La Sultana Monday 12/10/18 #29

Old Palace

Bülbül races back to the old palace, to Safiye’s room and kicks out the servant whose job is apparently to stand there in awe while Safiye reads her correspondence wearing a green gown with a sheer black overlay embroidered in gold and a crown that could take someone’s eye out.

Bülbül tells her Kösem has spies and they found the treasure. He heard it with his own ears.

Safiye gives him the key and tells him to move the treasure. The what?! Forklifts haven’t been invented yet. It would take him weeks!

Treasure room

Oh, good, he has help. There are five other guys waiting in the hallway. So now it’ll only take him a week and a half. How do you even decide where to start?

They’ve barely gotten started when Zülfikar comes in with about six guys and tells them to confiscate it all. Again…that is a TON of stuff to move! Just kick everyone out and change the locks.

Zülfikar can’t wait to hear Bülbül’s explanation of what all this is and where it came from. Neither can Kösem. She asks if the explanation is that this is a lifetime’s worth of bribery for Safiye and how they finance their treason?

Bülbül’s face: “Well, when you put it that way.”

Zülfikar still wants it all cataloged and moved over to the royal treasury. I am enough of a data nerd that I’m swoony at the thought of cataloging everything.

Kösem thanks Bülbül for helping her find the treasure. She knew he’d be listening from the agujero (hole). His punishment is to go back to Safiye and tell her that her treasure’s been confiscated. (Aw, now that’s just mean!)

Old Palace

Safiye tops off her outfit with a long fur vest. Because she never sweats. NEVER. Bülbül comes in all panicky saying Kösem tricked him and he could just die and Safiye tells him to get up. He’s to make Kösem THINK she got the better of them and got the entire treasure.

And now it’s time to go. The soldiers are on their way. The palace awaits.


Ahmed and co. have stopped at a little well/fountain where Ahmed is washing his hands and face. Derviş is staring at nothing, notices a leaf near Ahmed’s feet, notices the ground seems darker there, turns to the forest and sees a flaming arrow.

It all happens in slow-mo, but Derviş grabs Ahmed and shoves him away from the fountain, watches the arrow hit the ground near his feet, and dives on top of Ahmed before the ground erupts in mud and flames. We can see the waves of heat approaching Derviş and Ahmed’s feet and rushing over Murat.

Treasure room

Kösem remembers Safiye telling her not to leave the palace and not to leave her son alone or something could happen to him.

She suddenly decides she wants to go back, but Zülfikar won’t let her go without him. “Tell them to hurry up, then!” (Like there’s any amount of hurrying that’s going to be enough.)


The guys are all hearing ringing in their ears. Nasuh notices an archer firing an arrow. Ahmed gets hit in the arm.

Derviş jumps on Ahmed again, getting an arrow in the back. The soldiers converge around them.

All hell breaks loose

We hear a bunch of guys show up at the palace, claiming they heard Ahmed killed the prince before he left and they won’t leave until they’ve seen the prince with their own eyes. (What a flimsy excuse! Ahmed can do whatever he wants. WTF do they care if he killed the prince or not? He’s still their sultan. Damn!)

They fight, the bad guys win, they get into the palace.

In her carriage, Kösem’s telling the driver to go faster already.

In the hallway, Cennet sees the attacking soldiers and runs back the way she came.

Safiye frickin’ glides in past the dead bodies.

Eycan bursts into Handan’s room and says soldiers from the other palace have invaded. Handan sends her to get Mahfiruz and Osman.

Safiye heads for Ahmed’s room. She wants Bülbül to go get Mustafá and give the order to kill Halime–she’s no longer useful.

Bülbül comes to Halime’s room, but she hesitates before telling Menekşe to open the door.

Kösem and Zülfikar pull up to the harem entrance. Zülfikar starts giving orders for people to find the guards. He wants Kösem to stay in the carriage, but hell no! Her son’s in there!

Zülfikar starts beating on the door while Kösem keeps screaming.

It looks like Kösem remembered the secret tunnel….

Bülbül comes into Halime’s room and says they’ll take Mustafá. She should stay here. I think Halime just realized she’s expendable.

So this is it? Zülfikar and Kösem are the crack squad that are going to head off disaster?

Bülbül breaks it to Halime that the “deal” is over. He yanks Mustafá out of the room, screaming, and one of his soldiers stabs Halime in the gut in front of Dilruba and Menekşe. Dilruba’s going to have some serious issues.


Ahmed’s alive and he’s gotten patched up.

It was one of their own men, according to Murat, who turned on them. He got away.

Ahmed complains that he’s still surrounded by traitors, but to Murat, that’s exactly why they should go back to the palace. Whoever made this attack has their eyes on the throne.

