La Sultana Wednesday 12/12/18 #31


Halime’s homemade pain concoction isn’t kicking in yet, but she insists on escorting Mustafá to wherever they’re headed.

Kösem says she and Bülbül are even now and she hopes she doesn’t regret the decision she made that we don’t get to hear about yet. Bülbül says you never know. But Kösem’s sure he would die for her if she gave the order to kill him. Or he might even do it willingly. I’m really gonna need more explanation on that.

Halime comes to Kösem’s room to beg to be allowed to see Mustafá at least sometimes. He’s staying in a room that’s far away from hers now and she’s not allowed to see him.

Kösem says it sucks he’s paying the price for her mistakes, but at least he’s alive. The punishment is decided and there’s nothing she can do.

Zülfikar unhappily brings Safiye’s “last” request to Ahmed. She wants to be allowed to write a letter to her daughters. (I think.)

Derviş approaches Mehmed G in a hallway and taunts him about getting closer to the Sultan. He warns Mehmed not to try to pull anything.

Hey, all Mehmed wants is to govern the Crimea. His crimes have been pardoned and he has no secrets. Although Derviş has at least one that Mehmed knows about.


Kösem comes to Zülfikar’s to ask how Safiye took it, being locked up in the tower.

He says she was quiet. She did have a last request–that Zülfikar write letters to her three daughters. Ahmed gave permission, but only Humaşa was invited to the palace.

And he’s glad she came by, because the Sultan wanted her to have some of the secret treasure, to spend on whatever she likes. Something about the look on Kösem’s face is making me nervous.

So disappointing

Mehmed is still plotting. He’s just way better at it than Şahin was. He’s waiting for the right time to do somethingorother that’s not going to be easy with Derviş around.

Reyhan still wants to be the one to take out Derviş, but Mehmed says he’s as cautious as a sultan.

A bunch of guys come into the bar where they’re talking and start picking a fight. One of them tells Mehmed Derviş says hi. (Oh, come on! Derviş would never be this sloppy!)


Cennet comes to Kösem’s room to brag about being the new treasurer of the harem (Dudu’s old job). They’re considering this a victory over Handan and Cennet’s supposed to stick to Handan so they can get to the next part of their plan.

For Haci Ağa’s sake, they make it sound like Kösem slaps Cennet before throwing her out of the room.

Cennet pouts to Haci that Kösem thinks she’s her enemy.

He’s sure Handan will take her in.

Maiden’s tower

Someone baked a note into a loaf of bread for Safiye. Nasuh Ağa is still out there, on her side, ready to get revenge on everyone who had her locked up, including Kösem.

Nasuh meets a couple of Ağas on the street, says they’ll lure Kösem out of the palace and she’ll be dead soon.

Ahmed’s room

Murat comes by. Ahmed has an Ağa bring in a little stool for him. Ahmed makes it sound like he’s about to make Murat Grand Vizier.


Kösem’s handing out gold coins. Handan doesn’t like it. She says Kösem’s trying to be like Safiye.

I don’t understand why they’re fighting again, but Handan’s pissy about being the one in charge of the harem and she thinks Kösem’s trying to buy everyone.

Also, Cennet has her new Harem Treasurer hat like Dudu used to wear.

Casting call for the GV

All the other Pashas are waiting outside Ahmed’s room for the outcome of his meeting with Murat. Mehmed arrives, with blood on his face.

Zülfikar’s outraged that someone would attack a prince. Derviş is looking nervous about the whole conversation. And then Mehmed walks off, like that’s all he came here to do.

Murat comes out of Ahmed’s room with the seal of the Grand Vizier…to give it to Derviş.

Palace of intrigue

Mehmed asked for a meeting with Kösem. He got attacked last night. Derviş Pasha sent men after him. And he killed Ahmed’s father, Sultan Mehmed.

Kösem’s like “No way!”

Mehmed’s like “Way!”

He has no proof, though. Just one witness. He offers to help her find the evidence if she wants.


On the balcony, Derviş struggles to the floor to kiss the hem of Ahmed’s robe. I can hear Zülfikar’s eyes rolling.

Ahmed says he has no doubts about Derviş’s loyalty or competence. May Allah light his path.

Zülfikar is not liking this.

Murat meets Kösem in the hallway outside Ahmed’s room and gives her the news. She really thought it would be Murat.

He doesn’t know if Derviş is (a) ready for the job and (b) going to be able to bear the weight of the job for as long as Derviş has left.

Kösem says something’s telling her the same thing. (Something, someone, whatever.)

She has a meal with Ahmed and congratulates him on choosing a Grand Vizier, but then asks what happened with Murat.

Ahmed hasn’t forgotten the decisions Murat made on his own in the negotiations with Austria. It makes him question Murat’s loyalty.

But he doesn’t question Derviş’s loyalty?

Ahmed asks if she knows something he doesn’t.

Kösem just says after everything that’s happened she doesn’t trust anyone in the palace.

Ahmed tells her not to worry. Derviş is closer to him than his own father was. (Dun, dun, dun!)

Derviş is congratulating himself on having overcome everything and achieved his destiny. An Ağa comes in to tell him Handan wants a meeting at Incili Palace.

Haci doesn’t like the idea of Handan meeting Derviş alone.

