Entre Dos Amores Tuesday 12/11/18 #35

Fahriye stops by to make sure Neriman’s planning to go to the studio today. Gulter’s all yes, she’s going, blah blah blah, dreams, but I know those dreams aren’t coming true.

Fahriye says in live there are people who get on trains and leave and others who stay behind to wave goodbye…or spit on them.

Well, they don’t want to see Fahriye…at the accident site when the train crashes.

Sinasi takes a call from Rüya in front of his mom and sister. She’s been working on stuff and hopes he’ll be at the studio soon. Sinasi leaves without his instrument, saying he’s not going to school.

Zehra really hopes Rüya is a love interest. She sends Nezahat and Asli out shopping.

Gulter’s being really snippy this morning about Neriman going off to the studio and is she sure she’s not going to go meet Pelin’s boyfriend.


Ooh, so now Pelin’s his ex. Who’s the new girlfriend?

Neriman gets the hell out of the house.

Darn. The shopping montage didn’t include trying things on. Kader’s about to walk into the store when she sees Asli with Nezahat. She immediately calls Emre to tell him Asli was at the bazaar, LAUGHING.

Neriman’s path to the studio takes her by the café. Cihan and Sinasi make sure to talk about Sinasi having a “date” with Rüya really loud and ignore Neriman. I really wish Neriman would stop caring what Sinasi’s up to.

Macit admits to Onur that he’s right about Pelin. He’s worried about what she’s capable of.

Onur tells him to just not let her know what’s happened with Neriman.

That would be nothing. He’s sure they’re going to have an epic romance, but he’s going to have to be really patient.

Kerim comes by to talk to Macit, but Onur mentions he’d like to go over the financials….

Kerim sneers at him–he’s only in charge of finance for Pelin and Macit’s company. Arcaoglu doesn’t “need” him.

Kerim tells Macit to get rid of Onur before he becomes a liability.

Asli and Nezahat run into Emre, who attacks them both in an effort to drag Asli back home with him. A passer-by pulls Emre off Asli, but Emre tells him that’s his wife and this is none of his business. The guy says Emre still can’t be acting like this. Emre shoves him off down the sidewalk and the guy takes out his cell phone, hopefully to call the cops.

At the studio, Neriman settles in behind her easel while another teacher helps the student across the room. She tries asking the guy if he’s seen Inci and if he’s taking exams, but Macit pokes his head out and says it’s just a hobby for him.

She asks if he knows what his behavior is called.

“Love.” (I was gonna go with stalking.)

Sinasi gets to Rüya’s office. Nihat asks if he’s finished with the other song yet, then excuses himself to take a call from a hench about someone that hench hasn’t found yet.

Inci gets to the studio and Macit shows off his sketch. She tries to throw him out but he shows her a receipt saying he paid cash for this lesson and he’s not leaving until his love of…art…runs out. She pulls him out of the room and asks him what gives. Macit’s like–duh, I’m trying to get closer to Neriman.

At the police station, the cop is annoyed with Emre–isn’t he ashamed of himself? Emre just wants to take his wife home, but the cop won’t take his or Nezahat’s opinions on that into account. He wants to hear from Asli. Is she going to press charges?

Asli’s quiet for so long that Emre starts getting this cocky grin on his face. And then she says she’s pressing charges.

Asli and Nezahat rush out of the police station and catch a cab at the curb. Emre screams at Asli that she’s going to pay for this. As the cab drives away, Nezahat tells Asli it’s over.

But Asli knows the truth–it’s just starting.

Sinasi can’t concentrate on the music Rüya’s showing him. She decides she’s taking him somewhere she thinks he’ll like.

Nezahat and Asli get home. Zehra’s furious, but she’s trying to call Kader and Kader’s not picking up her house phone.

Emre’s taking all of Asli’s stuff out of the closet and realizes no one’s answering the phone. He calls out for his mom, but she’s not there.

Kader’s out on one of those hilly streets, walking at top speed and muttering about “Nobody touches my son!” I want to trip her so bad.

Rüya takes Sinasi to the same café he and Neriman used to go to. But he says it’s fine.