Thankfully, IMO, Ahmed agrees. They need to go back. But before Murat Pasha leaves, Ahmed asks how Derviş is.


Zülfikar and Kösem have made it through the tunnel and into the bloody hallways of the palace. Kösem’s shocked and wants to get to Handan’s room.

Handan has piled furniture up in front of the door, has three guards with small knives, and she and Eycan are both armed, even though she’s also holding little Mehmed. And then she prays to Allah to protect them. Talk about being prepared!


The doctors have done what they can. Now it’s just waiting to see if Derviş recovers.


Zülfikar kicks a couple of guys’ asses, but he gets distracted when Kösem runs right past him.

Bülbül brings the sobbing Mustafá to Safiye. She tells him his mom’s gone, but he’s got her and tomorrow he’ll be on the throne. (Is it wrong to hope this sweet kid’s first act as Sultan is to order his granny beheaded? Ok, yes, that would be wrong.)

The soldiers make it into Handan’s room, but they hesitate as she screams at them to get out. She’s the Sultana Madre and this is a direct order! They’ll all die!

And the hesitation is over. But almost as soon as the fight has started, Kösem comes in with a torch, vowing to burn them all. Zülfikar catches up to them and, well. He’s Zülfikar. He’s as good as ten men in a fight.

Kösem goes to take the prince from Handan, but I don’t know if she would be better off letting Handan hold the baby while she picks up her torch or a sword or whatever.

Menekşe brings Halime back into the little room at the far side of her chambers and tells Dilruba to bar the door. She prays to Allah before pulling the dagger out of Halime’s gut.


Derviş is pretty out of it. Ahmed cracks a joke about how many times Derviş is going to save his life.

Derviş thinks this is the last one. He’s honored to die for the Sultan.

Ahmed hurriedly shoves a cloth in his mouth and nods to the doctor, who cauterizes the wound. He tells Derviş he’s going to be with him for a long time. He’s not going anywhere.

The doctor assures Ahmed that Derviş will be fine.


Cennet is guarding Mahfiruz and Osman. They run into a pair of soldiers and start heading back the other way. Thankfully Zülfikar and Kösem are coming from that direction.

Zülfikar deals with the soldiers while Kösem shoves Cennet into the infirmary and asks Mahfiruz if “their” prince is OK. Mahfiruz looks like this is the first time she’s considered that Kösem really does care.

Kösem says they’re heading for the hidden passage just as one of the traitors comes in and stabs Mahfiruz in the back. He gets in a few more stabs before Kösem gets to him and stabs him in the gut.

And then she freaks out over Mahfiruz.

Zülfikar gets to the door and looks in on all the mess.


The guy who tried to kill Ahmed was found dead. Murat’s amused–it would have been strange if he’d been found alive. But the boat is ready and they can leave now.

Nasuh wasn’t in on this part of the plan. Murat and Ahmed are sailing back and Nasuh is bringing the army over land. Derviş will come on the boat too.

Murat and Nasuh trade a look.


OK, I love Kösem and all, and it’s probably pointless to mention it since the baby’s crying, but don’t talk about your plans in the middle of the hallway!

Kösem’s talking about how everything will change if they put Mustafá on the throne. Cennet asks what they’re going to do.

Kidnap him. Then they won’t have a prince to put on the throne.

Zülfikar agrees with Kösem, but he thinks it’s HIS job to go get Mustafá. He wants Kösem hiding in the passage with the others so he doesn’t have to worry about them.

Kösem hopes Allah will be with him.

Zülfikar tells her to run if he’s not back by daylight. Go to the monastery.

Bülbül’s annoyed that the soldiers haven’t found the other princes. Zülfikar sneaks up on Bülbül and tells him he’s here for Mustafá. Either Bülbül can take him to Mustafá or he can die.

He won’t tell Zülfikar anything, because one of his guys just snuck up behind Zülfikar.

In the hidden passage, Cennet wants to leave already. Kösem refuses to go until they have Mustafá. Handan agrees–if he ascends the throne, they won’t be allowed to live.

But Kösem can’t keep waiting. She tells them to take care of the princes and leaves the passageway. She picks up a discarded sword and sees Zülfikar coming down the hallway escorted by soldiers. She waits for them to get to the point just outside the harem doors and distracts them so Zülfikar can kick some more asses. One guy tries to go after Zülfikar with his sword while Zülfikar’s beating another guy’s head on the floor, but Kösem comes up behind him and presumably slashes him open.

Zülfikar’s still pissed off that she left the passageway, but yeah, he knows where Mustafá is now. She holds the sword out so he can cut the ropes off his hands.

Wherever Mustafá is, someone brings Dilruba to him. She promises she’ll protect him and never abandon him. There’s a knock at the door and the one inside guard is easily taken out by Zülfikar.

