Entre Dos Amores Friday 12/7/18 #34

Neriman and Fahriye are stuffing peppers for dinner. Gulter mentions they’re out of water and asks Fahriye to call Cihan and tell him to bring more.

But Cihan says he can’t–he and Sinasi are on their way over to Arcaoglu.

Fahriye and Neriman abandon the peppers and catch a cab. The driver thinks they’re headed for the hospital, but Fahriye says they’re going to the funeral first, then the hospital, then the police station.

Macit’s in his office thinking about Neriman when Pelin walks in and asks if he saw the paper.

Yep. And he laughs at the idea that Pelin had no idea about the photographer. He’s not angry because he’s all out of anger.

Pelin starts talking about how she knows Macit’s going to get tired of Neriman soon.

Macit says he knows what he wants and Pelin should stop worrying about him.

Pelin stops by Sahika’s desk to ask her to spy on Neriman.

Sure. Why not? And does she just want to know what Neriman and Macit talk about or is there more?

Pelin asks if there’s someone else in Neriman’s life.

Yep. Sinasi.

And then entire world converges on the ground floor of Arcaoglu Tekstil. Cihan and Sinasi try to get past the receptionist, Neriman and Fahriye try to get them to leave, Pelin shows up to introduce herself to Neriman’s ex.

And after all that, Sinasi leaves on his own, with Cihan.

Neriman can’t help getting in one last dig at Pelin. She gets Macit now. Anyone who looked at her would be dazzled…but the effect doesn’t last long. It’s impossible to hide noblesa (kindness). Assuming one has any. Or frivolity. She should ask Macit which one he sees when he looks at her–kindness or frivolity.

Sahika smirks and goes back to her desk as Neriman walks to the door and Fahriye tells Pelin she’d love to hear the answer.

I don’t know what it is Sinasi thinks he knows now that he’s come here and met Pelin, he said he thought that Neriman was confused about her feelings, but now…he doesn’t think so? I dunno. He’ll change his mind in half an hour so, whatevs.

Macit comes to Onur’s office to ask for his help with “love.” Can they talk tonight? Pelin walks in and asks where they’re going.

At Neriman’s house, Fahriye begs Gulter not to yell at them until tomorrow. She asks Neriman if she’s OK and what she’s thinking. Neriman says she needs to get out of here as soon as possible and be in the same circumstances. (The same as what? What she has now? Or what Macit has?)

OK, so Sinasi is “over” Neriman again, and he’s become Macit? Become the ex?

Macit gets home and Inci’s looking at sketches. She teases him about being into art now. But as for Neriman, she’s less devoted–she didn’t show up at the studio today.

Neriman feels like art is the only thing tying her to life. So no, she’s not quitting.

Fahriye changes the subject to Neriman’s verbal takedown of Pelin. Fahriye’s sure Pelin won’t recover for three days.

Duygu finds Pelin in her room, sulking. Pelin asks what she sees when she looks at her.

Someone beautiful?

Pelin complains about the amount of work it takes to keep herself beautiful and how she wakes up thinking about Macit and it’s hard to look beautiful when one is suffering. She has to hide the tracks of her tears. Duygu’s face: “Why did I come in here?”

Fahriye feels sorry for Sinasi. Today was really tough on him.

Yeah, Neriman knows Sinasi loves her…the version of her in his dreams. He doesn’t care about the work she’s doing to be happy with her work. He doesn’t let her be herself. Nobody cares about her dreams as much as she does.

Macit calls. Fahriye decides she’s answering. Macit’s confused at the two of them yelling at each other.

He hopes she’s not mad, but his mom told him she didn’t come to the studio. Was that because of him? He doesn’t want her giving up her dreams.

Neriman says she’s going to work at home from now on.

If she doesn’t show up on her own tomorrow, Macit’s going to drag her to the studio. Yeah, he knows it’s none of his business, but he wants her to be happy.

Fahriye says Macit keeps making peldaños (steps) to get Neriman to her dreams. She’ll go to the studio, right?

Neriman agrees she will.

