La Sultana Tuesday 12/11/18 #30

The monologue continues

Safiye: “Men occupy the throne, but women are the ones who get them there and help them keep it. You couldn’t finish your job, Kösem. Your anger didn’t turn to strength or your pain to ambition.”

Meanwhile the cutest, tiniest, most unhappy sultan is getting dressed and hatted.

Kösem tells Safiye she’s blinded by her hunger for power. She sold her soul. She doesn’t know what love is, even for a husband, a son, or a grandson. Her heart is a rock.

Safiye agrees, but the rock is a diamond. Sharp, unique, strong. It’s been a 40-year road.

But Kösem got the tiara before becoming sultana. She didn’t fight for love or power–it was all handed to her on a silver platter. (What the hell show is she watching?) Kösem has to pay the price. With her life.

Kösem has a request.

Oh, sure if she wants to beg for mercy, Safiye will consider it.

She proposes that Safiye let her go now and forget about putting Mustafá on the throne and Kösem will pardon her life.

Safiye thinks she’s delirious. She’s lost her head.

Kösem knows what she’s saying. Ahmed isn’t dead. He’s coming back and he’s going to make them pay.

Either way, Kösem won’t be alive to see it.

Poor little Mustafá seems terrified walking out to his throne.

The executioner puts the rope around Kösem’s neck.

Mustafá is announced to the guys in the courtyard.

Zülfikar comes in with Mehmed, screaming about the sultan being alive and this is all a trick and damnit, you guys know me!

Mehmed says serving Mustafá is treason. (And when one of the Giray brothers is saying that….)

And Mustafá’s just sitting there on that giant bench looking like he’s gonna cry and that makes me want to kick every last one of these assholes who took Safiye’s money.

One of the puffy hat guys tells the soldiers to take them away. Neither one quits screaming that they can’t do this and they’ll be traitors.

OK, that’s it. Mustafá’s crying. There’s no coming back from that. I officially hate everyone who was in on this stupid plot!

Safiye’s watching the whole thing from the other side of the door and smiling when the regular WWE announcer tells everyone to make way for Sultan Ahmed Khan.

That’s right, Safiye! You’re going down! She looks completely horrified that Ahmed’s not dead.

Ahmed rides up on his horse and Murat whips out his sword, ready to knock some heads. Mustafá runs to Ahmed, but Ahmed’s kind of busy right now so he ends up standing around in the middle of the soldiers Ahmed brought with him, having no idea what’s going on or where to go or what to do. Murat signals to a couple of guys to get him out of there, which, thank you!

The head puffy hat guy tries to say they were told Ahmed was dead and…. Ahmed cuts his head right off. Or slits his throat, I’m not sure which. Just how sharp are those swords?

Inside, Safiye starts walking away like she’s wishing she were invisible.

Ahmed’s screaming at the puffy hat guys, but I really wish he’d go get Safiye. He tells Murat to explain to these jerks who sits on the throne and then heads inside.

Safiye looks terrified. This is priceless. She’s seriously going to poison herself?

Nope. Ahmed knocks the cup out of her hands and starts strangling her. But he doesn’t think death is enough punishment for her. (May I suggest making her come in every morning to polish Kösem’s chosen tiara and set it on her head?)

Murat’s lecturing the titled traitors in one of the hallways and there’s a massive simultaneous beheading of the lot of them for the edification of the guys who are watching who were maybe just misled but not on the payroll.

The Ağas are in another hallway. Zülfikar demands that Bakhtiyar Ağa tell him where Kosem is. Bülbül looks on defiantly from down that hall as Bakhtiyar says Kösem was ordered to be executed and that’s what happened.

Ahmed’s pacing his room when Zülfikar comes in, glad he’s alive. He says they did the best they could, but Safiye bought everyone. She told everyone he was dead and they believed her.

Ahmed says they tried to kill him and they almost succeeded. He asks how the princes are and his mom and Kösem.

Zülfikar avoids his eyes and says they’re fine. The princes are fine, they’re safe. And the Sultana Madre. But Mahfiruz was killed. And Kösem…she did everything she could to protect his throne and the princes, until the end…but he’s just found out she was executed on Safiye’s orders. He’s very sorry.