Dilruba refuses to trust him and Kösem and tells Mustafá Kösem and Zülfikar are their enemies.

Kösem promises she isn’t and she’ll protect him. That’s enough for Mustafá. And once he’s in, it’s easy enough to just tell Dilruba to come with them.

Some poor soldier has to tell Safiye that Zülfikar and Kösem have kidnapped the prince. (LOL)

OK, here we go, everyone’s out of the passage and into the waiting carriage. Zülfikar tells them to get a move on and waits to take on all the soldiers chasing them.

Safiye, of course, wants Mustafá found and they can kill everyone else for all she cares! For once it looks like Bülbül has doubts.

Escape party

The carriage got stopped. Some guy who’s about to die yells at them to hand over prince Mustafá. And then he dies.

Surprise! He dies by the hand of Mehmed. Big Mehmed. Guess he’s gotten better at using that crossbow. He darts forward and gets in a little dagger action with the other two traitors.

Handan’s ready to shut the carriage doors on him, but Mehmed swears he wants to protect them and he can take them to a safe place.

Kösem says they’ll be safe at the monastery.

Mehmed says that’s the first place they’ll look.

Kösem says they’ll go someplace else, then. Someplace no one would suspect.

They end up at Melecki and her mom’s place. Will they all even fit in this room?! Melecki’s mom is happy to have them.

Kösem thanks Mehmed and says she won’t forget this.

Mehmed says it’s his deber (duty) to protect her and the princes.


Zülfikar’s not dead! Woot!

Mehmed finds him in the market and says he’s been looking for him. Kösem sent him.

Kösem wakes up and realizes Dilruba and Mustafá are missing.

Dilruba’s dragging him down the street saying she’s doing what’s best for them. Kösem comes from around the corner, shouting for Mustafá.

Dilruba calls on a group of soldiers to protect the prince and throw the traitor Kösem in the dungeon.

Kösem says they’d better not. She’s Ahmed’s favorite. He’ll cut their heads off.

The soldier says she obviously hasn’t heard that Ahmed’s dead.

Kösem says they’ve been lied to.

Dilruba says Kösem’s lying to them. (Damnit, kid! And I can’t even blame her because it’s her mother who filled her head with all this crap.) Kösem kidnapped Mustafá and Osman and Mehmed and Dilruba knows where they’re hiding.

Kösem begs her to shut up!

But no, she leads them back to Melecki and her mom’s place, where Melecki’s like “What princes?”

Dilruba says they have to be close by. She orders the soldiers to find them.

Nope. They’ll get Mustafá and Kösem back to the palace and look later. As they’re walking out, Melecki gives Kösem a nod. I don’t even know where this hiding place is, but Cennet almost collapses in relief.


Murat is sure Derviş will recover, with enough care. Ahmed says Derviş has always been there for him in his good and bad moments. He taught him how to fight, taught him about poetry and music and art. He’s been closer than Ahmed’s own father.


Mehmed and Zülfikar show up. Cennet tells them Kösem’s been captured and she, Dilruba, and Mustafá have been taken back to the palace.


Bülbül brings Safiye the news that a miracle has happened. They found Mustafá.

Guards escort him in, along with Kösem.

Safiye slaps Kösem for thinking she could escape. She orders them to get Mustafá ready for the ceremony.

Halime’s not dead yet. Dilruba tells her mom she brought Mustafá back and she didn’t tell Safiye that Halime was still alive. As soon as Mustafá’s Sultan, she’ll cut Safiye’s throat with a dagger and Halime will lead them.

Menekşe looks horrified. Halime has no response. But, you know, bleeding gut wound. I’m not sure how much she can really react.

The guards make Kösem kneel before Safiye so she can monologue her to death. The ring she’s wearing belonged to the Sultana Hurrem. Kösem wore her crown. They used to say a whisper from her could derribar (cut down) another women. She was strong from head to toe. She was magnificent. Perfect.

When she died, her ring went to Sultana Nurban. She was also strong. She’s the most beautiful woman Safiye has ever seen. And the cruelest. When her son ascended the throne, Safiye was part of the harem. His favorite concubine. So she hurt Safiye.

Years later, she started wearing the ring. Her story changed. Her son Mehmed came to the throne. She was here when Ahmed ascended the throne. He kissed her hand and she said a prayer for him.

But she thinks he underestimated her. It’s time for Safiye to get her reward. Ahmed’s time is over. From now on, it’s Sultan Mustafá’s time.

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2 years ago

Thanks Kat!

Last night had me on the edge of my seat with the badassery. It’s so fun to relive it with your recap and snark.

2 years ago
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It’s such a shame that someone so fabulously dressed is so manipulative and heartless.