She’d rather he stayed and kept an eye on Kösem, but Kösem’s out visiting Hudayi’s monastery.

So she’s ignoring “us.” (Great, now Handan’s doing the royal “we.” It makes things really confusing!)

Menekşe heard the conversation between Handan and Haci. She goes back to Halime’s room to tell her about Handan’s meeting at Incili.

Halime tells her to get going, then.

There’s an Austrian delegation on their way to the capitol. Ahmed’s still annoyed that Murat tied their hands with some of the terms.

Zülfikar tells Ahmed that Iskender’s coming back with Murat’s men. He’s gone into the cavalry. Ahmed’s looking forward to seeing Iskender again and seeing what his skills are like on horseback.


The group of men Iskender’s with are talking about spending the night and heading out again in the morning. Iskender says he’s leaving now. He has things to do.

One of the others asks if he’s hurrying back to see his lover. She’s probably found someone else by now, right? Hahaha OW!

Iskender headbutts him and stares at the others until they look away.


Handan is glad Derviş got the Grand Vizier job. But she’s worried…well, yes, about Mehmed, but that wasn’t what she was going to say. Haci’s constantly warning her as if he suspects something.


Suspects Derviş, suspects his feelings for Handan. (So what you’re saying is, you’re worried that Haci knows you both have the hots for each other and like to get together and mope about your unrequited love without so much as touching each other?)


Kösem and Melecki are walking to her place when Melecki stops her. It’s a trap. They’re waiting to kill Kösem. She’s sorry, but they took her mother…but she can’t let this happen.

The guys upstairs look nervous. All the guards they brought with them are traitors except for the two immediately behind Kösem and Melecki.

They run.

Halime’s room

Menekşe reports back to Halime that Derviş totally has the hots for Handan! She told him if anyone found out, they’d be scattering her ashes.

Halime says they’ll be scattering her and Derviş’s ashes, both.

Still running

Kösem spots a basket of wood and pulls out a branch to defend herself and Melecki with. She’s swinging it around and calling for help when who should come to their aid but the new and better trained Iskender.


Cennet catches Handan when she gets back and says she wants to review the harem books. Handan’s fine with that, but wait! What’s this! A note on Handan’s tea tray.

“We know who you’re meeting at Incili. Soon you’ll pay for your sins.”

Handan tells Cennet to get Haci. Now!

Still running

Kösem was ready to beat someone down with that tree branch, but Iskender takes care of the guy. Melecki reminds them there are two more with her mother. The three of them head for Melecki’s house.

Nasuh Ağa looks around at the remains of most? all? of the guys he hired. Taken out by a guy who’s 80% training and 20% smolder.


Derviş tells Haci that he’s an “extension” of the Sultan’s absolute power and if he wants to meet with the Sultana Madre whenever, wherever, about whatever, he can do that. And if anyone wants to try to defame him, he’ll cut their tongue out and feed it to the dogs.

Cennet hears that last part as she approaches and says Haci’s name. Derviş walks off.

Ooh, Cennet has a staff now! It’s like they keep adding to her uniform in bits.


Damn. They killed her mother. Kösem covers her eyes and pulls her out of the room.


Handan shows Haci the note. I want to call it a blackmail note, but they’re not demanding payment or anything.

It sounds like Kösem just finished telling Ahmed the story of her eventful day. Ahmed has no problem believing that Safiye was behind this. He gives Melecki a reassuring pat on the shoulder.

Derviş is sure this was a last-ditch attempt. Soon they’ll have gotten rid of everyone who would want to hurt the Sultana. (I wish I could trust him, but it’s so hard!)

Zülfikar sees Iskender in the hallway. He thinks his time in the cavalry has done him well. Iskender responds with “You look older.” But Zülfikar’s cool with that. They hug.

Kösem and Melecki come out of Ahmed’s room. Zülfikar gives Melecki his condolences on her mother’s death.

Kösem tells Iskender this is the second time he’s saved her life. Iskender thinks maybe it’s fate that their paths keep crossing.

Zülfikar is sure the guys he sent to take Safiye to the island were loyal to the sultan. Derviş is being a jerk about “Well, maybe not.” But the point is, Safiye still has friends and they need to find out who her contact is.

Haci checked things out at Incili and whoever was spying on Handan and Derviş did it from an armoire. He found an earring.

Handan tells him to get out there and find out who it was. She thinks they should warn Derviş, too.

Um…what did the owner of this earring see? Why did they write this note?

Handan says nothing happened. Someone wants to slander them.


Mehmed meets Reyhan and tells him he told Kösem about Derviş. He’s sure she’s smart enough to have realized it’s true and she’ll be knocking on his door soon.

Reyhan hopes so, because Derviş’s men are out looking for them. They have to finish this off before they’re caught.

Mehmed tells him to be careful. They’ve almost done it.


Iskender’s being pretty formal with Ahmed. He barely cracks a smile as he accepts Ahmed’s thanks for saving Kösem. Ahmed’s glad he’s here–he has so few people he can trust. Iskender would be honored if he were among them. Ahmed would like to get caught up, but he thinks Iskender looks exhausted. He sends him off to rest.

One of the women from the harem is looking for a lost earring. Haci asks if it’s hers. Nope, it’s Eycan’s. (Damn! Kösem’s right…you can’t trust anyone.)

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