Kader shows up at Zehra’s while she’s in the middle of cleaning up Asli’s knees. I’m not going to go back and listen again, but I swear she said that Emre trying to drag Asli down the street wasn’t “enough” to press charges about. Kader’s all “I’m gonna get you!” and Zehra’s all “Come at me!” and Nezahat pries them apart. They lie and tell Asli that Kader was, um, sorry…the whole family’s sorry. (Yeah, a bunch of sorry-ass excuses for humans.)

Macit shows Neriman his sketch. She doesn’t think it’s ready yet and he should keep working on it. The painting, she means. Macit tells her she blushes when she’s embarrassed. He turns her face toward him and says she’s just like a tomato.

Pelin calls. They’re supposed to be in a meeting, but Macit forgot and he doesn’t think he can pry himself away.

Pelin saunters over to Sahika’s desk and tells her to call Neriman. I don’t know how I feel about Pelin’s outfit. The peplum’s very ’80s throwback and then she’s got sequins down the front. It just seems like a lot going on.

Sahika makes a production out of calling her “mom” and asking where Neriman is. She tells Pelin Neriman’s at a studio. She got a scholarship from some famous artist.

Zehra wants to go out and get the shopping bags they left in the street. When she opens the door, Emre’s there.

Macit helps Neriman pick up the little bucket full of writing implements she dropped on the floor. I think I recognize that bucket from Ikea.

Now it’s her phone that rings. Macit’s hoping it’s Fahriye, but it’s Gulter. In that case, she’d better not say hi from Macit. It could be dangerous! (That smile!)

Gulter calls, complaining that it’s late and her dad is asking for her and checking his watch. She’d better come home right now!

Macit basically heard the whole conversation. He says he’ll drop her off on his way to work.

Emre throws in a garbage bag full of Asli’s stuff and starts screaming at her that she’d better take care of his baby because he’s going to take it from her. (Seriously, if that baby doesn’t make it to term, he and his mother can take the blame for that.)

Inci hears Macit asking to give Neriman a ride so they can talk on the way and saying he has so much to tell her. She backs out of the room. Neriman tells Macit she can’t forget her past so easily.

When Rüya realizes Sinasi already has a history with this place, she says they can go elsewhere. Sinasi orders them tea. Rüya makes a metaphor about Sinasi having his windows shut and needing to forget the past so his light can shine out.

Inci tells Macit she overheard him and Neriman today.

“Why don’t you like her?!”

Inci says she doesn’t want him to fall in love with her. He needs to stop this before he gets hurt. Pelin is his only way out. He can’t change the past, no matter what he and Pelin do.

Macit says he’s going to forget the past this time. His dad will find his own way out of the mess.

Zehra doesn’t want to tell Sinasi about what happened today. Nezahat thinks it’s best they tell him right away, but Zehra just doesn’t want to do it tonight.

She’s worried that Asli’s still in her room. She worries about what Asli could be doing, but Asli’s just destroying her wedding dress. As a piece of art I like the shredded dress with the red ribbon lying across it. But someone’s gonna have to clean that up.

Macit’s on his way somewhere when Pelin calls. If she doesn’t have anything more to ask than why he sounds mad, he needs to hang up now. Pelin asks if he’s going to see Neriman. Macit hangs up.

Nezahat calls Gulter and asks her to come over right away. Gulter and Neriman head over.

Macit and Pelin are both headed for Neriman’s house.

Neriman calls Sinasi, but he’s not answering. She goes out to look for him.

So first off, I’m angry at Sinasi for assuming this is a booty call and not answering his phone. But then again, maybe it’s good that he’s not there if all he’s going to do is try to go beat up Emre. And then he’s telling Cihan that Macit Arcaoglu isn’t going to change a single bit of his life for Neriman, which is like…just shut up, Sinasi!

And then Macit drives up. He and Sinasi stare at each other in the middle of the street.

Pelin drives up.

And now here comes Neriman, looking for Sinasi.

Macit thought bubbles that he’s here to take away the darkness. Tonight one of the two of them (him and Sinasi or him and Neriman?) is going to be responsible for what happens.

They all stand around staring at each other without a single cat in the scene.

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Thanks Kat!

It’s always a disappointment when people are standing around and the cats refuse to show themselves.

My opinion of Pelin’s wardrobe – I’m not a fan. She looks good in her outfits, but I kind of like Duygu’s and Sahike’s more. Sahike has this way of dressing for the office that still looks hip and a little funky but still office like. Pelin always looks a little more like cocktails at an upscale bar.