Nezahat’s ready to make Asli’s bed, but Asli would rather she sit and talk. She’s finally understood how important everything Nezahat does around the house is. But she doesn’t want Nezahat to sacrifice herself for anyone. They have a pillow fight. Because, sisters.

Fahriye’s hoping that Neriman’s moving toward love with Macit.

But Neriman’s been doing everything she can to keep from falling in love with him because she’s scared. She doesn’t want to get lost in a feeling she’s never had before. She knows she can’t control herself…and besides Macit has plenty of people to console himself with. Exhibit A: the newspaper.

Fahriye says it was only because Neriman didn’t show up. Anyway, ok, fine, the two of them will never be together.

Neriman says fire strengthens iron. She’s going to learn to resist anything when she’s looking Macit in the eyes.

Macit meets Onur at the bar. He says he can’t convince Neriman he’s in love with her. He definitely feels things he hasn’t felt before. He’s never been so…dispuesto (ready).

And the dinner with Pelin?

Macit says Neriman stood him up.

And how did Pelin know? Oh…right.

Macit says he left as soon as Pelin got there. Anyway, Neriman’s going to have to learn how to trust him and Perlin’s going to have to get used to Macit loving Neriman.

Onur warns him that Pelin might not do anything to him, but he should think about Neriman.

Sinasi gets home after everyone but Nezahat has gone to bed. She’s disappointed that he went to the textile company.

Sinasi thinks he understood when he saw Pelin–he could see the pain of loss. She hates Neriman like he hates Macit.

Nezahat tells him to forget about Neriman. She can’t be his wife.

Back at the bar, Macit’s reluctant to do anything with Pelin that might create a photo op. He’s not saying she’s the one who always tips off the press, but he’s not saying she isn’t.

Pelin’s giving off sparks, but she says it’s all cool. She knows Macit’s in love with Neriman. Neriman doesn’t love him, but yeah, that’s the situation. Hurts to be rejected, huh, Macit? And hey, like he said to her–he has to learn to control his feelings. He can’t always get what he wants.

Oh, hey, did Macit tell Onur about what happened at the restaurant last night? That was a disaster way before she got there. Neriman didn’t show up. The legend of the unreachable Macit Arcaoglu is dead. Anybody want a drink?

Sahika gets home. She assures Neriman Macit didn’t hear what happened. She got stuck having to sign a bunch of paperwork.

Fahriye smarts off about how they were so worried about her not being home yet.

Hey, is Sahika going to have to put up with seeing Fahriye here every time she comes home? They’re both in the same situation, huh? Well, they can console each other when they both get kicked out.

Fahriye’s ready to fight her over that, but Cihan comes to pick her up. Neriman gets all weepy and thanks Fahriye for always being there for her. If she had been asked if she’d rather had a sister or a friend, she’d say a Fahriye is enough.

“You’re gonna make me cry!” (Too late!)

Neriman and Sahika are getting ready for bed. Neriman isn’t sure if Sahika’s a good person or a bad person.

Sahika’s like everyone else. And by the way, Neriman should watch out for Sinasi.

Neriman’s pissed off that Sahika’s trying to warn her about the one person who would never hurt her.

Oh, that was the old Sinasi and he died today. Tomorrow there will be a new Sinasi, one more like Pelin. Congrats. Neriman did that.

Zehra wants Nezahat and Asli to go shopping for new clothes. It’ll be good for Asli to get out of the house, too.

Cihan stops Sahika on her way to work. Word play. And hey, what about their date? Sahika says she’ll let him know.

Neriman brings her dad some tea. He’s all philosophical about love and affection being like salt and the sea–that if you take all the salt from the sea, you have water, but that water is what dissolves the salt.

Feyza finds Selim in his study thinking about Neriman. He feels like she’s the reincarnation of his sister and he’s decided that “if she asks” he’ll give her what should have been his sister’s.

Feyza forbids him from touching the Arcaoglu shares.

Well, he already had some set aside for Pelin, so he’ll just split those. And the company will belong to Macit, Pelin, AND Neriman.

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