Entre Dos Amores Tuesday 12/4/18 #31

Maybe I was wrong, since this “meeting” seems to be happening at a bar/restaurant. Onur would rather be in bed, but Macit says Pelin’s the reason they’re meeting here instead.

Neriman takes over from Sahika, ready to come clean about all the mystery being her fault. Sahika interrupts–she doesn’t want Faiz to visit her at work. There’s a whole process for visitors and she doesn’t want to have to go through it.

Faiz is totally fine with that. He just wanted to know where she worked in case she ever needed him.

Sahika tells him not to worry, the building has security.

Macit tells Onur his dad wants him to marry Pelin, but that’s not news. Macit admits he’s in love with Neriman.

Sinasi remembers Neriman asking him never to leave her alone and says he won’t.

Sahika’s assuming Neriman followed her upstairs to thank her.


Ah, then Neriman has seen the evil in Sahika’s soul.

Neriman thinks she’s seen the generosity of Sahika’s spirit.

Sahika denies knowing the meaning of the word before she practically runs out of the room.

Pelin and Duygu get to the restaurant. Outside, Macit asks Pelin if she trusts him enough to sign some paperwork without asking questions. She claims she does, but her face is like “The hell?”

Inside, Duygu tells Onur she’s realized her feelings for him were just habit. How can he stand it? To see the love of his life in love with his best friend? Oh yeah, Duygu noticed Onur’s in love with Pelin.

Pelin mentions Macit’s dad showed up to yell at them. And her dad…well, don’t worry about what her dad says. And then she brings up Neriman AGAIN saying she wants to go back to before Neriman ruined their lives.

Duygu knows that Onur went to Paris because of Pelin and Macit. But why did he come back? She doesn’t believe his “love” for Pelin is gone. She thinks it’s best if he stayed away from both of them.

Asli’s getting ready for bed, but she can’t find her sábanas (bed sheets). Zehra says they were old and she threw them out, but Asli can use the “company” sheets for tonight.

That’s too much for Asli. Is she a guest in her own house? They got rid of her sheets like they got rid of her! She doesn’t want to sleep in her own house with guest sheets. Her screaming continues until she wears herself out and Nezahat gets her to sleep.

Zehra’s too agitated, though. She sneaks into Asli’s room for a couple of pillows and a set of sheets and spends all night making Asli a new comforter. She empties the stuffing from the pillows and literally beats it in into the right shape on the new cover, wrong sides out, before rolling it up tightly and then flipping the whole thing right side out with an even layer of stuffing in the middle. She sits there on the living room floor and quilts that thing. Like, whoa! Symbolism! But also, I feel like I just learned a lot about sewing.

Zehra goes in and tosses the comforter over Asli before collapsing into her sewing chair. Asli half wakes up and clutches the comforter under her chin. I’m maybe a little less annoyed with Zehra.

Fahriye comes over to Neriman’s in the morning to get the scoop. Neriman says Macit wasn’t angry with her, it was more like he understood her.

Macit looks at one of Neriman’s sketches and remembers her tossing them into the water.

Inci comes into his room doing her anxious “Is everything OK at work and I hate to pressure you, but Pelin!” thing. And she really thinks Neriman was out of line.

Macit says she doesn’t have to forgive Neriman because Neriman didn’t apologize. And he wrote her number on the outside of the folder of sketches so Inci can call her. The soundtrack thinks that sounds ominous.

Fahriye’s gloating about Macit just not being able to stay away from Neriman. And really, since when does “impossible” apply to her? They’re giggling and having a pillow fight when Inci calls. She’s kind of snippy, but she says Neriman won the scholarship and if she still wants it, Inci will see her at the studio this afternoon. If she doesn’t want to, well, that would be a waste of talent, but she won’t insist. No, this has nothing to do with Macit.

Macit tells Inci she did the right thing. Neriman deserved the scholarship, didn’t she? He’s still not going to marry Pelin, though. He’s following his heart.

Fahriye’s amused that now Macit and Inci both want Neriman close. She can just picture Inci coming over and banging on Neriman’s door “Neriman! I have a proposition for you!”

Neriman still doesn’t trust that this has nothing to do with Macit.

Nezahat checks on Asli. Zehra thinks they should let her sleep. At least that way she won’t be thinking. Asli wakes up a little and holds the comforter tighter.

Cihan comes over looking for Sinasi and Nezahat takes a minute to let her hair down and get out of her cardigan. Cihan’s a little startled and says she looks good. “I’ll try harder next time.” Cihan completely missed that this was FLIRTING and as he and Sinasi head down the front stairs Cihan calls back “Later, sis!”

I was distracted by background kitties, so Cihan and Sinasi’s conversation pretty much went like “Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, I’m not going back to school, I’m going to the studio.” “OK, then, I’m coming with you.”

Neriman gets to the studio and Inci sets her up at an easel, asking her to sketch a sculpture of two clasped hands. She wants to see what Neriman sees, but she doesn’t want her to use her imagination.

Sinasi and Cihan get to the studio. Nihat likes Cihan’s bluster. He calls the new music director, Rüya, in to meet them. The boys are both gobsmacked. Rüya doesn’t seem to care for Cihan’s flirting.

Neriman finishes her sketch and tries to find Inci. When she gets back to the easel, someone has drawn a red heart around the two hands.

Macit, of course. He tells Neriman it’s his heart. He thought bubbles that he lit a fire in himself and he hopes she’ll let the same happen to her. He doesn’t want her to be afraid, just believe in what he feels, in this great love that they haven’t lived yet.

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