Entre Dos Amores Wednesday 12/12/18 #36

Pelin faces off with Neriman, blaming her for hurting Sinasi and for bringing Macit here and saying she’ll end up alone.

Macit, meanwhile, tells Sinasi he’s here to talk to him.

At Zehra’s, Gulter sees the shredded dress and sobs that this is a cruel world. She tells Nezahat to clean everything up. Asli’s just staring out the window.

Zehra’s crying and feeling guilty for ruining Asli’s life. Gulter tells her she’s gotta pull it together or Asli will get worse. Things happened the way they happened and now they’ve gotta deal with the now. They have to protect Asli–she’s pregnant. Gulter doesn’t want Zehra saying it’s Emre’s baby. It’s her grandchild. That seems to cheer her up a little.

Sahika sneaks out of the house after Faiz says he’ll come with her to look for Sinasi.

Macit tells Sinasi to leave Neriman alone. They have no present and no future together.

Pelin gloats that Neriman ruined Sinasi’s life and now Macit’s going to ruin hers.

Neriman gets between Macit and Sinasi and tells Sinasi to go home and Macit never to come back.

The boys are spoiling for a fight and don’t want to go anywhere. Neriman scolds them for wanting to talk about her, but not wanting her to interfere. OK, then, she’ll wait for them on the corner and they can beat each other up in the middle of the street.

Neriman tells Macit she doesn’t see “love” in him…and she doesn’t see “caring” in Sinasi. She tells them to cut it out, but they start trading punches. Sahika rushes over to tell Neriman her father’s on his way. Macit finally listens to her and gets back into his car, as does Pelin.

Sinasi’s all snotty to Neriman, telling her she’s got problems.

Um, no, HE has problems. He doesn’t even know what’s going on at his house.

Faiz comes up and Neriman explains that Sinasi wasn’t at home and she went out to find him and tell him what happened.

Faiz is sure Sinasi will take care of all of it, now that he knows. He tells Sinasi he knows he’s upset, but he can’t just go out into the street beating people up. (Really? Since when?)

Pelin’s following Macit. He cuts off another driver to get to an exit and lose her.

Sinasi’s home, pondering the shredded wedding dress. He sits with Asli and says he’ll always be there for her.

Macit gets home, shuts the front door too loud, and heads up to his room to flop on the bed.

Neriman’s looking out the window while Sahika sleeps, or pretends to. She remembers Sinasi punching Macit.

Morning at Casa Arcaoglu…Inci finds Macit just where he flopped last night. She wants to know what’s going on…what happened to his nose?

Macit’s so not in the mood. He’s remembering Neriman saying what she saw in him wasn’t love.

Sahika’s teasing Neriman in the morning about guys settling things by fighting it out. Neriman doesn’t even know how Macit ended up in that fight. She’s tired of being unfair to people and people deciding things for her all the time. She wants to be able to support herself. But that takes money.

Sahika reminds her that she has it–an inheritance that was denied to her.

Inci complains to Kerim about Neriman. Macit’s obsessed. He was fighting over her last night. She’s never seen him look at a woman like that. Neriman’s getting painting lessons and Macit visits the studio. He’s even started taking lessons. She’s never seen him this excited about art before. What? At least he’s close by.

Macit finally makes it out of his room. Kerim starts in on how he’d better stay away from Neriman or he might get kicked out. Kerim will take away everything, including his name.

Macit walks out without replying.

Fahriye gets the update from Neriman. She feels bad for Macit–he came all the way out there just to get punched. She hopes his face is OK. What did Pelin do? What did she say?

Neriman remembers Pelin saying Sinasi wouldn’t be with her after Macit dumps her. She tells Fahriye she just said stupid stuff.

Like what? Um, not that they care. The important thing is that Macit’s willing to fight for her.

Gulter wants to go visit Zehra’s with the girls. Faiz is on his way out to no one knows where.

Nezahat’s working on a dress when Sinasi comes out of his room. She tells him NOT to go beat up on Emre–Asli already pressed charges and they can’t make a mistake.

Sinasi reluctantly agrees. When he tells Nezahat he’s not going to school, she’s angry. Is he going to go watch Neriman’s back again? Does he even care what’s going on here while he’s going from woman to woman?

Sinasi swears what he’s doing is for “them.”

Oh really? How is what he’s doing going to make them happy. When he marries Neriman, will their mom be able to stop sewing to support them? Will Asli smile again? Neriman doesn’t want him!

Sinasi agrees, he’s been neglecting them, but he just doesn’t feel like he has a future. Zehra comes out of her room and tells him to forget about Neriman already.

Of course, as soon as he leaves, Gulter, Fahriye, and Neriman are arriving.

Inci calls Macit while he’s driving to tell him not to pay attention to his dad. Well, she can tell his dad that he meant what he said. He wants Neriman to be close to him and he doesn’t care what his dad has to say about that.

Neriman and Sinasi argue. Basically, he’s decided he doesn’t care what she does and she’s decided she wants to be with Macit. But I’m reading between a lot of lines here. Sinasi tells her to go drown herself in the millionaire lifestyle, but she’d better not come back to this neighborhood. Nobody’s going to treat her the same way. She’ll be alone.

Neriman walks away from Sinasi’s house remembering him and Pelin both telling her she’d end up alone. (If it means not having to deal with the likes of Sinasi and Pelin, I think that sounds good.)

Feyza catches Selim taking the originals of “the agreement” out of his safe. She warns him not to bring Neriman into their lives. And if he does, and Pelin “loses control” Feyza’s going to be on Pelin’s side. Doesn’t look to me like Selim cares.

Onur’s actually working when Pelin comes in and shuts his laptop to tell him what happened last night. He’s pretty much OK with Macit going out there to talk to Sinasi and with the two of them getting into a fight, but why did Pelin go there? “I’m chasing the past. And so are you.”

Neriman goes to the café. Fahriye calls, wanting to know where Neriman is so she can go join her. Nezahat overhears Fahriye saying she’s bored and gives her an ugly look.

Rüya texts Sinasi, asking if she can meet him at that place they went to before.

Sinasi tells Cihan to watch out for Emre. And if he sees Macit, just ignore him. Cihan’s all “Go get Rüya to fall in love with you.”

Macit comes into Onur’s office and kicks Pelin out. She “reminds” him about a meeting they’re having at his house tonight. She listens at the door while Macit complains about his dad threatening to disown him if he won’t leave Neriman. And his dad wants him to marry Pelin. Pelin smiles.

Sahika walks in and Pelin flits out of the office.

Onur doesn’t know what to tell Macit, but at least his dad worries about him. This whole Neriman thing was kind of sudden and unexpected.

That’s it! Macit’s getting out of here to go talk to someone who understands him!

Neriman’s really angry at Sinasi. Fahriye says he’s acting this way because he still loves her and he can’t forget about her. And he’s full of anger. It’s hard for him to create a new world.

Neriman looks over Fahriye’s shoulder at Sinasi walking in with Rüya. Doesn’t look like he’s having all that much trouble.

Rüya starts to take her hand off Sinasi’s arm, but he pats her hand so she’ll keep it in place. He walks over to Neriman’s table to say hi. Rüya introduces herself to Fahriye. Sinasi says Fahriye’s Cihan’s sister. And Neriman is…Fahriye’s friend. Rüya extends her hand and Neriman takes it. She gets up after that, telling them to take the table.

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