Ahmed goes to the medical room, where several bodies are laid out, covered in muslin. He uncovers Mahfiruz’s face and kisses her goodbye before starting to rip the muslin off the other bodies, looking for Kösem. Zülfikar tells him to stop. They might have thrown her in the sea. Sure, he can take Ahmed to the princes.

There’s a knock at the door of Halime’s closet. Dilruba opens the door and greets the little sultan.

Mustafá says he isn’t sultan. His brother came back. And now he’s worried about his mom.


Melecki sees the guys riding up and runs for the house. Mehmed points out the house where Handan and the princes are.

Ahmed walks up to the door and Kösem walks out. The hell, woman! I knew you weren’t dead, but damn! Ahmed asks how [is she not dead]…

Flashback. Bülbül tells the guy strangling Kösem to stop and get out. Dude, Bakhtiyar Ağa was the one who was strangling her. You’d think he could have just told Zülfikar the truth.

Bülbül says he made a promise and he’ll do this himself.

Kösem says he finally got the guts, huh. Go ahead.

Bülbül says he’s loyal to Safiye to death and nothing can change that…but he cuts the ropes at her hands and tells her to hurry up and get out of there.

Back in the present, Kösem leads Ahmed into the house to see the kids and his mom. He says it was all just a bad dream and now they’re awake.

Ahmed comes out and announces to Zülfikar and Mehmed that Kösem and his mom and the princes are all ok and it’s thanks to them, so…they can ask for anything.

Zülfikar chuckles and says seeing him and the fam happy is better than anything he could ask for. Mehmed agrees–Ahmed got back just in time and saved all their asses.

Ahmed says Mehmed has proved his loyalty.


Halime’s still recovering. She at least looks a little embarrassed when Ahmed asks how she dared to claim the throne for her son.

Dilruba says she didn’t do anything wrong–look what they did to her! Nobody’s even taking care of her, they just left her to die.

Ahmed asks how it happened.

Halime says the traitors came for Mustafá and she wouldn’t let him go, so they stabbed her and took him. That’s…mostly accurate?

Ahmed tells her the guilty will pay, but he’s looking at her like he thinks she’s one of them.

That night, Handan visits Derviş, who is suddenly feeling no pain.

The following day, Menekşe catches up to Kösem in a hallway and begs her to come talk to Halime.

Kösem’s got nothing to say to traitors.

But they’ve taken Mustafá and they say they’re going to execute him!

Halime tries to give Kösem the same sob story, but she knows Halime was working with Safiye. She told Halime not to do it. Halime knows how Safiye operates–she used her and then she wanted to get rid of her. Halime deserves everything that’s happening.

Seriously, Halime, shut up about “You just want revenge!” But whatever, just save Mustafá.

Kösem starts to leave without replying. Dilruba begs her to talk to the sultan and save her brother.

“That’s what I was trying to do when I took you out of the palace, but you’ve condemned him. You two are the ones who sentenced him–you and your mother. Whatever happens to him is your fault.”  (I have nothing to say to that. Actions have consequences.)

Ahmed’s room

Derviş is sorry to hear about Mahfiruz.

Ahmed just hopes Osman doesn’t grow up feeling the absence of a mother. Kösem has already taken on the responsibility.

Derviş points out she hasn’t just done that for his kids, but for the state. She deserves praise for what she did. He has a little difficulty with his breath.

Ahmed agrees. And he’s tired of this–constantly worrying if his family is safe when he’s not there. Death is like a black cloud hanging over his family. He feels like he’s losing everyone…and it was all his fault. His enemies took advantage of his mercy as a weakness.

But that’s over. They’re respecting the old laws.


Kösem visits Safiye. She gave her a chance, but Safiye sent her to her death.

Yeah, how’d she escape anyway?

She says her name is “Kösem” and she won’t die so easily. She never thought anyone could knock Safiye down, but look at her now. Stuck in a dungeon as miserable as her heart.

If gold falls in the mud does it lose its value? “I am Sultana Safiye. On a throne or in a dungeon, I will always be the Gran Sultana.”

