Entre Dos Amores Wednesday 12/5/18 #32

Neriman is taking Macit’s presence as a sign that she doesn’t have talent as a painter. She wants him to quit playing tricks. Her dreams can’t be his opportunity to see her. Her dreams are here and he’s trying to steal her dreams.

Macit swears he didn’t know who the student was until she showed up. He wants her to believe two things…first, she has talent…and second, he drew that heart for her. She taught her hands how to make her dreams come true? He wants her to show him how to love.

Inci gets back and pretty much kicks Macit out of the studio. She asks Neriman if she’s done, but Neriman says she isn’t happy with the result and wants to start over.

Inci calls Macit and asks him what he’s trying to do.

Macit says it’s his business and she’d better not interfere.

Neriman’s about to toss the Macitified version of her sketch when she sees that he wrote on the back, asking her to meet him later.

Sinasi and Rüya are going over Sinasi’s music and the effect he’s trying to get. She gives him some Cem Yildiz CDs to listen to.

Rüya asks if Sinasi’s in love and then apologizes for asking–she just thought that the lyrics sounded like he must have this great love and she wanted to hear the story. She’s been in love too and well, it ended. He left for someone else.

Macit gets to the office. Onur and Pelin have been working on second quarter stuff. All that’s left is for Macit to sign things.

Pelin suggests they all go out tonight, but Macit can’t. He has a date. They can go out another night.

When Pelin leaves them alone, Onur asks where he was. He’s embarrassed that he thought Macit had been with Neriman….

Asli’s still asleep and it’s almost time for dinner. Zehra doesn’t know what to do.

Inci looks at Neriman’s second sketch and smiles.

Neriman ponders the first sketch and remembers what Macit said about the heart being his.

Cihan’s upset about Sinasi quitting school. He’s not going to become Macit Arcaoglu with three songs. Sinasi looks over Cihan’s shoulder and sees Neriman sitting on a bench. He tells her he sees an empty heart in the sketch. She thinks it can be written on.

Macit asks his assistant to book the entire restaurant for tonight. Pelin overhears her and looks upset.

Sinasi’s kind of upset about how he’s written so many things and she’s never read them. She should forget about paper hearts.

Inci sees Macit on the way out to his “date” and begs him to stay away from Neriman! He’s going to hit a point where he won’t be able to undo things.

Macit is furious that she doesn’t think he’s really in love. Like he doesn’t deserve to have the love that everyone wants.

She admits he might be in love with Neriman, but he’ll also feel loss. And he’s never felt his heart break.

Macit says he’s never felt this way about anyone. He feels happy every time he goes after her again. He begs Inci not to worry. Neriman doesn’t know what he feels.

Inci calls Neriman a rock at the edge of a cliff. The closer he comes to it, the closer he comes to having it get away from him.

Fahriye thinks it’s cute that Macit drew a heart on her picture. She also sees the “invitation” on the back of the sheet. To Neriman it’s more like an order. And Macit has been throwing those around a lot lately–come here, meet me there.

Fahriye says he’s a busy man. He has something important going on all the time, right? Sahika nods, but she looks bothered…

Macit called her the day of the meeting?

Yep, and the day before too.

Sahika says someone’s messing with Neriman and it’s not Macit.

Pelin calls her pet tabloid reporter to tell her where Macit will be tonight.

Fahriye has just gotten tired of waiting and tried to insist that Neriman go on this date when Gulter comes in and tells all of them to get dressed. They’re going over to Zehra’s. She doesn’t know what happened but Zehra told them all to come over.

Fahriye tells Gulter to go ahead if she’s in a hurry. They’ll catch up.

Macit gets to the restaurant, nods to the staff. Sits down, nods to the string trio….

Cihan’s scolding Sinasi about being distracted by Rüya. I’m just waiting to get back to Macit at the restaurant.

Macit dozed off and wakes up when the trio starts playing. And yeah, it’s Pelin. Because Pelin ruins everything!

Gulter, Sahika, and Fahriye show up at Zehra’s…and so does Neriman at the last minute. Zehra was worried about Asli sleeping all day.

Pelin’s trying to make this look good for the photographer, but Macit pulls his hand out of hers. She tries to convince him to just go ahead and have dinner, since she’s here.

Zehra’s in tears, worrying that Asli’s depressed. Neriman thinks she’d rather not wake up and face things.

Macit tells the waiter to go ahead and serve dinner. And make it perfect, because he’s not staying.

Zehra’s stressing is stressing me out. Neriman’s annoyed with Zehra–why would Asli wake up if she thought she’d have to go back to Kader’s house?

Sahika sneaks in and yanks the comforter off Asli, who does indeed wake up.

Pelin sits at the table until the food comes out and leaves.

Sahika won’t let Asli take the comforter back. She has to get up if she ever wants to accomplish anything. Does she think she’s the only one who’s been through this? Lots of people out there know what this is. Humans suck. If the pin doesn’t stick them, they don’t consider it pain. Nobody’s going to help Asli, got it? She’s going to have to help herself.

Asli’s still trying to get that comforter back.

Sahika tells her pain doesn’t heal by sleeping it away. She hasn’t done anything bad, she’s not responsible. This is just the way the world is–the weak get hit. So she’s gotta be strong and not let them finish her off. She’s not the first or the last to suffer like this. The problem isn’t going to end with her.

Sahika starts crying and tells Asli she’s the only one who can feed her baby. And the baby’s hungry. Because the things baby’s mom has been through are just too much.

Asli still takes the comforter back and Sahika gives up. She can do whatever she wants.

Zehra’s ready to go after Sahika, but Asli comes out of the room. She says she and the baby are both hungry. (I’m not crying. You’re crying.)

Gulter and the girls head home. Zehra tells them to come back. Asli and Sahika smile at each other.

Neriman wants to know what Sahika said to Asli, but she insists all she did was tell her to get up.

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