onur can’t see Macit wanting her to stay after what happened.

Pelin agrees, smiling, and it finally clicks for Onur that Pelin was behind the shenanigans. She insists it was all done for Macit’s own good and he’ll never be able to look at Neriman in the face again. Onur smiles like he knows how untrue that is.

Kerim comes in to scream at them both. He’s angry at himself for expecting three n00bs to pull off a deal like this. Pelin just smiles at him and blames it all on Neriman. Like I said to Mr. 5ft, I don’t care whose fault it is, I would not want someone who works for me smiling over the loss of a contract.

Neriman gets to the dock ready for Macit to yell at her. She already apologized for interrupting a meeting. She really thinks the best thing to do is not see each other again.

But Macit says he’s trapped. She thinks he wants the impossible. He thinks she does too, but Neriman won’t admit that.

Sinasi finally deigns to go back to school, but his phone won’t quit ringing when he’s trying to talk to the professor. The professor recognizes Nihat’s name and says he gets it–Sinasi should go. He’s better off being a “star.”

On his way out of the building Cihan calls and Sinasi says school’s out forever. He returns Nihat’s call and says he’ll come to the studio tomorrow. There’s someone Nihat wants him to meet.

“Someone” is a woman and she likes Sinasi’s music.

Gulter scolds Neriman for taking off from Zehra’s house. Since Fahriye wouldn’t say where she’d gone, Gulter assumes it was to see “that millionaire.” And what happened at Sahika’s job?

Sahika comes in as Neriman’s saying that was a total mess. She teases Neriman that it’s raining tears for her. That’s what happens when she acts on her whims.

Macit gets home. He tries to send himself to his room without dinner, but Kerim needs to scream at him about the contract.

Inci’s like “You’ve lost deals too.”

Not for a woman. Inci asks if they’re talking about Neriman. Macit ignores her and tells his dad he’ll fix it.

At the Demirhan house, Pelin’s telling the story. Duygu doesn’t think she looks all that upset about losing a contract. Pelin brags that Neriman’s never going to be able to set foot in the company again.

Papa knows full well what Pelin did to Neriman today (or so he says) and Neriman can enter the company any time she wants to and Pelin can’t throw her out.

Macit calls to tell Pelin they’re having a meeting tonight. She invites Duygu along, assuming “meeting” is code for “hanging out.”

Macit tells his dad he’s not marrying Pelin. Kerim says he’d better find another way to get the necessary signatures. And he’d better stay away from Neriman.

Look, Inci knows Macit doesn’t love Pelin, but does he think she loves his dad? Sometimes obligation is more important than feelings.

Macit insists that no one will keep him from marrying for love.

At Neriman’s the dinner conversation is about Faiz wanting to visit Sahika’s office. They try to put him off, saying she doesn’t have business cards yet. He asks her to just write down the address on a piece of paper.

Sahika says he doesn’t seem to be understanding this game.

What game?

About the office.

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