The old laws

Ahmed sent executioners for Mustafá, but he’s gone missing.

Mustafá’s running around the palace, trying to get the guards to let him into the garden. Kösem comes up and asks if they didn’t hear their prince’s order. She goes outside with him while his nanny runs back inside.

Dilruba’s banging on the door to Halime’s room screaming that she wants to see her brother. Halime looks like she’s trying to crawl across the floor to get to the door. Menekşe tells Dilruba to quit screaming and help her stop Halime’s bleeding.

Haci bursts in, asking where they’re hiding the prince and Halime’s like “Seriously?”

Ahmed runs into the nanny, who tells him Mustafá’s in the garden.

I guess it’s the outdoor garden, not the indoor one. Mustafá’s looking through the bushes and telling Kösem that he saw this dove with shining eyes and it came into his room and woke him up with its aleteo (the sound of its wings flapping). But it was hurt and it couldn’t fly.

Kösem tells him they’ll find the dove. Mustafá begs her to find it and take care of it.

Kösem says they’ll get the whole harem looking. She takes Mustafá’s hand, but freezes when she turns around and sees Ahmed.

Ahmed can’t help thinking about his older brother saying he’d never be like their dad. If he got to the throne, he’d never kill his brothers.

Ahmed looks at Mustafá’s sad little face and walks over to them. He hugs him and says he’ll never hurt him. He won’t be like his father. He promises.

Mustafá comes running into Halime’s room. Haci says Ahmed gave Mustafá permission to sleep here tonight, but only tonight.

Dilruba gets his attention as he’s walking out and asks him to bring a doctor for her mother.

Handan’s upset that Mustafá’s not dead. She’s seriously terrified that someone will try to use him again.

Ahmed says the conversation is over.

Handan refuses to let it be over–today it was Safiye and tomorrow will be someone else. As long as someone says they’d rather have Mustafá than Ahmed, they won’t be at peace.

Ahmed doesn’t care. They can never use his brother against him. He’s made a decision.

The Maiden’s Tower

Kösem comes out to Ahmed’s balcony and sees Derviş. He points out the boat taking Safiye to the island in the middle of the Bosphorus. She’ll stay in the Maiden’s Tower.

Kösem says she’d rather Safiye drowned in the Bosphorus.

Derviş takes offense. If Kösem is destined to take Safiye’s place, he wants her to recall what happened to Safiye.

Kösem looks cranky.

Later, Safiye looks out her little window at Istanbul and cries.

Halime’s room

Handan comes in and tells her to chill. Her son came back to his senses last night and no one’s going to hurt him again.

Dilruba comes in, demanding to know what’s going on and Handan explains. Halime, Dilruba, and Menekşe will no longer be allowed to see Mustafá

Ahmed’s room

Kösem hopes Ahmed’s not going to be taking off for war again so soon.

Nah, he’s going to make sure everything’s OK here first.

Kösem reminds him he needs a Grand Vizier, but Ahmed still doesn’t know who to pick. She says he needs someone with experience, who’s loyal. Like Murat Pasha. All the traitors would be intimidated if he were in power.

Ahmed agrees, Murat is powerful.

But maybe she shouldn’t give him her opinion. It’s a difficult decision and she doesn’t know anything about ruling. (Yeah, just because she’s saved his throne multiple times…it’s a trap Ahmed. Think very carefully about how to respond.)

Halime’s room

Halime’s ready to go. Nobody has told Mustafá about Ahmed’s decision yet.

Ahmed’s room

Cennet is bringing Bülbül to Ahmed’s room. She doesn’t know if Ahmed’s gonna kill him or what.

It’s pop quiz time. The palace is full of Ağas who have to follow orders. But there’s a limit. What’s that limit, Bülbül?

Bülbül says the limit is loyalty to the Sultan as head of the empire. They can’t follow any order against him.

And what happens if you do?

Bülbül says they confront death.

Ahmed says he followed all Safiye’s orders…except for one. He kept them from killing Kösem and helped her escape.

Which is why Ahmed gave Kösem the right to decide his fate….

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